UNC-Chapel Hill To Open Gender-Neutral Dorms

UNCChapelThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is adopting new dorm rules to help students, particularly LGBT students, feel more comfortable in their school-provided digs.

From local ABC affiliate WWAY-3:

The board of trustees unanimously endorsed Thursday “gender-neutral”
housing. Supporters of the gender non-specific housing option say the
move would help students – specifically gay, lesbian, bisexual and
transgender students – who are being harassed and bullied in traditional
on-campus housing.

Students will be able to apply for the option of choosing roommates
of either gender in campus suites and apartments. The university
already has coed dorms but students of the opposite sex do not share

How long before the right gives this some kind of “gay agenda” spin.


  1. jason says

    I’m sorry but I could not bear to share a room with anybody. My room is my room. It is my private space where I can do whatever I want – including belch.

    I’d rather sleep on the lawn out front than share a room with a stranger.

  2. Ryan says

    Colleges around the country have been doing this for years. I’ll never underestimate the right’s willingness to take an old and dead issue and try it out for a new spin, but on the whole I doubt anyone of note in the Christian right will take on this as an issue. Maybe some fringe element we can poke fun at, but that’s about it.

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