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Giorgio Moroder vs. MB Disco: 'From Here To Eternity (ATTAR! Remix)'

Giorgio Moroder, the producer behind the most important of Donna Summer's disco anthems, is considered the creator of modern dance music as we know it today and revered as a music legend. To celebrate his work, Swedish label MB Disco has commissioned a series of remixes for Moroder's 'From Here to Eternity,' originally released in 1977. Brussels-based ATTAR! takes the original euro-disco track and freshens it up for the current era, while keeping the iconic elements that make this Moroder work so memorable. Make sure to also check out the epic Aeroplane remix included in the same release.


Aeroplane: 'We Can't Fly (Oliver Remix)'

Having mentioned Aeroplane, I can't miss the opportunity to showcase this brand new remix for a track originally included in the Belgian producer's debut album from 2010. 'We Can't Fly' was a personal favorite from this release with its uplifting, gospel-music inspired vocals and dreamy piano solos. LA duo Oliver re-interprets the original work with an air of innocence and cheerfulness that is distinctive to their work. The remix is one of the bonus tracks in the colossal 5-CD compilation Eskimo Records released this week called Eskimonde. The complilation features a decade worth of new disco anthems under their umbrella, produced and remixed by many of the artists we often mention here, and comes in a state-of-the-art package. If you love disco like we do, this compilation will surely blow your mind.


This week's post was written and curated by Tadeu Magalhães.

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  1. says

    I started following Giorgio Moroder last month on Soundcloud and he’s been posting tons of HQ downloads, Battlestar Galactica and Neverending Story for example.

    I got turned on to Sohight because of the Get It Right track, which I thought had a great opening and cheesy, tongue in cheek (I hope) rapping. Their sound’s a bit to young for me, however.

  2. jason says

    I don’t want to sound harsh but where is the real music? A lot of what is promoted here on Towleroad is simply noise from a computer operated by some wanky producer or DJ who thinks he’s hip because he can plunder other people’s sounds.

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