NJ College President Must Decide On Chick-Fil-A Ban

ChickenglaadFast food franchise Chick-fil-A continues to feel ramifications from CEO president Dan Cathy's comments about gay people and the company's support for anti-gay groups like Family Research Council.

Shore News Today reports that Herman J. Saatkamp, president of Richard Stockton College in Galloway, New Jersey, will soon decide whether or not to evict Chick-fil-A's campus outpost after the student senate approved the measure.

The Student Senate wants Saatkamp to ask Chick-fil-A to leave campus.

The Senate voted 14-10, with two abstentions, to send a letter of resolution Monday, Nov. 26.

Saatkamp will have to decide if he wants to consider trying to break a 10-year contract with the chicken franchise that has been dealing with controversy since comments were made by its Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy last summer opposing same-sex marriage.

Members of the Stockton Pride Alliance, which represents the lesbian,
gay, bisexual and transgender community, have attended the Senate’s last
two meetings to express concerns about being discriminated against and
saying the perceived discrimination was encouraged by Chick-fil-A’s

A campus survey, meanwhile, found that 66% of Stockton students want the restaurant to stick around.


  1. Grover Underwood says

    in cases like this, I think it’s better to just wait until the lease runs out and not renew it otherwise the school is leaving itself open to a law suit

  2. Icebloo says

    Money talks. CFA will stay. All these straight people SAY they support us but when it comes down to it they don’t.

    ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.

    Can you imagine them letting a company run by the KKK be on campus ? Can you imagine them letting a company run by a company who discriminated against women ? No. But it’s still OK in the majority of the US to discriminate against gay people.

  3. CJ says

    A safer route would be to convince the 66% of students who like Chick-Fil-A that they shouldn’t like it. If Chick-Fil-A has no customers it will go away on its own.

  4. Francis says

    I’ve noticed a lot of ADULTS between ages 24-40 understand why CFA needs to be boycotted, but a lot of college kids are seemingly ignorant. They don’t get it. They think this is a freedom of speech issue. Or they’re just stupid and want food. A lot of younger gays are like that too, they just want food and value food over things like this. They don’t see the seriousness of this situation, a lot because I think they have this mentality of “well CFA hires gay people so they’re not homophobic” (although we also know CFA has fired people who don’t believe as they do). So I don’t even see it as a situation of these college kids choosing food over the gay community because they don’t even recognize the homophobia of Chick-fil-A.

    It’s alarming how a lot of people still don’t know why there was a boycott in the first place, that there has been a boycott long before this year, and people who think the boycott is ended. There is still too much ignorance regarding Chick-fil-A, including with millions of gays.

    With all of this said, hopefully this campus removes CFA from their site.

  5. RJ says

    @FRANCES… It *IS* a freedom of speech issue *AND* a boycott issue. As Grover Underwood noted above, CFA will have grounds for a lawsuit unless they’ve actually breached some contractual obligation or broken a local labor law. Better for activists to launch a boycott protest on campus to inform students that giving money to CFA means giving money to support bigotry that may end up creating laws like the one on the verge of approval in Uganda.

  6. says

    well said, Francis.

    there’s been the Fox news slant, which is (as per usual) intellectual dishonest; pretending this is about “free speech”

    it aint. it’s about a company’s money being used to fund hatred and bigotry.

    would people continue to support a company that had blatantly and unapologetically anti-black affiliations? anti-semitic?

    it just seems like as long as the targets are “the gays” the it’s somehow “an issue of opinion and free speech”

    but i have another reason to think it should be removed – it’s fast-freakin-food and college kids need BRAIN FOOD.

    give ’em some healthy options. chick fil a is simply bigotry with a side order of diabetes.

  7. Francis says

    I can agree that the best option is to drive CFA off of campuses by educating students as to why they cannot be supported. I cannot agree that this is a freedom of speech issue. It isn’t and it never was. This is about Chick-fil-A giving hate groups millions of dollars and then lying about doing so, and then after admitting it, lying again about stopping donations to said hate groups.

    As Kiwi put it, there has been a slant put on this story by mainstream media, especially FOX News and conservatives but including many ignorant liberals as well, and people straight and gay have bought into it. That this is about Dan Cathy being a homophobe. People on both sides are standing up for and against homophobia. You have the so-called constitution warriors standing up for “free speech”. People who are less knowledgeable politically don’t care about the CFA issue and just want food, or they simply have no clue where their money is going. None of them seem to get this is about much more than what that fat bigot Cathy said. Unfortunately, the gay community has not won the message war on CFA, the bigots did. They controlled the message, and they’ve been able to position themselves as victims regarding Chick-fil-A.

    Icebloo is right when he says what we ALL know—–this drama wouldn’t even be occurring if we replaced “black”, “woman” or “Christian” with gay. This is also about homosexuality still not being fully accepted and homosexuality still being fair play in terms of discrimination and criticism. There is a reason CFA’s brand rating is below 0 with Democrats, and around 60 with Republicans.

    With all of the said, Kiwi, I agree—–colleges should be serving healthier food for their students anyway. Unhealthy fast food isn’t what they should be serving as it doesn’t add anything to better their students.

  8. says

    Let the lease/contract run out. You cannot afford a lawsuit from such a wealthy company. But in the meantime, stage a DAILY presence in front of said business, at a legal distance, and make sure every student who patronizes Chic-fil-A gets your message (big placards, leaflets, megaphone, kiss-ins, etc). And use social networking and You Tube to keep the resistance alive.

  9. ADC says

    Chick-Fil-A is delicious. I hope they win the right to stay there and if the opposing side makes headway in getting them removed, I hope a severe backlash against them and the gay community occurs. Anyone who dislikes what CFA stands for can simply not patron.

  10. Tairone says

    And many of us hope that Chick-Fil-A’s supports like you, ADC, eat there regularly and die from heart failure.

    That’s sort of the good news about this Chick-Fil-A situation – all the people this country would be better off without are the ones chowing down there more than ever. You’re gonna need some pretty big coffins, though…

  11. andrew says

    I agree with the 66% of the students that believe that Chick-Fil-A should be allowed to stay open for business. They apparently make a good product that many people like. They should not be punished for the political and social views freely expressed, in a free society by their,in my opinion, moronic and bible believing owner.

  12. Jerry6 says

    Shortly after Chich-Fil-A started in business, I was working for a Shopping Center Developer, and we received a request from CFA to lease space in one of our Malls. After negotiations, we sent them a proposed Lease for them to review. When we received the documents back with CFA’s signature, the company’s President told me he was not signing the lease, and to advise CFA we were recinding the offer to Lease.

    Several years later, after I had left the company, and he had retired, we met at a Conference and I brought up the subject and asked why he had decided not to sign the Lease. He replied “Because I did not trust the man, and I do not do business with anyone I do not trust.” In light of the current situation, I have wondered what he knew, or perceived, back then.