1. Rich Cole says

    This is perfectly normal for Diane Sawyer. She’s filling time, and at least she’s doing it without all the “ums” and “errs” that a lot of anchors use to fill in the space.

  2. Josh says

    Other than her whole adding an exclamation point to FORWARD, I didn’t really see anything too out of the ordinary for her. But hey looked like she had fun last night.

  3. Sargon Bighorn says

    Of course she was drunk, we spent several hours in her dressing room talking and drinking. It was so much fun! And that cute little Step-Greekopolous guys can slam it back!

  4. Tipsy McSlur says

    What time was it? If this was around 2AM after a long day of watching? Big deal. I was feeling pretty drained last night by the time he gave his victory speech, and I hadn’t drunk anything.

  5. Tre says

    Though she was only probably extremely tired (it was close to 2:00 am), I have to say – this was the most ENTERTAINING news broadcast I have ever seen. If she did the news like this all the time, I’d get cable TV again.

  6. Tre says

    @ GGREEN – Srsly? Back in Nixon’s day, politics wasn’t as rabid, divisive and polarizing. Working with a presidential administration gave her the objective experience to be a journalist. She’s a NEWS person – not one person on Fox News is a real journalist – they are entertainers.

  7. Paul R says

    No, she wasn’t slurring. It’s her body language. So again, she was either tipsy or really tired. That is not how she normally behaves; she’s usually somewhat rigid.

  8. Bollux says

    I love her even more. I’ve seen her many times on the subway. She’s a down-to-earth Kentucky dame at heart. And if she wants to drink baby blood on-air, bully for her.

  9. Wooflix says

    I think it depends on how often you actually watch Diane to be able to notice something was “different” last night from her usual broadcasts of the ABC World News. She is able to project that sunny disposition quite well, but last night…she was practically giddy!

  10. Darren says

    She’s quite obviously exhausted..can you imagine having to cover this
    From early morning to late night several days, months, years in a row.
    Give her a break..and focus on reality

  11. dw says

    First, yes, she’s definitely tipsy (or maybe advance sampling some of that newly legal marijuana?)
    Second, it’s quite funny to see the tension on everyone’s face.
    Third, big deal. She wasn’t drunk, just ‘lit’. (I worked with her for quite some time – that’s not her when she’s tired. That’s Diane Sawyer after a drink. Well, 2. But not 3.)

  12. JCF says

    Hey, at least she wasn’t Chris Matthews saying (also very late last night) “Thank God for Hurricane Sandy!” (about which he was very remorseful today, the day after).

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