1. SteveK says

    I wish Eric hadn’t mentioned the “right” stuff. I was reading the comments and listening to the video when I read it. Now, that’s all I can hear and it’s becoming annoying. Right?

  2. Henry Holland says

    I wanted to watch this, but I just couldn’t take all the “rights”.

    It’s his version of “like” i.e. I wanted to, like, enjoy this but, like, I couldn’t.

    Or: youknowhatImean?

    He’s totally adorkable but he really should run a comb through his hair once in a while.

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    (long sigh) I love Nate Silver. I’m with Stevie. I can even deal with his “right”. It’s probably because I have developed an aversion to “OK”, “um”, and a few others but not (yet?) to “right”.

    I think part of his adorkableness is that he doesn’t run a comb through his hair that often. Maybe I need to turn in my gay card.

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