1. Paul R says

    I mean no offense to her, and I think it’s mildly funny. But she doesn’t look remotely like a man to me, and I love androgyny. I think that her friend and agent might be just be doing this to get attention.

    Who cares. Someone attractive.

  2. woodroad34 says

    She has a ‘handsome’ face; but I can’t even see her as an androgynous male European model….she still looks like a woman–the body language, the way she sits, etc.

  3. Quest says

    She looks like a woman with short hair and pants… Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I am in no way attracted to her, because she is obviously female, and looks female in all the photos.

  4. Shaunie says

    Meh, I could tell that was a lady… I’ve seen really androgynous ladies of every build and race, but she’s not that great compared to them. Good for her though!!

  5. Charlie says

    The bulk of the comments seem to be “But I can tell that she is female.” I don’t think the point of her story, or why Ford books her, is that people would be lead to believe that she is genetically male. She is modelling men’s clothing.

  6. Beth says

    I guess Andy Towle thinks that this is a story of interest to lesbian and gay readers because lesbians are women who want to be seen as men. Why is Towleroad promoting 1950s stereotypes? Andy, if you want to lose the few lesbian readers you have, keep it up.

  7. Caliban says

    Uh, IS she a lesbian? This story is being reported all across the LGBT media for its gender-bending interest, including exclusively lesbian sites, Beth, but I haven’t seen Legler identified as a lesbian anywhere.

    Either way she seems like a pretty cool person.

    And she 6’2″, which is very unusual.

  8. Blake says

    I don’t know what Andy’s attraction to the modeling industry is. The periodic “male model fix” posts are always a picture of waifish, primped, plastic effeteness and thus almost invariably unattractive and about as appealing as an anorexic Venezuelan drag qeen lineup. This post is no different really and as others have correctly identified, says vastly more about the cloistered and solipsistically warped image of beauty the fashion industry has cultivated and deludes itself into thinking is in any way attractive to the overwhelming majority of average everyday people. It’s a creepy cult of coked up, pretentious art students who sit around getting high on the stink of their own farts while convincing themselves that everyone around them doesn’t see them as the creepy, phony losers they really are.

  9. johnny says

    The main point here is androgyny and how the lines are blurred or exploited in our culture. It is important to note that she had a good friend that is in the industry or this would have never seen the light of day.

    Andy often posts stories that are NOT necessarily specific to gay culture and that’s OK with me and a lot of other readers of this blog.

    Chill, y’all, it’s the holidays.

  10. Rio Grande says

    With most of the photos, if I saw them out of this particular context and just in a fashion magazine or whatever, I wouldn’t think twice about the gender: I’d presume the person was male. Apart from that, she seems like a really cool and intelligent person and though I’m not really into women as such, I find her very attractive.

  11. Paul R says

    Blake, some of us don’t want to look like “average everyday people.” Some of us want to look different.

    But it’s really great that you managed to insult Venezuelans, drag queens, and art students. It really makes you sound mature.

  12. Anon says

    I think that she seems cool too. But no highly successful model (male or female) could have bags under their eyes like hers in the screen capture. Her nose and teeth also look big, and the neck tattoo has to be covered most of the time, though she photos really well and is charming, with a wonderful personality.

  13. Contrarian says

    Her face has a somewhat masculine form to it in the jawline, in the ear folds, and in the slight projection of the forehead and eyesockets. Not much, but still there. However she does not come across as a man to me, but as an interesting looking woman playing at bending gender lines.

  14. Gigi says

    The comments on here are becoming so unreasonably catty that they’ve driven away all of the mildly offensive, self-hating trolls. Andy posted a story that was of interest to him. Don’t like it, so be it. Why the vitriol?

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