1. Drew says

    Excellent explanation for it all. Except, the whole aiming-correctly-when-peeing thing is still an enigma with morning wood.

  2. ratbastard says

    It’s about not peeing your bed. Funny that most guys probably don’t know this. I learned that in a 7th or 8th grade biology class.

  3. bostonbeat says

    this is all fine until i fall asleep on a plane or in a car with friends on long trips. i’m always so paranoid that i sleep with my jacket over my lap. :)

  4. UFFDA says

    OS2 – send us a picture, all your blabbing about your big husband calls for verification. And…of course I’m envious.

  5. Luke says

    @Bostonbeat, why worry? lol. If you inadvertently are giving others a show, you can’t be held accountable and it might perk up someones mood :)

  6. BobN says

    They should have mentioned that morning wood or lack thereof is important information in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction.

  7. johnny says

    There’s actually a test they do for guys who are having trouble getting erections, they put a little paper ring around the penis before sleep to see if nocturnal erections occur. If the paper is busted in the A.M., your willy is a-o-k. Which means the problem is all in the big head, not the little one.

  8. says

    As a college freshman, I was in a study at the university’s med school. For two weeks, we reported to hospital rooms for a sleep study. Sensors were attached to various parts of our bodies including an elastic loop under the scrotum and around the base of the penis. This measured the number of erections each night. Participants in the study soon turned it into a competition, bragging about who had the highest number each night.

  9. J. Smith says

    It’s called plethysmography, specifically of the penile and scrotal appendages. During the period leading up to full tumescence, the sensors detect changes in volume register the signal. The specific type and modality of the sensor and theory of operation can vary. This specific application has been in use for more than 55 years.

  10. James says

    Well I wanna know why morning wood erections are harder and stiffer than than any of my other erections? I don’t get that hard having sex or masturbating… hmmm

  11. says

    James it may be a mental problem since physically based on your morning wood you are fine. Are you a frequent porn watcher? If so that may be the issue, take a 2 week break from it and see if it changes