Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill Passes Parliamentary Committee: Report

UgandasignAnti-gay Ugandan lawmakers are really moving fast on the so-called “kill the gays” bill.

MetroWeekly reports that the bill passed a Parliamentary commitee today, sending it to the next level of votes. Though the call for gay people to be executed has been removed from the hideously hateful measure, there bill still includes a life imprisonment request. 

According to Uganda’s NTV network – as tweeted by Frank Mugisha (@frankmugisha), director of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) – an unnamed member of the committee confirmed that a penalty of life imprisonment has remained in the bill in place of execution.

While sexual relations between members of the same sex are already illegal in Uganda, if the bill becomes law it will be among the world’s harshest against gay people. NTV reports that the bill should receive floor debate next week.

Religious leaders in Uganda have been putting intense pressure on politicians to pass the long-lingering law there and asked this week for Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to get the bill made into law as a “Christmas gift”.


  1. RainbowPhoenix says

    How many times has the media screwed up and reported that the death penalty had been dropped only for us to find out later it was still in there? Don’t trust that claim until you see the text.

  2. bobbyjoe says

    Is there any way to start trying to get as many of the likely victims of this out of Uganda as soon as humanly possible? It’s clear these monsters plan on passing the bill– isn’t there some way we can at least start saving as many lives as we can before it’s too late?

  3. Terry says

    hopefully there are underground networks already forming to get people out if this bill is passed, I’m sure the witch hunt for gays and lesbians has already started in Uganda though, they’re just waiting to get the ok to round them up.

  4. Diogenes Arktos says

    This is a frightful bill. It’s actually an imposition of tactics the East Germans would have been proud of. No freedom of speech. Parents turning LGBT children in rather than going to prison themselves.

    Remember that the founding martyrs of the Ugandan Christian community were male children who refused sexual advances of a male ruler. Apparently child rape is OK, but gay sex isn’t.

  5. Eddie says

    There is no chance of this not passing. Since the bill says anyone “abetting homosexuals” will be imprisoned, anyone voting against will be accused of the crime following the vote.

    Sick, twisted, backwards place.

  6. Jeff says

    Uganda is also in the news for STEALING $Millions in Aid money! This so called Christian nation is also a group of thieves along with being murderers. (Source Yahoo Ireland)

  7. PAUL B. says

    Oh well, there goes my summer vacation in Uganda. I’ve always wanted to visit that lovely place…the wildlife look so warm & fuzzy plus I hear the human inhabitants are now sanding upright and making fire. Gotta get there before the crowds arrive.

  8. Jeff says

    Paul B I totally get the snark but lets keep in mind is the focus that this law right now even greater affects the gays and lesbians in Uganda and their safety.

    I feel nauseous knowing that ending someones life for being who they are would make someone happy as a Christmas present. Uganda and those with similar mentalities are some really awful kind of sick.

  9. PAUL B. says

    @Jeff…I got that Jeff. I guess when faced with complete and utter ignorance & stupidity, I can only poke fun. There’s really nothing funny about it though…you’re right.

  10. Gast says

    Why do we treat this bill as if it’s going through a democratic legitimate process. This bill is garbage produced by a vile oppressive regime.

    Also Uganda is being killing gays for a long time. Uganda doesn’t need a bill to kill. Museveni has blood on his hands.

  11. Ontogenesis says

    I just sent e-mails to my politicians — if anyone wants to use this form, go for it! We’ve got to speak up for our fellow LGBTs.

    Dear ,

    I am writing to ask you to encourage Congress to condemn Uganda’s horrific anti-gay plans, which will allow Uganda to imprison LGBT people for life for being gay, although some versions of the bill even include the death penalty. There is a certain urgency, as this bill may be passed before Christmas because it’s intended as a “Christmas” present to Ugandan Christians.

    Uganda needs to be informed that it will no longer receive US aid if it acts against basic human rights law.

    Thank you for your time.

    With kind regards,

  12. says

    Oh great and through the word of Gawd, what a great Christian message to the world that shows the true purpose of their religion: imprison and kill those that don’t think like we do. You can’t eradicate homosexually, we are ubiquitous, innate in the fabric of humanity. Killing homosexuals only serves to makes the political regime of Uganda look barbaric, uncivilized and isolating itself from the rest of the world and ultimately proving religion is the real evil force oppressing humanity.

  13. Icebloo says

    Unfortunately the western countries who SAY they support human rights for all will continue to give aid to countries like this until votees like us hold our elected politicians responsible.

    ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. I don’t think any western country will cut off aid. The rights of gay people are just not important to our so-called leaders no matter how much they say they support us at election times.

  14. Fred Kwint says

    This makes me so sad for all my Ugandan brothers and sisters and I am so amazed why Amnesty International is not taking the lead here? What is wrong with them calling being gay a choice? Are they kidnapped by evangelicals??? Remember to sign on AVAAZ and Allout!

  15. bill says

    Have I been missing something?? Where are the White House and Hillary Clinton on this situation. Will the U.S. accept and give asylum people who are going to be fleeing for their safety??

  16. macmantoo says

    Maybe I’m wrong here but what is the difference between what they’re going to do versus what Hitler did to the Jewish people? We do need to get out as many as possible before this law becomes effective. Plus why should US tax dollars be given to this country. Don’t they realize that Gays pay taxes in this country?

  17. Contrarian says

    Some of the comments here reflect the very type of opposition to be avoided, namely, attacking the Ugandan people, their nation and their culture. Instead a more nuanced and broad based attack based upon norms of international law, human rights treaties, the UN charter, and diplomatic pressure needs to be mounted. Telling black Africans that they are deficient smacks of the old racist coloniaism, and guarantees they will press this vile legislation even more to show who’s boss in their country. Lastly, there are some major religious figures who are not either fundie nutjobs on the one hand nor Gene Robinson on the other. These moderates, if they speak out, might cause Uganda to reconsider.

  18. Bill Perdue says

    Call the WH (202-456-1414) and demand that Obama rescue GLT folks from Uganda and other nations where their lives are threatened by the actions of Lively and Obama BBFs McClurkin and Rick Warren.

    Also demand that the US end military aid ($82 million so far this year) to Uganda. The money will be used to kill gays, feminists, anti-cultists, unionists to increase the power of the rich and the cults.

    The US should offer asylum and social services for as long as needed.

  19. Francis says

    Uganda isn’t going to reconsider. First of all, their people have been brainwashed completely and favor this law by large margins. Secondly, Ugandans and Africans in general are getting more and more anti-Western in mentality. Especially over this bill, I’ve seen and talked to many Africans who have this “Westerners want to use us, they don’t care about our culture, we don’t need their Satanic aid” mentality.

    This is a very severe issue and extreme crises. The #1 step needs to be to cut aid, and a handful of countries have already put plans in place to do just that if this bill passes. But the 2nd step needs to be an organized mission to rescue LGBT Ugandans, and all Ugandans at risk with this law. They cannot be ignored. It would be easy to just say F Uganda, but they need our help. We’re talking life and death and now is the time for action.

  20. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Marc C: It’s much deeper than just Lively. See Rachel Maddow’s site for her “Uganda be Killing Me” archive. There are/were people in Congress who will have blood on their hands if this legislation passes.

  21. Jerry6 says

    What makes anyone think that the Westboro Baptist Church leadership in the USA is not in favor of such a law in the USA? We have our own hate groups here that would like to do the same thing.

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