Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1251

THE ROCKAWAYS: A powerful documentation of loss and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

ORCAS HUNT A DOG: Matheson Bay, New Zealand.

FACESHIFT: New software captures facial expressions in real time.

MARRIAGE NEWS WATCH: A two-year losing streak for anti-gay groups.

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  1. KuMiCu says

    What idiot lets their dog swim in the ocean with orcas? Seriously the owner just videotaping it ?! I would be throwing rocks at the orca.

  2. anon says

    Orca’s don’t hunt humans or dogs. In fact, orcas and humans have often worked together to fish on a variety of pacific islands for centuries. It was probably just playing or being territorial. A dog’s bark might confuse a whale into thinking it was a seal, but probably not for long.

  3. Beez says

    While I still question the sanity of the dog owner in risking it, I think from the video it seems clear if the orca wanted to eat the dog, it had a pretty fair chance to do it and didn’t. That said, if it was my dog I’d probably be out there punching the orca in the face and grabbing the pooch.