1. Sargon Bighorn says

    Why is she being honored? For being a sports star? For being Lesbian? For being both at the same time? Where does her great act for this honor lie? What has she done? I’m beginning to think that the young and beautiful are bestowing awards on the young and beautiful for being nothing more than young and beautiful.

  2. tinkerbelle says

    Sargon Bighorn—did you read the text above the video? She is an olympic gold medalist. And therefore now in the public eye, and able to pass on a message of hope. It is not her fault that she’s beautiful (movie star beautiful at that) and intelligent, well spoken, at ease… this all helps too. AND she has a twin sister. Two of them. Beauty does count when it helps pass on the message of accomplishment and pride, and she is so obviously relating to herself as a normal person in extraordinary circumstances..

  3. Sargon Bighorn says

    Tinkerbelle, did you read what I wrote? young and beautiful awarding the young and beautiful for being young and beautiful. THAT is NOT doing something. THAT is a state of being. Has she spent hours, days, weeks, months with dying AIDS patients? NO has she volunteered to help LGBTQ youth? NO. Has she volunteered at ANY Lesbian support center? NO. Tinkerbelle, do you know different? WHY did she get an award?

  4. anony6 says


    Her being out is very much a public statement in support of the gay community. The power of visibility cannot be underestimated. Her getting the award is for being out and successful on a very large public stage, the Olympics. Neither being publicly out, or an Olympic gold medalist is a state of being.

    I will concede that maybe there should be more award categories, that way activist and grass root efforts are not overlooked.

  5. Fiona says

    I believe she was involved with a gay and lesbian center in Chicago when she played there. She wasn’t a national team staple then and did not have to do a whole coming out thing.

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