‘Protect Marriage Maine’ Presents Its Final, Disgusting Argument Against Marriage Equality

Protect Marriage Maine, the group fighting stop marriage equality and Question 1, posted something really ugly on its website yesterday, a sort of final argument for their campaign, Jeremy Hooper at Good As You points out.

PmmReeks of lies and desperation:

Homosexuality is highly promiscuous. To accept homosexuality as the social, moral, or religious equivalent of heterosexuality would constitute the first modern assault on the extremely hard-won, millennia-old battle for a family-based sexually monogamous society – precisely because the homosexual lifestyle is highly promiscuous. The basis of homosexuality is centered around anonymous sexual encounters. Long term relationships are very rare. “Sexual promiscuity is one of the most striking distinguishing features of homosexual life in America,” write Silverstein and White in their book, The Joy of Gay Sex. A study of homosexual and bisexual men published in the Journal of Sex Research found that homosexual men had an AVERAGE of 755 partners over their lifetime. Some had thousands of partners. (Journal of Sex Research, 28, 3-274.) Another study of 2,583 homosexuals found that among the older men, “the modal range for number of male sexual partners in a lifetime was 101 to 500.” Between 10.2 percent and 15.7 percent had greater than 1,000 sexual partners. (Journal of Sex Research, 34, 349-360.) 79% of homosexuals said more than half of their sex “partners” were anonymous strangers. Only 1% had fewer than 5 lifetime partners. As a result, serial homosexuality has as its most visible consequence AIDS, among various venereal diseases. But another social problem is that it is largely predatory. Part of the thrill, part of the challenge, is having sex with the inexperienced, the uninitiated, and to dare say that out loud, even though it is true, is to risk being called “intolerant”, “homophobic”, or worse. The dark secret of homosexual society is how many homosexuals first entered into that world through a disturbing seduction or rape or molestation or abuse, and how many of them yearn to get out of the homosexual community and live normally.

The post was scrubbed after it started getting attention.

Click HERE to read the cached version.


  1. says

    the irony – lgbt people who grow up with families and communities that believe this hatefully bigoted message…well…..here’s what often happens to them: when the people who are supposed to know and love them most turn their backs on them for being gay, what does that teach them about Love? about the bonds that connect us?

    perhaps more gay would believe they’re worthy and deserving of life-long love and commitment if their own piece-of-s**t families hadn’t made them feel that they’re easily forgotten and disowned, eh?

    btw, don’t use promiscuity as a pejorative, folks.

    i’d have more respect for a person who’s had numerous sexual partners than numerous MARRIAGES.

    flowers and poerty have no place in a heart that’s a wh0re.

  2. JaysonJ says

    Given the attitude of men and sex, I can see we have more sex than the straight guys. (Possible they are jealous?) But I have had no where near the encounters they state. Oh course I have been married to the same beautiful man for 28 years.

  3. Beth says

    Even if that were true (which I believe is total BS) – do they think that anyone who is choosing to have have hundreds of anonymous partners is going to want to marry one of them? I assume anyone wanting that many anonymous sex partners are people who don’t want to get married. And denying them marriage would do nothing to curb their multiple anonymous sex. It only denies marriage to those in monogamous relationships who want to get married the opportunity to legally bind themselves to another. Considering the anti-gay marriage crowd are opposed to this willy nilly choosing of sexual partners, you would think that they would welcome anyone wanting to make commitments.

  4. says

    well, Beth, we’re dealing with the same people who say “gays have a high depression and suicide rate!” while encouraging parents to disown their own gay children.

    its the same (il)logic followed by the kind of people who are against abortion, and yet also against BIRTH CONTROL and safer-sex education. And also against single mothers.

    they have no logic. no reason. no facts. no evidence.

    it’s just nonsense they make up so they can pretend to have something to disagree with.

  5. Eric says

    39 years old. Married. Legally in CA for 4 years. Together for 12. Been with fewer than 20 guys. Including one night stands. Sauna handys. 2 drunken 3 ways. I’ve got some clear work to do if I want to be an average homosexual who’s incapable of a long term relationship and has been with over 700 guys. Thanks NOM. Until you clarified I had no idea I’d been going about this all wrong.

