1. THE QUEEN says


  2. Charlie says

    Tim T’s issue is with abortion which the FRC opposes. His position on gay marriage and gay rights in general are unknown at this time. My bet is he is conflicted and hasn’t made up his mind yet.

    One of my best friend’s sister was told to have an abortion or she might die. She chose to have the baby and died as a result of it. But the key word here is SHE chose. I disagree with his position on abortion because he and the FRC want to take away the choice.

  3. jamal49 says

    Sometimes, Towleroad’s pettiness is too much to bear. Tim Tebow might just be, in your biased assumption, a “right wing hero”. But, he is probably also a “hero” to many people who know nothing of his personal views but admire his football skills (which have been thoroughly quashed since he’s been with the Jets). Leave the kid alone, at least until he’s some blatantly egregious remarks about gays.

  4. Gigi says

    @(the aptly named)THE QUEEN – Take it down a notch or ten girlfriend. So you like Tim Teabag. We get it. ALL CAPS comments aren’t necessary to get that message across. Thanks much.

  5. TANK says

    I know that some of the cattier, middle-aged queens around here aren’t going to like Tank for saying this, but darn, that guy is hot, whoever in the heck he is! Those pretty eyes just twinkle, that smile is so sweet, and that lisp is just adorable! Tank is usually into more macho, he-man type guys but I would definitely bang this muscle twink till the cows came home!

  6. BEAHBEAH says

    This kid has never mentioned or brought up gay issues. Why do we keep talking about him? Until I know his views, I’m not making any assumptions, which you do directly in this piece.

    Yeah, he’s pro-life and chose to film a commercial for a sh*tty organization. But what Christina anti-abortion organization should he have worked with that would have met your approval? There are none!

  7. TANK says

    By the way, I’m having a real issue with scrotal acne. I have bulbous zits all over my scrotum and it’s starting to cause a really foul odour. Anyone have any advice? Just keeping it real.

  8. Javier says

    Tebow is a great young man, was a great college quarterback. I see no reason to have animus against the dude, who has exhibited the utmost integrity and genuine faith. I admire him.

  9. TANK says

    Hey, guys, some bitchy queen with emotional issues is trying to pretend he is Tank! Don’t fall for it… that last post was fake! Tank isn’t vulgar and Tank knows how to spell correctly. I stand by my comments that this Tebow guy is hot, no matter what some random spammer thinks! And that is keeping it real, LOL!

  10. TANK says

    Folks, someone needs to report this spammer to Andy Towle! He is a trouble weirdo who is making crude and vulgar comments that are not Tim Tebow related at all. And he is defiling the good name of Tank! I know my fans here won’t fall for his hijinks, but others who don’t post here regularly might! So I will just say again that no true post from Tank ever uses bad words. And I’ll just say again that this Tebow guy is really sexy… but fake posts by creepy closet cases are not!

  11. UFFDA says

    TANK – it’s KIWI. These vulgar references using other people’s names always are. It’s KIWI. He doesn’t like you, that’s all it takes. The guy is pure slime covered, when he wants to, with high toned sentiments.

  12. Sean says

    Tebow is so hot, I couldn’t care less. This article is presumptuous and petty. Until he comes out against gay marriage, leave him alone. Target people who explicitly hate us.

  13. Caliban says

    The commercial wasn’t what I expected. Because Tebow is associated with the Evangelical Christian Right I was expecting there to be a subtle (or not so subtle) message that Tivo will help you avoid godless filth, only get the “right” sort of programming. But it wasn’t there.

    It’s not so surprising that TT is involved in the “pro-life” movement. From what I gather, he’s been told since childhood that doctors advised his mother to abort him but she refused to. That’s a HUGE guilt trip to lay on a kid and on top of that he was raised in a bubble of Evangelical Christianity. (So was Katy Perry, for that matter.)

    So long as he stays away from gay issues I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, or at least not attack him.

  14. anon says

    Why can’t he be in a Tivo ad? He hasn’t said a peep about marriage equality so why does a blog “with homosexual tendancies” focus so much attention on him and him being religious. So, he’s religious. So what? If we’ve learned anything from being gay, it should be to default to letting people do what they want if they aren’t hurting anyone.

  15. Barett says

    It’s funny how you imply that only right leaning people can be Christian’s. Blinded sense of personal view, open your eyes. Be a bit more positive in life, there are all walks of life that are Christians. Tim Tebow is an excellent role model for all people, I believe this is what bother’s you the most, as you attempt to pigeon hole his achivements.

  16. says

    How is being a man who actively opposes a woman’s right to choose, and a man who refuses to speak out against anti-gay prejudice being a “role model”, Barett?

    maybe you grew up with role models who sat silent in the face of social prejudice and bigotry. mine were a wee bit more admirable.

  17. Elsewhere says

    So if you’re pretty you don’t have to play football all that well for the endorsements to roll in. ‘Cuz as a football player, he’s pretty crappy.

