1. are you gay enough? says

    The split screen version could be used as a test for gayness. If you’re a man and you spend most of the time watching the guys — you’re gay. Fifty-fifty and you’re bi.

    If you’re watching the cheerleaders you probably don’t belong here, lol.

  2. SouthJerseySteve says

    As George Takei would say.. Oh Myyyyy!
    This has got to be the best Armed Services Recruitment video out there! Too bad I’m too old for military duty; so much better after DADT lifted.

  3. Darrell says

    I agree with the Irony that Carly Rae Jepson is a fellow Canuck and that our Canadian forces left Afghanistan in 2011. We left a seemingly endless war and have a pop idol making global video copy hits! (Who thank god is not our fellow global wonder “Justina” Bieber…LOL Even in a war zone like Afghanistan… Though both Canadians won bigtime at the American Music Awards last night! Heh Heh Heh….

  4. says

    Oh please! My apologies to the lesbians in the room, but really… half-naked soldier boys or bimbos with tired choreography? Do I really need to think about that? Let me see… hmmm… nope! Gotta say it! Naked soldier boys!!!!

  5. fritzrth says

    Even after all the video clips for this song, I still enjoy it. For me, it’s like the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” of the 21st century. Too bad we didn’t have YouTube when that was recorded.

    Oh, yeah, some hot men, but the ginger just makes me want to hug him aaaaaall night long.

  6. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Mike Nola: you hit the nail on the head

    OK, they established their straight cred by endlessly watching the cheerleaders, but how did they explain how well they did those moves – lots of practice? It sure looked like it came naturally to many!

  7. Perkin Warbeck says

    Go the ranga! (Ginger, to you folks in the States)

    @Diogenes – gay boys watch girls move all the time. How else can we diss Lindsey and Shitney with such abandon? Where do our fabulous drag performers get their start? And hell yeah – many of those boys know HOW to make it work! Yummo!

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