Towleroad Talking Points: Silence from SCOTUS

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A look back at today's top stories


The Supreme Court did not release a decision today regarding DOMA and Prop 8 cases as was hoped. We still may hear from them Monday morning though. Staying on the marriage equality front, there was very troubling news out of Nevada late yesterday where a federal judge (a Bush appointee) upheld the state's law limiting marriage to between a man and a woman. Also Stephen Colbert takes a look at the repercussions of Boeing denying equal pensions to gay couples

In recognition of tomorrow's World AIDS Day, gay hook-up site Manhunt will be promoting a drug which is said to reduce the risk of HIV infection. J Crew recognized marriage equality for the first time on its website, featuring a gay couple in its "Wedding Album".


Mallory Owens, the Alabama woman who was attacked on Thanksgiving by her girlfriend's brother, has released a statement in which she says she fears for her life. And the NFL has decided not to discipline Tank Carder for his series of homophobic tweets


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Last night Glee went all "Scissor Sisters" on everyone with a little Sarah Jessica Parker thrown in. That is a whole lotta gayness in one room. And Andy Cohen recently headed out for open waters to try to hook a big one

Also Girls is back!



Jon Stewart gives his take on the awkwardness of the Romney/Obama White House lunch date. While the President was lunching, the First Dog was making sure Christmas decorations were perfect


  1. Liam says

    OK, before the hordes come in and start blasting the Supreme Court for being evil and homophobic, a few more facts are in order. What the Court is deciding is whether or not to HEAR one or more of the marriage equality cases. The Court has total discretion as to what it hears and what it doesn’t. At this stage, all they will issue is an order granting or denying review, not a ruling. There are numerous reasons why the Court may not have decided today. They may be deciding whether they need to consolidate the cases currently at the SC or Court of Appeals level. They like to wait for review until they have conflicting decisions before them. There may be a struggle going on as to whether to grant review. It takes 4 votes for the Court to grant review. In any event, what the Court releases (my money’s on next Friday) won’t be an opinion or a decision on the merits, but simply a decision as to whether or not to hear the case(s). One way or another, this will be nowhere near a final decision, and there’s a long way to go. Your readers should be aware of that.

  2. Bob says

    The Nevada judge is a MORMON WHO GRADUATED FROM BYU.
    The Court of Appeals Justice who dissented in the Prop 8 case is a MORMON IN IDAHO, where his family would have been shunned if he had voted for justice.
    The mormon church is holding back, due to the bad publicity, but individuals mormons refuse to place truth and fairness above what they are taught. The good news is their backing off from large scale organizing in the State marriage referendums last month. Washington one of the most mormon States, but the western part of the State prevailed.
    THANK BUDDHA THAT THE MORMON, ROMNEY, WENT DOWN IN FLAMES — I am sad to say that it is not safe to trust any of them to be fair.

  3. DC Arnold says

    Let’s cut to the chase: SCOTUS is still conservative and lost an election, do you really think they are ready to give us anything? The decision to review is just the first of the bitchiest of all paybacks.

  4. Icebloo says

    The whole judicial system is broken. It was badly planned & it has badly let down the American people for decades.

    We have sat back and watched the Republican Party take over the Supreme Court so now the court is just another branch of the Republican Party.

    The court corruptly stepped in to stop the Florida recount (which was legal under Florida law) to steal the election for George W Bush. The court also decided to allow businesses to be recognized as people so they can now give ENDLESS amounts of money to Republican candidates at the election.

    It’s time to rise up and demand change. The Supreme Court is corrupt, biased and out of touch with the majority of American people.

    This week they once again ignored the lives of millions of LGBT American taxpayers but chose to take cases involving big, money-making business which would benefit very few in our society.

    They are a DISGRACE.

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