NOM Raised $6.2 Million in 2011 and 75 Percent of It Was from Two Individual Donors

The Human Rights Campaign reports that the National Organization for Marriage saw its fundraising decline by a third in 2011 (from $6.2 million from the $9.1 million in 2010). More interesting to note is the fact that the bulk of the money it raised was from two individual donors, who each put up $2.4 million.

NOM-logoHRC requested NOM’s 2011 990 in person at the organization's offices this morning.

They add:

“The National Organization for Marriage continues to push the notion that there is some sort of grassroots support for their discriminatory anti-gay agenda,” said HRC Vice President of Communications Fred Sainz. “Last week, that notion was soundly rejected by voters in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington State. Now, NOM’s own financial records are serving as the latest proof that support for LGBT equality is common-sense and mainstream. NOM is nothing more than a conduit channeling the anti-gay agenda of a few secretive, wealthy donors.”

The sharp drop in funding is notable also because NOM experienced significant financial growth each year since its founding in 2007, when it was formed to demonize LGBT people in California as part of efforts to pass Proposition 8. 2011 marks the first year in which the anti-gay group’s funding declined.

More at HRC.


  1. Caliban says

    Why do we still not know WHO these donors are? NOM has lost court case after court case seeking to keep their donors secret, but haven’t yet released their list.

    IF their donations have gone down it’s probably because most people know that eventually their name will be released. The Mormons stepped back a bit this go-round but that was likely because Willard was running for Prez and they didn’t want to negatively influence his chances by having him associated with it. I suspect they’ll be back at it ASAP.

  2. will b says

    Aw, hell, y’all: These donations were most likely from two redneck millionaires or a couple of Xtian freak fundamentalists. I’m pretty sure these didn’t come from an organized group. $2million is chump change to a ChikFilA or Denny’s exec.

  3. Charlie says

    Being anti-gay rights has been a wedge issue for the Republican party. They used it to bring more voters to the polls and defeat Democratic Party candidates. Now that the issue is working against them, there is less incentive for moneyed Republicans to support the NOM agenda so it is likely that their funding will dry up even more.

    And the NOM pledge to fund candidates to oppose Republican office holders who vote for marriage equality also works against them. They fund primary challenges to moderate Republicans and get candidates that are so far out of the mainstream that they lose the general election.

  4. Randy says

    My money is that one of the donors is that guy who wrote all those apocalopyic novels and founder of Concerned Women of America, Beverely LaHaye and her husband. I think they have a gay son, but remain rabidly anti-gay. Plus, they have a ton of money.

  5. Nelson says

    The million$ of dollar$ that support NOM The National Organization for Marriage which is an anti-gay Christian Hate Group come from two places,
    1. Catholics
    2. Mormons.
    They call themselves religious leaders when in fact they have failed to be religious leaders because religious leaders do not spend millions of dollars to stop love, in this case gay marriage while millions of children around the world starve and die for lack of food and medical care because the anti-gay Christian leaders would rather stop two people who love each other from getting married that feed millions of starving children in the world. These religious leaders have failed not only to stop gay marriage but wasted millions of dollars that could have been spent to keep countless starving children alive, who are now dead because these so called religious leaders let them die because they waste millions to pay for hate and destruction. This will be written on the tombstone of religion when it finally dies because it no longer helps, they failed to help and so they died like the people they failed to help.

  6. Nelson says

    The Evangelical Christian$ made up the other million$ of dollar$ after the Catholic$ and the Mormon$ gave the 2.5 Million$ of dollar$ and after that other anti-gay hater$ made up the rest.

  7. Brian says

    No idea who they might be, although the chicken guy is a good guess. But I’m pretty sure it’s not the Koch brothers, at least one of whom actually supports gay marriage, and I doubt it’s Trump either. First because he doesn’t care about gay issues, and he doesn’t seem the type to ever give away any of his money, no matter how undeserving the cause.

    Anyway, it wasn’t that long ago that being gay was a big secret. Now it’s the anti-gays who keep it secret. That’s progress!

  8. Caliban says

    There’s a website, NOM Exposed, that lists the people on NOM’s Board Of Directors and their biographies. Several of them have extensive ties to the Mormon church’s power structure. That includes formerly respected sci-fi author and current off-his-meds cuckoo-nutso Orson Scott Card. Some of the others are Catholic.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the Mormons get back into the gay-hating game now they don’t have to worry that Mittens will be asked questions about their activities and whether he agrees with them. Prop 8 turned into somewhat of a PR disaster for them and I doubt we’ll ever know the full extend to which the LDS was behind the pro-Prop 8 campaign. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I suspect they “laundered” church money by submitting it through Mormon individuals- there were an awful lot of Prop 8 donors who listed low-income occupations (and “housewives”) but gave $1000s, even hundreds of $1000s to support Prop 8.

    Part of the reason I’m so pleased by the results of this election is I see it as big f*ck-you to the LDS and their crown prince Romney, who they were hoping would usher in a new era of mainstream acceptance for them and their creepy beta version of Scientology. Screw them and the convicted con-man they rode in on. Love and kisses, The Gays.

  9. Icebloo says

    Maybe Martian Mitt Romney was one of the donors and that’s why he wouldn’t show us his tax records >

  10. Bill says

    ggreen’s suggestion, “The Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus. Who Else?” seems to be based on a misconception – the amount listed was apparently for individual donors, not organizations.

    If there were contributions from the Catholic Church and/or the Knights of Columbus, those would not be listed as ones from individual donors. Keep in mind that the distinction between donations from individuals and those from organizations may be important to the IRS due to details in the tax laws, so there could be a legitimate reason for these to be listed separately.

  11. Bernie says

    this does help confirm that the conservative movement is dying, died or dead. It certainly is pathetic! It is kind of like the one million moms that is supposed to be 44,000, but is probably closer to 4.4 anyway, it is nice to get validity from the voting public, the 2.5 funders of NOM and the 4.4 members of one million moms

  12. Bill says

    The suggestion, “Maybe Martian Mitt Romney was one of the donors,” is out of character for Mitt Romney: he would have set up an intermediary organization with a bland name, donate to it, and then be “surprised” to learn that it donated to NOM (with the extent to which he is “surprised” matching the prevailing political wind).

    A line from Beaumarchais’s play La Folle Journée, ou Le Mariage de Figaro comes to mind: “I better not go into politics – you have to pretend to know a lot about things you know nothing about and nothing about things you know a lot about.”

  13. clayton says

    If I was one of those two donors and all I had to show for my money was four losses, I’d be thinking twice about renewing my support.

  14. Frank says

    This house of cards was reached its
    point of no return. It will quickly
    fade away. Even that collection of
    attenuated alcholics, the Knights of
    Columbus won’t keep it up.

  15. Bill says

    Regarding Clayton’s comment above, it is worth pointing out that NOM’s funding is apparently dropping, possibly for the reason Clayton suggested but also because of changing social attitudes.

    For a while, I’ve been predicting an accelerated acceptance of same-sex marriages, where the rate of the yearly shift towards supporting it will increase. With the ability to fund expensive media campaigns by organizations such as NOM dropping with time as their donor base shrinks, the average “messaging” people hear will become more and more in favor of same-sex marriage.

  16. mmike1969 says

    Meh. I wanted NOM to take even more $$$ from their flock of lemmings and other idiots. Something about a fool and his money being parted…