Today on Towleroad: Secession, Huckabee and Flag Football

Texas-secessionBY SAM GREISMAN

A look back at today's top stories


Jon Stewart sat down with failed presidential candidate and open anti-gay marriage 'defender' Mike Huckabee and Stewart attempted to break down his anti-gay stance. Huckabee says he "can't separate his vote from his faith."

As The New York Times looks at which States may next score a victory for marriage equality, there is news today that the Supreme Court has pushed back the date at which they will convene to decide whether to take Prop 8 and DOMA cases. More enlightening news from the NFL where outspoken marriage equality supporter Brenden Ayanbadejo says that a group of Oakland Raiders went out of their way to congratulate him after last week's marriage equality ballot successes. 



Apparently 75,000 people in Texas would like to secede from the Union. This is not a promotional stunt for Lincoln. Also with the state's track record on LGBT rights, would we miss them? 


Catholic Bishops in California have decided that despite the setbacks sustained in the election, they will continue to be openly anti-gay. Also everyone is really really tired of Donald Trump. Shocker. 

Jon Stewart also took some time to discuss the bizareness that is the David Petraeus scandal. Boy did Homeland call this one. 



Gays have a message for straight men about their girlfriends. Support marriage equality before we marry your ladies. And check out this gay flag football team from DC dancing Gangnam Style.


  1. Paul says

    Not only did the Catholic Church agree to continue to be an openly anti-gay hate group the priest also agreed to continue to rape and abuse children for God as well.

  2. Ted Baldwin says

    They sure as hell would not miss you – and the queens in dallas and houston will do quite well without your eastern snobbery, thanks…

  3. says

    You’d know what would be really funny? If the federal government let the people succeed from the government, but retained the useful land. Is there any useful land besides the coast for oil drilling/refinery?

  4. says

    Jeff M,
    You would banish them, not deport them…unless they’re not U.S. citizens. At which point, their signature would be invalid.

  5. Aulton says

    And I will continue to be anti-pedophile. Doesn’t matter whether or not the Roman Catholic Crime-ring changes its stance on anything, because they are terrorists and liars. Theists will pay for their crimes against humanity.

  6. bamjaya says

    Hey, I’m all about solutions, girl. First, the p_ssy-ass Minutemen can work at US minimum wage converting that dumb-ass border wall to an herb garden the length of the Great Wall, get Guinness Book certified for imaging. Bobby Flay, the Fabulous Beekman Boys and Cooking Channel can co-sponsor cultivation of heirloom cilantro, tomato and onion strains to make artisinal pico de gallo for export. Pay for your oil-spill clean-up with the trade and eco-tourism surplus, Rick Perry!

  7. John says

    As the Pope and all the bishops continue to spread their vitriol (how Christ-like, by the way), they become more and more irrelevant. They have openly flaunted US tax codes, so, IT IS TIME to remove their tax-exempt status. Hit the bastards where it hurts.

  8. Ryan says

    Agreed, Ted. And actually Dallas County has passed numerous provisions protecting LGBT residents, most of the companies based in Texas (re a vast amount of Fortune 500 companies) have great Domestic Partner benefits and are on the HRC Index. Houston has the first openly gay mayor of a major US city as well. While there may be a sizable population which are not progressive in the state, it certainly doesn’t warrant a “would we miss them?”

    We aren’t as divided as some would make you believe.

  9. jpeckjr says

    @Ryan. I’d bet many of those Fortune 500 corporations hq’d in Texas would move their hqs to one of the remaining 49 states rather than have to conduct business in them as a “foreign corporation.”

    Can you imagine the Dallas and Houston airports losing their hub status when airlines decide they don’t want to make their passengers have to take an international flight just to change planes?

    Yeah, I’m sure the business community is 100% behind this plan.

  10. Todd says

    Based on the latest population numbers for Texas I could find (25,674,681 in 2011), less than 0.003% of the state population has signed this petition. The town where I went to high school had a larger population than this.
    This is not a ‘movement’. This isn’t even a decent meme.

  11. bamjaya says

    So will Tejas be the first Mexican state owned and operated by Big Oil whores? And when do Austin, Dallas and Houston secede from Tejas?

  12. bamjaya says

    No more Congressional salaries or Federal funds to any state petitioning for secession. Ineligible for upcoming Electoral College, too. No snobbery here. It’s business, not personal. Payback’s a dog. And that dog is not Brian Griffin.