1. says

    love this man! keep it up! keep telling the GOP to swing hard and court the anti-gay demographic. every voter with a functioning brain has jumped the GOP ship, folks.

    so keep thinking Hate will help you win. yer numbers be dwindlin’, yo.

  2. Alexander says

    anybody that followed marriage equality in massachusetts knew darn well Romney was virulently opposed and his abortion stance and lack of caring about the environment were also apparent when he tried to call out obama on his clean energy policies. Obama is the best president in my opinion since Abraham Lincoln. I won’t say FDR he had the japanese internment camps. I won’t say clinton because he through LGBTs under the bus with DOMA and DADT and yeah I could go on but our president the guy I voted for twice now and hoping for a third term if we can change the election laws back to pre roosevelt times is as far as i can tell based on his record the BEST president we’ve ever had since Abe Lincoln.

  3. e.c. says

    Please, go back to hard-line conservative social issues because that’s gonna win you over a majority of the next generation of new young voters. Really, it is.

  4. jjose712 says

    They are not exactly smart. Everyone with a brain knows that if the Republican party wants to win another elections, they need to go to the center on social issues. Pleasing the far right religious conservatives they are not going to win ever

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    Loved the no-longer-confidential report. Perhaps it’s because I grew up at a time when “Values Clarification” was hot, but I’ve long believed that values have to be taught in the home because of the reality of a wide range of beliefs.

    Staver and his ilk are claiming that God let them loose the battle, but will ultimately let them win the war.

    The traditional view of prophecy was that if you screwed up you were done. Too bad these Religious Right pundits don’t take that to heart.

  6. Bill says

    “Gay marriage passed in 3 states and a constitutional prohibition lost in one yet this wingnut wants to double down?”

    Of course he does. Or more specifically, he wants those donations that pay his salary to keep coming in. Otherwise, he’ll be filing for unemployment benefits.

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