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RoadInfo: Some NYC poll sites relocated due to Hurricane Sandy.

RoadWhat does marriage equality mean to you? "Travis Mayfield joined The Commute with Carlson to discuss his marriage and why full marriage equality matters for his family.  Travis, who is openly gay and in a committed domestic partnership, took calls from KVI listeners after John asked 'Should my friend Travis Mayfield be able to legally get married?'"

MboteRoadKenya’s first openly gay candidate David Kuria Mbote discusses run for senate seat: “They call me the candidate with issues. They don’t say I’m gay, they say I have issues. At the beginning I was worried people would see me only as gay, but after 30 or so public meetings, people are willing to listen. Whether they vote for me is another story, but at least they are listening.”

RoadLooking Hot: No Doubt yanks racist video.

RoadRomney staff refuse to let frostbitten children leave Pennsylvania rally.

RoadFour ways the Ohio GOP Secretary of State is trying to swing the election for Romney.

RoadArizona GOP Senate candidate Jeff Flake robocalls Democrats and tells them to vote in the wrong place.

RoadNicki Minaj releases new rap song, "Freedom".

RoadDaniel Radcliffe explains the power of his horns: "The nature of the horns means that any time I meet somebody, they end up telling me their deepest, darkest revelations."

RoadEwan McGregor gives good beard at the AFI Fest.

LetterRoadPresident Obama responds to 10-year-old girl's letter about her gay dads.

RoadSkyfall breaks UK box office record:
"The latest James Bond film, Skyfall, is on course to be the series'
highest-grossing film so far after breaking the UK seven-day box-office
record and posting $287m (£180m) in its first 10 days across the globe."

RoadMarc Jacobs flooded out of his home by Hurricane Sandy.

RoadBeyoncé and Jay-Z appear courtside at Brooklyn Nets opener.

RoadToddler fatally attacked by wild African dogs after falling into zoo enclosure in Pittsburgh."Lieutenant Kevin Kraus of the Pittsburgh police said the attack happened at about 11.45am local time on Sunday after the mother picked the child up and put him on top of a railing at the edge of a viewing deck. 'Almost immediately after that he lost his balance, fell down off the railing into the pit, and he was immediately attacked by 11 dogs,' Kraus said. 'It was very horrific.'"

RoadMan mauled to death by captive grizzly bear in Montana. "The man was mauled by one or both of the captive-bred grizzly bears at the Animals of Montana facility north of Bozeman, Sheriff Brian Gootkin said."

BaileyRoadNYC's flood map fails Bailey-Holt AIDS residence. "The residence director had left for the day, but came back when the flooding began. She had to wade through waist-deep water to get into the building. The water burst through an emergency exit flooding the ground floor administrative offices. It poured into and filled the basement. 'The river came rushing through,' Quattrochi said. 'She and some of the staff had to get down to get some of the important stuff up.' The power had already been cut so the 37 clients who were still in the residence and the half-dozen staff members were left without a functioning elevator and no working kitchen."

RoadMitt Romney emails proof of his momentum.

RoadFrank Rich on the election, the Obama-Christie bromance, and Hurricane Sandy:" The contrast in this odd couple’s race and body types alone seemed liked a Hollywood casting director’s dream, and the ravaged seaside setting could not have been more romantic. These are just the kind of bipartisan tableaus that are said (by establishment pundits and the self-styled “centrists” of Morning Joe at least) to warm the hearts of independents. And even when Christie clarified on Sunday that he was still voting for Romney, he managed to turn it into another warm endorsement of Obama’s leadership."


  1. ratbastard says

    I hope David Kuria Mbote remains safe and does well. People like him,in the society he lives in, has genuine b*lls. Same with folks in Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe, or the Caribbean.


    Man mauled by captive bear. When the F will people learn. Bears are wild animals, they are not domesticated, even when raised in captivity. All wild animals are UNPREDICTABLE and their moods can change in an instant from ‘cute’ to deadly. Humans to them are simply other animals and generally mean there’s food available or they [humans] are somehow a threat who must be dealt with.

  2. AdamA says

    That letter is enough to make a guy weepy! (In case y’all are wondering what’s missing from Mitt Romney, it’s not just policy views, it’s COMPASSION.)

  3. LaLaLa says

    I am sitting here bawling over President Obama’s letter to that little girl.

    We’ve come so far in 4yrs and I hope that everybody takes a moment to take a deep breath and appreciate that.

    “In America, no two families look the same. We celebrate this diversity. And we recognize that whether you have two dads or one mom what matters above all is the love we show one another. You are very fortunate to have two parents who care deeply for you. They are lucky to have such an exceptional daughter in you.”

  4. jason says

    President Obama has done nothing on a legislative basis for the gay community in the last year – nothing at all. His interactions with gay rights notions consist of symbolic statements that don’t amount to anything concrete.

    The real measure of progress should be legislation. ENDA has a better chance of passing under Romney as President than under the sleepy, drag-your-feet phony called Obama.

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    Four years ago, either just before or just after the general election you called Barack Obama,

    “A crack smoking n.gger”

    When Mr Obama became President Obama you disappeared from this blog for about a year (or more).

    Will you promise to do the same thing after tomorrow?

  6. jason says

    Derrick From Philly,

    Absolute nonsense. I did not refer to Obama in those terms at all.

