No Parole For Man Guilty In 1990 Anti-Gay Hate Crime


Michael Taylor was denied parole for his role in 1990 murder of 44-year old James Zappalorti here in New York City.

Taylor, then 20 years old, and friend Philip Sarlo, 26 at the time, approached Zappalatori on Staten Island and then slashed his throat because the Vietnam veteran was gay. After killing him, the men robbed his house, stealing, among other things, rosary beads.

NY1 reports that Taylor was sentenced to 23 years-to-life in prison for the heinous crime, one of the first widely publicized hate crimes. Sarlo died in prison in 1997.


  1. ian says

    sad all around. tragic that mr. zappalorti lost his life in such a heinous way for nothing. tragic too that the perps lost their lives as well in a way, but life imprisonment is just. they made their choice in that moment of barbarity.

  2. ratbastard says

    The reason NYC and other places saw such a dramatic drop in violent crime during the 90s and beyond, compared to the 70s and 80s when it was averaging 2000[!] murders a year by ’89, now averaging below 400] is violent and repeat offenders were being locked up for much longer periods, hence there were fewer violent and repeat offenders on the street to create mayhem. Locking up especially violent young offenders for long periods, until they’re no longer young [teens, 20s] helps to greatly reduce violent crime.

    During the 70s and 80s in the U.S., when our crime rates were out of control, ‘progressive’ policies were still the norm, with many offenders receiving lenient sentences. This accounted greatly for the terrible urban crime rates that existed in this period.

    Much of our urban violent and non-violent crime revolves around bad social policies that enable multigenerational dysfunctional lifestyles that revolve around poor young women getting pregnant, collecting every social service available, living in the projects or subsidized housing, young men growing up in dysfunctional homes with no responsible father around. Also an economy that no longer has enough decent jobs available for non-white collar workers [globalization and our post-industrial society], and drug trafficking and huge $ made with that trade.

    I see no ‘conservatives’ or ‘progressives’ seriously discussing these issues, mostly they just rehash outdated sh*t that that doesn’t work except to help many people who make their living in The System keep their jobs.

  3. Matthew says

    RATBASTARD, your name is apt because you suffer from an acute case of confirmation bias. You don’t see “progressives” discussing those issues because you are not a part of the conversation, and you are inclined to believe “liberals” avoid reality. Believe me when I say there are legions attempting to discuss and ameliorate the circumstances that precipitate violent crime.

  4. millerbeach says

    Good. This is one idiot I would not mind supporting…let him grow really, really old in prison, yet let him remember the life he ended, and his own squandered life. Yes, keep him alive and keep letting him come up for parole…only to be denied. He must have been really, really disappointed he didn’t get parole. Good. I hope he feels that kind of crushing disappointment over and over again in his pathetic life. I wonder how many times he has had to “give it up” in the showers. I wonder if his attitude toward gays has changed? Aw, who cares…I’m just glad the rest of his life will involve prison. I hope he hates being a bottom. Pucker up, buttercup.

  5. ratbastard says


    Classic ‘progressive’ policies NEVER work when it comes to crime, punishment, law and order. NEVER. There are literally a small handful of unique first world boutique-like nations states with mostly homogeneous populations such as Sweden [there’s NO COMPARISON between Sweden and the USA in regards to size and sheer diversity] where ‘progressive’ law and order policies can be made to work OK, if of course you have no problem with extremely lenient sentences and the prospect of the person who murdered your loved one getting out on a few years. Apparently most Swedes don’t care,but most Americans would.

    Dumping tons of $ into social services, handouts, expensive schools, beautifying housing projects, school and workplace quotas, etc., etc., doesn’t help, and have been tried for the past 40 plus years. The only thing that really makes the streets safer is long prison sentences, and aggressive parole policies.

    As for economics, our diverse industrial past which created many decent jobs for blue collar semi skilled and unskilled workers is not likely to come back. Yet ‘progressives’ more than any other group continue to push for MASSIVE immigration of semi skilled and unskilled immigrants, including excusing the millions who have illegally entered the country. All of which of course makes a bad situation WORSE, MUCH WORSE.

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