Romney Campaign, GOP Sore Over Chris Christie’s Obama Embrace


The NYT reports on how furious various members of the GOP and the Romney campaign are at NJ Governor Chris Christie for putting his state ahead of his party in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy:

Inside the Romney campaign, there is little doubt that Mr. Christie’s expressions of admiration for the president, coupled with ubiquitous news coverage of the hurricane’s aftermath, raised Mr. Obama’s standing at a crucial moment.

During a lengthy autopsy of their campaign, Mr. Romney’s political advisers pored over data showing that an unusually large number of voters who remained undecided until the end of the campaign backed Mr. Obama. Many of them cited the storm as a major factor in their decision, according to a person involved in the discussion.

“Christie,” a Romney adviser said, “allowed Obama to be president, not a politician.”

In a sign of residual frustration, a banner headline popped up on Sunday on a Romney-friendly Web site, The Drudge Report, going after Mr. Christie for appearing on “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend “as residents suffer.”

Then of course, there are all the other reasons Romney lost:

Mr. Christie is, of course, a convenient scapegoat for a candidacy that fell short for many reasons — demographic, ideological and personal — and Mr. Romney’s campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, emphasized that Mr. Christie did “exactly what a governor should do” in a crisis.


  1. Gast says

    Wow seriously Sandy was more influential on the elections than Republican’s bigoted, elitist, divisive policies? No wonder they lost, they are completely out of touch with the Nation.

  2. dodged that bullet says

    The Republican Party expects politicians to be Republican first, American second. They have been putting party ahead of country for a long time. They deserve to lose.

    Americans deserve another choice, a third party, because being politically “conservative” is not the same thing as economically conservative. Republicans don’t care how much they hurt the economy if they feel it serves their party goals.

    Tanking the economy to make Obama look bad was a big fail.

  3. Michael says

    Mitt Romney was handed this election on a platter by Republican congressmen who obstructed progress for two years leading up to the election. He not only should have won…he should have crushed Obama. You can blame the New Jersey gov., hurricane Sandy, homosexuals, minorities and who/whatever else you want to blame. The simple fact is that Mitt Romney is an unlikeable, inaccessible schmuck. Those weaknesses are hard to conceal.

  4. jomicur says

    Christie seems to be trying to position himself as the “sane” candidate for 2016. Whether that will fly in the Republican Party is anyone’s guess, but I know which way I’d bet.

  5. grench says

    While I don’t agree with all–or even most–of his policies, this man would probably make a good president. I get the sense that he’d at least be fair and willing to push back on the radical right-wing agenda. Too bad he can’t make through the Republican primaries.

  6. Caliban says

    Wow, so Chris Christie got in a time machine and went back and MADE Mitt Romney say he believed FEMA should be disbanded? That was very mean of him!

    And of course when that quote, not from decades ago or a fundraising party but the Republican Primaries just a few months ago, surfaced Romney did his usual Etch-A-Sketch jitterbug and flipped 180 degrees. “Get rid of FEMA?! Heavens to Betsy NO! FEMA is my favoritist government agency ever!”

    So right there, shortly before the election, that demonstrated what a callous, coldhearted, and UNREALISTIC sonuvab*tch Romney really is AND how he’d say ANYTHING to get elected. But it’s all Christie’s fault? Typical.

    And I say that as someone who’s not a big Christie fan over his marriage equality veto. He’s an @sshole, but Mitt Romney made Mitt Romney look bad. Chris Christie didn’t do sh*t.

  7. Gregor says

    Hmmm. . . blaming Christie for Romney’s loss is a bit like blaming the sinking of the Titanic on the below-deck workers who couldn’t bail water fast enough.

  8. Paul R says

    Republicans are just sore losers and love to do the thing they claim to hate: taking no responsibility for their failures and blaming whoever they can for them.

    I think that Christie realizes that he’s on a sinking ship and has been hedging his bets. He’s a politician, after all.

  9. JerzeeMike says

    As a resident of NJ AND a Democrat all I have to say is Gov Christie did the right thing by being the Governor of NJ & putting its citizens first ahead of some asshat’s ambition to be the King of America. Sorry, but in this one instance I applaud our Governor for his conduct.

  10. cando64 says

    Gov. Christie did not allow Obama to be president; President Obama did what a president should – he put aside politics and his campaigning and tried to ensure the safety and well-being of his country’s people.

  11. andrew says

    I thimk President Obama and Governor Christie both gained points with the American people by their bipartisan cooperation in dealing with the aftermath of Sandy.

  12. says

    Will we ever see bipartisan politics in our country again? The fringe element within the Republican Party has pushed them all to the far right of the isle where they’ve gridlocked our government for two years now. Will the next two be any different? They’ve been very public about their main goal being to block and bamboozle the President’s every move. It takes many hands to paint the Blackface on Obama. See my visual report of his makeup session at

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