1. redball says

    i did too, jeff (and marcus).

    i wouldnt be caught–ahem–dead doing that shiz!

    (c.f., Chris Rock’s amazing stand-up routine about white ppl needing to constantly add excitement to their lives whereas black ppl already have more than enough excitement, aka, trying to live life without getting arrested or shot by the po-po!) 😛

    it’s just group averages. u have wild n crazy black folk too. but in nowhere near the same proportions as the white version :).

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    Back in the day, I remember jumping in piles of leaves. After dark there was a wonderful bonfire. (happy sigh)

    @Caliban: current LDS practice forbids coffee and tea but allows soft drinks.

    @Ryan: LOL. How do you avoid becoming part of the “experiment”?

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