1. Batman says

    It ain’t FOX News, it’s Fox News. “FOX” would make sense if it were an acronym, but it ain’t.

    I say, don’t INFLATE their unduly bloated egos any further.

    In any case, I love how the anchor built up the credentials of the guest just before the guest said the things that ended the interview. For his part, I think the guest would have done better to hold off a bit before bringing up Fox’s hype and political motivations. He could held back, and built more credibility first, and then closed with a candid discussion of Fox’s lack of neutrality.

  2. EditorJP says

    Ricks is a putz for Barack Hussein Obama, and all you ØHoles whining about Fox news are as well.

    You have 4-5 networks plus most major newspapers all with their lips wrapped around Barack Hussein Obama’s islamo-marxist shtick, and Fox has liberals on every day compared to the rest of your BS media that only does a daily circle jerk with Media Matters.

    Plus Ricks is nothing BUT A MOUTHPIECE FOR THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD WING OF THE WHITE HOUSE that is downplaying Benghazi and ignoring how Barack Hussein Obama watched Stevens get raped and murdered LIVE, AND DID NOTHING.


  3. Martin says

    EditorJP… grow up and stop acting like a Pathetic nutjob… Obama is NOT Kenyan, Muslim, An Alien or anything else, but a President who was re-elected…. FOX NEWS is biased…. and for the Millionth time, A LIBERAL is not a dirty word… it’s only a word that Conservatives throw around when they have NOTHING, but CONTEMPT…

  4. BETTY says

    Remove the tinfoil hat from your head EDITORJP. Your right wing talking points are an absolute joke. Funny, CNN always has a rep from the Democratic AND Republican sides when doing interviews. But, you wouldn’t know that since you’re watching Fox “News” all day. Remove your lips from the right wing/Tea Party bullsh*t shtick buddy.

    Bush lied and several thousand died.

  5. TonyJazz says

    editorjp was pretty funny…. Yeah, the right-wing Wall Street Journal, or right-wing Washington Post, or right-wing Washington Time, or right-wing NY Post, or right-wing Boston Herald don’t count…

    what a tool…..

  6. Diogenes Arktos says

    @EditorJP: While Benghazi was the first ambassador killed in 30some years, the Republicans conveniently forget that Bush II presided over far more violence directed at US embassies and consultates than Obama. Get your facts straight.

  7. says

    #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen your expert guest on Fox News doesn’t say what you want him to say.

    Also, How to Make Fox News Look Like Boo Boo the Fool in 30 Seconds or Less.

    They could not kick Tom Ricks out of the building fast enough. I’m surprised the feed didn’t go black and the anchor start claiming technical difficulties.

  8. DC Arnold says

    The Bubble burst at warp speed, I now hear Susan Rice will have an audience with McCain so he can be further shuffled off into irrevelance. This folks, is the time to boycott anything Fox related.

  9. mastik8 says

    Ended abruptly? Are we watching the same tape? The segment was over, he thanked him for his time then went on to whatever was next. How is that ending abruptly? Nothing would please me more than seeing Faux News shaded but this doesn’t seem to be it.

  10. Luke says

    @MASTIK8, it was supposed to be a 4 minute interview, according to other news outlets who reported on this. Instead it got cut to about a minute because they clearly didn’t like what he had to say.

  11. BETTY says

    @Mastik8: interviews don’t normally last just two questions (the introduction lasted longer!). The interviewer should have followed up on his allegation against Fox, but he didn’t. Maybe they were afraid of being challenged?

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