News: Meth Vaccine, Ohio, Eric Bodenweiser, Amtrak

1NewsIcon The National Organization for Marriage funneled $1.6 million into the Minnesota marriage equality ballot fight. "All told, Minnesota for Marriage raised more than $3.7 million so far
this year, much of it from the Catholic Church, affiliated groups and
the National Organization for Marriage. That's still far less than the
group's opponents."

RockHulk1NewsIcon The Rock dressed up as "The People's Hulk" for Halloween, so the 1% better not make him angry.

1NewsIcon Face it, gullibility is charming.

1NewsIcon Hurricane Sandy may have permanently altered Fire Island's geography: Predicting "dramatic changes" to the island’s geography, [Fire Island National Seashore superintendent Chris Soller] mentioned
several breaches on the far eastern end of the island, with one so deep
that it could effectively divide Fire Island into two separate islands."

1NewsIcon Always classy, Chris Brown attended a Halloween party thrown by Rihanna, a former girlfriend he abused, while dressed as a member of the Taliban, a group that wants to keep women barefoot, pregnant and uneducated.

1NewsIcon Amtrak will hopefully have limited service between NYC and parts of New Jersey tomorrow.

1NewsIcon Eric Bodenweiser, a 53-year old member of the Delaware Family Policy
Council and GOP candidate for that state's senate, was indicted this
week on multiple charges stemming from allegations that he sexually abused a boy from 1987 until 1990, when the boy was 10-13.

1NewsIcon This is potentially good news: "Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in California successfully
tested the methamphetamine vaccine on rats. When given meth, the
vaccinated critters showed few signs of intoxication."

1NewsIcon On gay fathers on television: "Thinking about the latest crop of gay dads on television I can’t help
but recall a popular chant from the Act Up demonstrations whenever
someone was arrested or harassed: 'The whole world is watching! The
whole world is watching!' The irony is that, too often, the world wasn’t
watching then. But now, thanks to these primetime characters, people
are definitely watching. They just aren’t seeing much of the truth."

1NewsIcon Sandra Bullock and son Louis are potentially the cutest Halloween in Hollywood couple.

NPHHalloween21NewsIcon Uh-oh. Sorry, Sandy and Louie, but Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka and their twins may actually be the cutest costume winners!

1NewsIcon The Vatican loves the latest James Bond flick, Skyfall.

1NewsIcon Let sleeping bunny rabbits lie.

1NewsIcon The Kardashian clan dressed up as the Bat family for Halloween.

1NewsIcon Is Helena Bomham Carter in costume?

1NewsIcon The Seattle Times definitely does not approve of anti-gay marriage commercials that claim passing Resolution 74 and legalizing marriage equality will force homosexuality onto school curricula. "R-74 is about a legal covenant of marriage for loving couples and their families. Ignore the shameless scare tactics. Approve R-74," the editorial board wrote in an op-ed called "Anti-Referendum 74 school ad is shameless".

1NewsIcon Dan Evans, the GOP governor of Washington State from 1965 to 1977 and a U.S. Senator from 1983 until 1989, came out for Referendum 74. "[The Referendum allowing marriage equality] just seems right and reflects the fundamental value of fairness that we treasure here in Washington," he said. 

1NewsIcon Washington Post's The Fix on Ohio: "After reviewing all of the available public polling data as well as
talking to operatives in both parties about the private polls they are
privy to, we are convinced that Ohio is a 1-3 point race in President
Obama’s favor at the moment."

1NewsIcon If you're interested, you can travel to Ohio to stump for Mr. Obama.

1NewsIcon President Obama today said campaign rival Mitt Romney's "bet is on cynicism".

1NewsIcon In addition to endorsing President Obama and Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts gay paper Bay Windows has endorsed openly gay GOP congressional hopeful Richard Tisei. Perhaps tellingl, though, Obama and Warren both got specific blurbs, Tisei's name is just part of a general list of candidates the paper prefers.


  1. Icebloo says

    So Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dressed up as “The People’s Hulk” for Halloween ? That was a misleading title he gave himself. This multi millionaire isn’t about the people at all. The scumbag is a republican. He is willing to sell the rights of millions of people away just so he pays less tax on his millions of dollars. He is a selfish piece of s*it.

  2. BEAHBEAH says

    I don’t understand how it benefits us to point out that we our out donating NOM and anti-gay marriage groups in the anti-gay marriage fight in MN.

    We are clearly going to lose in Minnesota. Doesn’t make us look good when we spend way more just to lose.

  3. Charlie says

    Gay people have long fought the accusation that we a seeking “special privileges”. That’s why we shouldn’t now fight to have gay dads presented with any dignity.

  4. ratbastard says

    Meth vaccine? People genetically prone to substance abuse, simply in a bad place in their life and looking for relief, or partiers, will simply move on to something else.

  5. BEAHBEAH says

    No, I’m not saying give up. I’m just saying it’s nothing we need to overly publicize, “yay! we raised more money!.” Especially in a state we’re going to lose in.

    It makes us look like we ran a weak campaign or the cause is hopeless and may keep people from donating again in the future.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Yes, Icebloo, Dwayne Johnson is a Republican (or was), and that disappoints me.

    Although a Republican, Dwayne Johnson supports Barack Obama’s re-election. And more importantly (on a Gay blog it’s more important) he’s never been anti-Gay. He credits a Gay mentor with his success as an athlete and performer.

  7. Randy says

    Gullibility is only charming if you’re gullible… or a predator.

    The rest of us recognize it for the danger it is.

  8. my2cents says

    “face it, gullibility is charming…”
    if you’re gullible enough to click a link that doesn’t hint at its content.
    obviously,TR is your ‘but i’m really a” job.
    be that…
    we’ll be fine. really.

  9. bobbyjoe says

    “…much of it from the Catholic Church, affiliated groups and the National Organization for Marriage.”

    Or, in other words, all of it from the Catholic Church.

  10. millerbeach says

    I live in the Diocese of Gary, work in the Arch Diocese of Chicago, neither has even come close to this kind of crazy endorsement. These Bishops must certainly know their downstate audiences, and this will fly with them. If they tried it up here, in Dem. country, they would be shot down, and parishioners would walk out in droves. This does not accurately reflect the Catholic Church in urban areas. Someone had the audacity to leave political propaganda on my car windshield while I was attending Mass. Vocal complaints were made locally, to my Bishop, who vehemently denied endorsing any candidate, and written complains to the American Catholic League, who posted a vile, disgusting YouTube clip involving denigrating President Obama. To both, I informed they will not see another dime from me until this nonsense ends. I don’t go to church for my politics, and I’ll be damned if I will worship a politician. Has the message of Jesus Christ become so lost on this circus freakshow? I am afraid so. That is the real crime.

  11. Kevin says


    Chicago’s Catholic Cardinal George has a long anti-gay history of statements and lobbying against gay rights.

    He just got called out this year for comparing the gay rights movement to the KKK.

    So your boss is just as nuts as this guy no matter how some Catholics try to sugar coat the hate group they belong to/work for.

  12. Diogenes Arktos says

    @MillerBeach: “This does not accurately reflect the Catholic Church in urban areas.”

    San Francisco is not an urban area?