1. Rick says

    Gee, look at all the “diversity” around her. Two elderly men (undoubtedly relatives) in the back among 13 women……even though 45% of male voters in Wisconsin voted for her.

    So save your tears, Michael. A lesbian being elected to the Senate is not a victory for gay men, any more than it is a victory for gay men when lesbians get promoted in Corporate America and gay men do not, because lesbians do not face anywhere near the hostility that gay men do, from either men or women.

    When we see an openly gay MAN elected to the Senate or as a Governor or even as Mayor of a big city, then we can say change has really occurred.

  2. RyanInWyo says

    Dear (p)Rick. When we didn’t see you for a while, I had held out hope that you were busy seeking therapy. Perhaps the therapy failed? Try, try again!

  3. RyanInWyo says

    Kurt: The first that comes to mind is Larry Craig, but then he insisted, after getting caught cruising in a men’s room, that he was not gay. So, I dunno, I guess he was just a run-of-the-mill straight senator cruising for sex with men!

    The other is Barbara Mikulski from Maryland. She has never come out but many claim that she is a lesbian.

  4. Mike says

    On the question of closeted senators, it’s been widely rumored that Herb Kohl, the senator that Tammy is replacing, is in the closet. He in his 70s, never married and has often been referred to as “The Dairy Queen.”

    Is there a count yet on the number of openly gay congressional representatives that were elected last night? I saw a few mentioned on the site. Mark Pocan, the guy replacing Tammy in congress, is an out man. Any one else?

  5. Adam says

    I always assumed it was very much an open secret that Herb Kohl is gay. But then I moved out of Milwaukee, up north, and realized how many people had no idea. People were shocked to learn something that I think I heard in 1994.

    I am thrilled Tammy won. I have always liked her, even when she didn’t give me a job 12 years ago. But I must say that I never thought I would see the day when Tommy Thompson would lose an election in Wisconsin. That is what I find so impressive about this win.

  6. Rick says

    “I am thrilled Tammy won. I have always liked her, even when she didn’t give me a job 12 years ago”

    Which no doubt had nothing at all to do with your gender. LOL.

  7. jw says

    rick is right – the day we see a out gay man elected to the senate you will know change has really arrived –
    i bet it is maybe 50 years off –
    about the same time we get an out gay male movie star or out gay male major sports star
    it’s disingenuous or willfully ignorant to think that gay men are not far more threatening, scary and repellent to the straights than gay women-
    what’s changed is that homo-hatred is now more in line with racism
    it’s kept out of public display

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