    All Obama does is pander to gays with symbolic statements. On the legislative front, he’s been one big fail. I hope he loses the election tomorrow.

  7. Brian in Texas says

    David Kuria Mbote is what COURAGE looks like. Regardless of the outcome of the election he has already won. I look forward to hearing more about this amazing man in the future.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    All right, Jason. If you’re not the same Jason who made that comment four years ago then I apologize…sorta’. But that poster’s name was Jason, and his feelings about the president were about the same as yours. Maybe it was Markus using the name Jason. But I’ll never forget it.

    You sure it wasn’t you?

  9. Iban4yesu says

    That vile bi#$h never learns!:

    Gwen Stefani neuters Japanese street fashion to create spring’s must-have accessory: Giggling geisha!

    ……Stefani, the platinum-blond No Doubt front woman with the undulating midriff, recently released her first solo album, “Love, Angel, Music, Baby,” a riotous jumble of everything from ’80s bubble-gum pop to hip-hop to “Fiddler on the Roof” gone mad on a pirate ship. And tying all these influences together in one baffling mélange of semiotic ambiguity is her ever-present entourage: Four harajuku girls, or rather, Stefani’s interpretation of Tokyo street fashion in the Harajuku district.

    They shadow her wherever she goes. They’re on the cover of the album, they appear behind her on the red carpet, she even dedicates a track, “Harajuku Girls,” to them. In interviews, they silently vogue in the background like living props; she, meanwhile, likes to pretend that they’re not real but only a figment of her imagination. They’re ever present in her videos and performances — swabbing the deck aboard the pirate ship, squatting gangsta style in a high school gym while pumping their butts up and down, simpering behind fluttering hands or bowing to Stefani. That’s right, bowing. Not even from the waist, but on the ground in a “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy” pose. She’s taken Tokyo hipsters, sucked them dry of all their street cred, and turned them into China dolls.

    Real harajuku girls are just the funky dressers who hang out in the Japanese shopping district of Harajuku. To the uninitiated, harajuku style can look like what might happen if a 5-year-old girl jacked up on liquor and goofballs decided to become a stylist. Layering is important, as is the mix of seemingly disparate styles and colors. Vintage couture can be mixed with traditional Japanese costumes, thrift-store classics, Lolita-esque flourishes and cyber-punk accessories. In a culture where the dreaded “salary man/woman” office worker is a fate to be avoided for this never-wanna-grow-up generation, harajuku style can look as radical as punk rockers first looked on London’s King Road or how pale-faced Goths silently sweating in their widows weeds look in cheerful sunny suburbs.

    Stefani has taken the idea of Japanese street fashion and turned these women into modern-day geisha, contractually obligated to speak only Japanese in public, even though it’s rumored they’re just plain old Americans and their English is just fine. She’s even named them “Love,” “Angel,” “Music” and “Baby” after her album and new clothing line l.a.m.b. (perhaps a mutton-themed restaurant will follow). The renaming of four adults led one poster on a message board to muse, “I didn’t think it was legal to own human pets. But I guess so if you have the money for it.”

    Stefani fawns over harajuku style in her lyrics, but her appropriation of this subculture makes about as much sense as the Gap selling Anarchy T-shirts; she’s swallowed a subversive youth culture in Japan and barfed up another image of submissive giggling Asian women. While aping a style that’s suppose to be about individuality and personal expression, Stefani ends up being the only one who stands out.

    It’s not only Stefani whose big kiss to the East ends up feeling more like a big Pacific Rim job. Author Peter Carey’s own recent foray into Japanophila, the book “Wrong About Japan,” was a semi-autobiographical account of one clueless father’s attempt to bond with his son over manga on a trip to Japan, and his futile attempts to understand Japanese culture through a Western filter. Why devote an entire book to being “Wrong About Japan,” when you can just send out a one-page fax that reads, “They Are Inscrutable.” Even some of the movies that consciously play with Japanese stereotypes can seem puerile no matter how fast the postmodern hipster spin, whether it’s Lucy Liu’s blood-lusting geisha in “Kill Bill,” or Devon Aoki’s killer Miho in the new “Sin City,” who slays a multitude but is never allowed to utter a single word.

    In the same New York Times magazine story that featured Murakami on the cover, the Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene was commissioned to photograph portraits of prepubescent girls and teens. The girls all look limp and innocent. Big, fat, unsmiling red lips like two slabs of raw ahi positioned on baby faces. It has that creepy porn feeling that I suppose is meant to reflect the Japanese predilection for “kawaii,” or cute, and the sexualized image of schoolgirls. But this is not the way these girls really are. The accompanying text says that “while [van Meene] does not exactly ‘stage’ her subjects, neither does she try to capture their true, underlying personality or state of mind. Instead, she chooses to see her subjects as the raw material of her own fictions.” Van Meene elaborates, “This is not just you now. This is a sense of you, created by me.” Well, at least she’s honest.

  10. UFFDA says

    David Kuria is one of the most heroic figures in the world, a gay Mandela, as motivated as Aung San Sui Kye (sp), as charismatic as Obama. I am thrilled to watch his progress. A brave new world indeed, with such people in it.

  11. Derrick from Philly says


    Full apology, Jason. I should’ve checked the Towleroad archives before I accused you of calling the President that racial slur four years ago (well, more like 5 years). It was a poster who called himself “Johnny Lane”.

    I apologize.

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