  6. gr8guya says

    “Promiscuity” and long-term relationships are not mutually exclusive. Many people go through a promiscuous period at some point, then settle down to a stable, loving relationship. That’s what marriage is for.

    Although, to be honest, I know a lot of partners who cheat; but that is a trait in both heterosexual and gay marriages.

  7. Will says

    Why do they always think you have to be molested or raped to be gay? I’ve never been and I sure has hell don’t have any desire to rape or molest children.

  8. e.c. says

    Isn’t marriage the antidote to promiscuity? Given this dire portrait that they are trying to paint of single gay men as wandering sex machines shouldn’t they be encouraging us to settle down in stable relationships? I know I shouldn’t be asking for logic, but really even the total bulls**t they come up with doesnt support their cause.

  9. MT says

    I’d be curious to see these same numbers for straight people. I’m sure any frat boy who thinks he’s worth his salt has had hundreds of partners. Somehow I doubt straight people act any differently from us. Like everything else, we’re just not nearly as repressed about it.

  10. PAUL B. says

    My own domestic situation contradicts everything in this piece…everything !
    Married 27 years, raised two kids, never fooled around with anyone else (ouch!)after meeting my husband. Why would I? He’s georgeous and has “the junk” to go with it.
    Once you’ve had the best…why mess around?

  11. says

    does this mean i get to judge all straight people based on, i dunno, the activities seen in heterosexual pornography?

    cuz if i do then i get to believe that all men choke the s**t outta women and treat ’em like garbage.

  12. jason says

    The homosexual orientation cannot be promiscuous because an orientation is not a form of behavior to which the term “promiscuous” can be applied. However, it IS true that the male-male sexual paradigm is conducive to promiscuous behavior. Combining the two high sex drives of men is conducive to promiscuity. You only have to go to any gay bar to see this.

    Don’t deny it – you know it’s true. Of course, I’m not saying that same sex-attracted men can’t make moral decisions to avoid promiscuity. I’m simply saying that the male-male paradigm encourages and promotes decisions that lead to promiscuous behavior.

    Nevertheless, those arguing against gay marriage by citing promiscuity are basically contradicting themselves. Gay marriage is anti-promiscuity. Gay marriage is about being in a monogamous relationship. Don’t these Right-Wing idiots realize this?

  13. PAUL B. says

    @SFJerry…You’ve heard of “back-rent”…well this is what we can think of as “back-sex”…all the sex they think we have… which, technically, is now owed to us. OMG…better get my groove on if I expect to cash in on this and make honest kristians out of them. Now there’s an oxymoron.

  14. Oz in OK says

    I don’t think Gay men are any more promiscuous than straight men, but society’s perceptions are wildly different.

    Straight Friend #1 – Jock type, in great shape. In the first three years I knew him, he had 20+ girlfriends, and goodness only knows how many ‘hookups’. Slept with three different girls when a group of us went on a cruise in 2007. Reaction? ‘Ah, boys will be boys.’

    Straight Friend #2 – Ex-military (Army). While he was in the Army, he had so many girlfriends, hookups, weekend fuckfests and orgies that he literally has NO IDEA how many girls he’s banged. Reaction? ‘Ah, well a soldier has to blow off steam!’

    No one ever waved a Bible at them, or screamed about their promiscuous lifestyles… everyone just shrugged. It’s definitely a double-standard.

  15. CPT_Doom says

    @MT -The only difference between your average fraternal boy and your average twink looking for a Saturday night hook-up is the probability of success. To quote the immortal Queer as Folk, gay men are not promiscuous because we’re gay; it’s because we’re men (for the record this weekend was the first time I’ve had sex since May).

    And if gay men are such horrible rapists, why is it that women are the ones constantly being told not to walk alone at night?

  16. Diogenes Arktos says

    We really need to call these people out on their outdated facts. For example, Silverstein and White was an late 1970s/early 1980s book. I wonder how current the other citations are. Let alone other disproved “facts” like we are gay because we were molested – or that as gays we molest. (sigh)

  17. millerbeach says

    Wow, this article makes me feel like a prude! Over 700? Wow…really? How would one find the time to sleep with over 700 men? What a dilemma. I guess some guys have all the luck…

  18. Jerry6 says

    So some Gay men have thousands of “Partners” in a life time! How many “Straight” men, who have sex with prostitutes in a lifetime? Thousands! So what!

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