  18. UFFDA says

    See TANK, it’s a sure thing. It’s KIWI, he wouldn’t have responded to me, UFFDA, in the same despicable vein as he did you if it hadn’t been him. As I’ve said he has an underbelly that goes all the way around. And he’s the biggest coward with the smallest balls of all.

  19. Barett says

    A women’s right to choose death for an unborn child? Anti-gay prejudice, should he also spend his time addressing sex with animals, editorials, underwater basket weaver’s, etc? One person cannot address all the world’s topics. He’s a great role model because he is his own person, with his own beliefs.

  20. Caliban says

    I’m atheist but I don’t believe ALL Christians are A. Right Wingers or B. Homophobes. But the more reasoned and reasonable strains of Christianity HAVE allowed the Christian Right to present themselves as representing all Christians.

    My problem with Tim Tebow is mainly that he is allied with the Family Research Council which, despite the innocuous name, IS a hate group. And groups like the FRC were not put on the SPLC’s list of hate groups just because they oppose gay marriage or gay rights. They were put there because they consistently and deliberately LIE and DISTORT the truth about gays, use thoroughly discredited “research” about gays, and use fear tactics about gays to raise money. It’s NOT a subtle distinction.

  21. Diogenes Arktos says

    An easier URL for Len’s comment:

    @Anon: Andy says “homosexual tendencies” because this blog is about far more than gay issues. Consider, for example, all the science geek stuff he posts. Even so, Tebow is a gay issue because of the incredible amount of gay buzz he has attracted. You can just ask the Outsports guys.

  22. LITTLEKIWI says

    Since it is beyond obvious that a good many of you people who comment on this site are gay men with a significant degree of self-loathing, that is, men who refuse to engage in calumny against Tim Tebow for his undoubtedly anti-gay political stance simply because you find his strong, manly thighs and those gentle, sky-blue eyes appealing, I just might have to cease commenting here and retain my witty quips for my local MENSA chapter meetings. Honestly!

  23. TANK says

    Thank you, UFFDA, for your support and your words of wisdom. Yes, Tank must agree with you that Little Kiwi must be the anonymous troll who is making unkind and vicious posts here. How very sad. And I always thought guys from Australia were not only hot but very open-minded, too. Maybe he gets turned on by Tebow’s hot body but hates himself because he doesn’t like Tebow’s political views and so he vents his anger onto innocent bystanders like you and Tank. Well, his gutter level thought process will not derail the commenting legend that is Tank; nope, not at all! I’ll continue to post here not just for the sake of helping out Andy Towle, and for the sake of my fans, but because I don’t think a bully should be encouraged! So Towleroad readers, never fear: Tank will be keeping it real here for a long time to come, no matter what kind of manure gets tossed at him by some boor from the Antiphons!

  24. Dan says

    If I had recorded the phone call I just had with Tivo, it would be the viral video of the week.

    I called to tell TIVO that by choosing Tebow as the face of their company, they are sending a message that TIVO does not respect my family, and does not think that we should be full and equal citizens.

    Their rep (a very sweet young woman named Lauren) told me she was sorry I had concluded that TIVO was rejecting me as a person: She wanted me to understand that it is not the person Christians reject, it is the sin.

    Now perhaps Lauren (who really was sweet and polite and apparently well-intentioned) is an aberration among TIVO employees. Perhaps I just happened to get a devout Christian as my customer-service rep by luck of the draw, and perhaps her views don’t represent the company. But what a coincidence.

  25. sounds good to me says

    I think everyone is really missing the point here. He should of taken his shirt off right at the end.

    TIVO picked Tebow because their names are homophonous, not because he’s homophobic.

  26. anon says

    Original anon here (posting on TR since 2005!)

    If you hear him talk, you’d get the impression he’s probably pro gay rights. TiVo is your typical endorsement deal. He’s their problem.

  27. iban4yesu says

    I thank everybody who shows the reasonable understanding and love for the fellow traveler on earth who is TT. I was appalled by all the venom aimed at him at the other very popular gay blog. So what a refreshing and encouraging difference!!

    What shall I say? A clean living seems to cultivate a certain unique sweetness which seems ample in him. (Well, Gronk is ‘sweet in his own way’, too, for that matter, so I am not necessarily passing judgments based on religiosity or the lack thereof..;-)

  28. Rob says

    I agree that Tebow is likely gay. Very into the dramatic, showy aspect of religion, has celebratory kisses with fellow players. He’ll play better ball when he figures himself out. I would be willing to help, perhaps in a 3 way with Brett Favre. (I’m a giver.)

  29. says

    This guy can flat out play ball. If the NFL elite owners club would only let the guy play QB he would do what he did in Denver all over again. This guy could be one of the greats but all they want to do is sit him. Unleash one of the greatest of all time so the world can enjoy some of the greatest athletics ever. A QB weighing 250 that can run the 40 in 4.6 seconds and throw the ball with a soft touch has never been seen before in the NFL. That is why he has had the success all his life.

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