1. Strepsi says

    Now THAT is an apology the rest of the media could take note of when lied to by Christianists!

    An actual apology for not researching, accompanied by actual ACTION in her personal donation to Trevor. Classily done.


  2. Nigel says

    Do your job right the first time. Everyone hears his lies unchallenged and believes it is the truth. Then sometime later you make a correction but did everyone hear the retraction or correction? It is nice that a correction was made but it does not undo the original story. Sad.

  3. Soren456 says

    Her apology is a template to use for apologies to be made in the future.

    No victim-blaming, no “sorry you feel that way,” just an outright acceptance of error.

  4. HadenoughBS says

    The first apology I’ve read in a very long time that didn’t begin by addressing it to “anyone who may have been offended……..”. Plenty of us were offended by this liar so this statement is very much appreciated.

    It’s interesting how knowledge and information can shed light on a subject and, sometimes, change a person’s perspective. If only it were so regarding the homophobes running The Salvation Army.

    Now, how about educating your liberal colleague Bill Press about this hateful group so he, too, understands the error of supporting them.

  5. Eric says

    I don’t think that she should have included the part about the Salvation Army doing any good. It cheapens the rest of the statement, and takes away from the main point. You can always, as an exercise, find some good that comes from bad things, even war. If an organization is doing harm to a disadvantaged minority, especially to the point of cruelty, don’t sing their praises, even in passing.

  6. Stefan says

    For the handful of people who don’t understand how she could make the error in the first place: I’m gay, and all I knew until now about the Salvation Army was that their people stood outside stores ringing bells and collecting money, presumably for helping poor people. I think it’s natural to assume that if an organization looks like they’re doing a good thing, that they actually *are* a good organization in everything they do. It’s a flawed assumption, but it’s a common and very human mistake to judge a book by its cover. This is why we should be glad that she has listeners who dialogue with her, that she respects their information, and that she acts on it.

  7. Soren456 says

    I tend to agree with Eric, just above. At least she should add that the Salvation Army has no monopoly on the “good” that it does, and that secular charity does the same work without inflicting the damage.

  8. Steve says

    She could have dropped the “they are doing good” line. There is nothing the SA does that plenty of other charities can’t do. And more importantly, the SA isn’t even a real charity, but a church. Their main goal is spreading religion. If you want to donate something, donate either to a secular charity or a religious one that doesn’t proselytize.

  9. Redebbm says

    Good on Stephanie & Bill Press. Instead of trying to sweep this under the rug they took it on, and showed accountability. I always listen to the Stephanie Miller show as it’s an awesome daily dose of comedy. Was even more heartened to see her match the donation to the Trevor Project. Brava!

  10. vwdavy says

    trained journalists don’t leave the important stuff to their staff. look at what Dan Rather did. he, and she, deserve the mistrust purgatory.

    all in all, a lot of work just for a $1150 tax deduction.

  11. Vint says

    Jamie, a “political comedy team” shouldn’t be (obnoxiously) pretending to bring us “the truth about the Salvation Army” when they know nothing about the subject!

    If you’re going to act like journalists, you have to do the job correctly.

    I think that’s probably a lesson learned.

  12. Tom Cardellino says

    Yeah, I really agree that the “doing good” line being edited out by Stephanie would better serve holding the Salvation Army and their innumerable hateful hypocritical (and in this particularly odious interview, outright liars of the first level) Christian competitors’ feet to the fire for their duplicitous adherence, first off, to maintaining their “overhead” costs of doing disservice to the LGBT folks and their allies. Christ Almighty, even Mussolini made the Italian trains run on time!

  13. Guy says

    “For the handful of people who don’t understand how she could make the error in the first place: I’m gay, and all I knew until now about the Salvation Army was that their people stood outside stores ringing bells and collecting money, presumably for helping poor people.”

    I really don’t think that ignorance is an attractive quality. I hope that everyone checks out the organizations to which they give money.

    The Salvation Army’s poor relationship with gays is widely documented and not hidden in any way. For Stephanie Miller to plead ignorance is simply ridiculous. She is a public figure with the ability to raise money for causes. She should pick up a newspaper now and then.

  14. Icebloo says

    She’s a liar. She says she didn’t know they were anti-gay until people told her the next day ! WTF ?! ALL gay people know how anti-gay the Salvation Army are !

    She is a liar. She is not to be trusted. If we hadn’t raised a stink about this she would never have apologized.

  15. DAVID in Chelsea, MA says

    Any stores that allow the Salvation Army to ring their damn bell in front of their doors should be boycotted. And, of course, we can give our charitable donations to other organizations and causes.

  16. Lymis says

    I disagree that she’s supposed to pretend that the group doesn’t actually help some people and do good in some ways.

    It’s not like they’re siphoning the money off to club baby seals and buy meth. Within the bounds of what they do and who they are willing to treat as people, they do some pretty good stuff.

    I think Stephanie handled it perfectly – they may do good things, but by being anti-gay, they make it impossible for her to support them, and she’ll be allying with groups that aren’t hurtful along with the good they do.

    They won’t get a dime of my money, but I don’t have to pretend they aren’t helping people they consider worthy of help.

  17. Lee says

    How does anyone, involved in the gay community or not, even for one second believe that a “Christian” organization is not anti-gay. The two are mutually exclusive. And while I’m at it, if you call yourself a gay Christian, you seriously need a reality check.

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