The First Paragraphs Of Obama And Romney’s CNN Op-Eds


CNN today posted op-eds from President Obama and Mitt Romney, both of whom were meant to lay out their “vision” for the country. Here are the first two paragraphs of those pieces.

The language, word choice and narratives pretty much sum up the candidates’ differences.

First, Romney:

On June 2, 2011, I began my quest for the presidency on the farm of Doug and Stella Scamman in Stratham, New Hampshire. I said then that our country is a land of freedom and opportunity. I spoke of the hard work of the millions of Americans who built our remarkable experiment in self-government. They carved out of the wilderness a land of immense prosperity and unlimited potential. I said then that “I believe in America.”

For more than a year now, I’ve carried that message across America. As
we draw close to Election Day, it is a good moment to reflect on what
it means to believe in America.

Now Obama:

For the past few days, all of us have been properly focused on one of the worst storms of our lifetimes. We mourn those who were lost. And we pledge to stand with those whose lives have been turned upside down for as long as it takes them to recover and rebuild.

Because when hardship hits, America is at its best. The petty
differences that consume us in normal times quickly melt away. There are
no Democrats or Republicans during a storm — only fellow Americans.
That’s how we get through the most trying times: together.

Sure, one of the men’s essays is colored by his power and responsibility as president, but it’s pretty telling when a man looking to lead United States starts his closing argument with a first person introduction, nor makes even the slightest mention of the nation’s most recent natural disaster.


  1. says

    Romney is self obsessed; this whole election he sees as about himself. That’s why he will switch positions on any issue to curry favour with the extreme.

    He wants to be President as an end in itself; he doesn’t have a plan other than what he is being told by Grover Norquist to say and do and by his Koch Brothers backers who want to buy the Presidency.
    And what does “I believe in America” mean ?
    We all believe in our own countries.
    Given that Romney believes in magic underpants, splitting mountains of olives and Jesus visiting Missouri, it’s difficult to see his “I believe in America” as anything but crass crowd baiting.

  2. slippy says

    Romney-“I” six times 6!!
    Obama -not once

    This says it all to me. I’ve disagreed with Rethug Presidential Candidates in the past but have never felt such a deep loathing for any of them. The man has no core beliefs -just an unbridled and very obvious grab for power for his Cult Religion and his economic class.

  3. MarkUs says

    Maybe OBummer will promise to create a “Secretary of Really Bad Storms” to go with the newly created “Secretary of Business”.

    BTW, his last year created “Jobs Council” hasn’t met since January which is why one of the CEOs he picked for it just endorsed Romney.

  4. MateoM says

    Last time I checked, Markus was a well known anti-Obama, pro-Republican troll on Towleroad who makes up statistics and tries to rile up any comment section he posts in. Please just ignore him and he’ll go away.

  5. Maguita says

    One is out of touch with today’s reality, let alone factual news.

    The other is in touch with the American people, every day, making sure to be all-inclusive, no matter your station in life, your religious background, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

    Time to remember what the American dream is all about.

  6. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Homer: well said. How could anyone support the candidate who could produce this piece in the face of all the fact checking? It used to be the left and the right disagreed on the solutions, now they just inhabit different universes.