Pennsylvania Voting Machine Filmed Changing Obama Vote to Romney: VIDEO

WCityMike writes:

That's likely nothing sinister, just a miscalibrated touch screen. If you were to "vote" for Jill Stein on that machine, you'd likely register a vote for Obama. You'd let the local official know and insist they decommission or recalibrate the machine — if they don't, then you'd take whatever loud, noisy action would be necessary.

CentralPAVote responds:

I thought this was also the case, so before recording the video I tried your suggestion. I selected Stein and it worked fine. I selected Romney and it was fine. Additionally, I did call over a vote official who told me, and I quote, "Don't worry about it, everything will be fine."

Writes another commenter:

If the last frame is correct, this is in Wilkes-Barre, PA. "Betsy Elizabeth Summers" is on the ballot. On the face of it, it is a poorly calibrated device. At the very minimum, the precinct captains need to take this machine offline until it is properly calibrated.


UPDATE: Here's an excellent interview with electronic voting machine experts about concerns for this election.

UPDATE II: And Gawker spoke with Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Senior Staff Technologist at the Center for Democracy & Technology, about this particular video in Pennsylvania:

It's a concern but not because of fraud… that's an obviously miscalibrated iVotronic (ES&S) voting machine… we would recommend that poll workers would recalibrate the machine and everything would be fine. Also, with some models of voting system if you place a thumb on accident while resting on the machine it can "bias" the calibration of the touchscreen up towards the errant thumb. That could be happening to, if it's only for this one voter.

Hall says the most important thing is, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR WORK when you're done voting.

And one of my Facebook followers, Andrew Edwards, writes:

No matter who you're voting for, a voting machine should not do this. If it happens to you, be sure to document it with your phone and call the Voter Hotline at 855-444-6100.


  1. joe says

    You’re falling for a fake. There’s a really good debate going on at reddit this morning. The video keeps skipping, the original poster refuses to say where specifically this was, and they just kinda gave up and left. Right…

  2. James says

    I don’t know if this is a scam or not, it does seem fishy to me. But this most certainly should be investigated and I question the motivations of ANYONE who would so easily just dismiss this as a fake.

    Regardless how this alleged incident turns out, I don’t trust those damn electronic ballot machines and I’m so glad we don’t have them here.

  3. jim Donaught says

    It’s real, but probably just a buggy machine. If you were going to try to swipe votes, you wouldn’t program the machine to advertize the fact, would you?

  4. Michael says

    We had a similar problem in WV when we first starting using the machines in 2006. Since then, every voter is given a pencil and use the eraser tip to select the candidates.

  5. Sean in Dallas says

    @Bingo: that’s where the word starts in this world of social media, as you no doubt are aware.

    And it’s highly suspicious that a machine would have calibration issues in favor of Romney.

  6. Caliban says

    In past stories about “calibration issues” with voting machines, by some mysterious coincidence the malfunctions ALWAYS seem to favor the Republican candidate. How very odd…

    Wasn’t PA one of the states where the voting machines are supplied by a company in which Tagg Romney is an investor?

  7. Ronnie says

    Here’s the thing. When I voted in Nevada, there was a printed copy that comes up to verify what you votes are before you finalize your vote. If all these electronic machines are the same or similar, then this person should have shown this problem to the polling rep showing that the error. If the rep verified it and did nothing, then it’s a problem.


    I JUST VOTED FOR Governor Gary Johnson AND Incumbent-Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee.



  9. AJD says

    I highly doubt this is the last time we’ll be hearing about problems like this. The GOP is absolutely intent on putting Mitt Romney in office, even if they have to break the law to do it. I really can’t help thinking that we’re going to wake up tomorrow, and the headlines will say “Romney Wins Election,” no matter who gets the most votes.

  10. says

    we tried electronic voting and rejected it in favour of paper ballots only.The electronic machines gave rise to too many disputes and unverifiable errors.All the electronic voting machines were sold off.

    All ballots are now examined by humans and if there any doubt about a ballot it is scrutinised by each side and an independent returning officer.
    I believe the Netherlands also withdrew electronic voting machines…..but I’m open to correction.

  11. Eric says


    Amazingly, not all states even require that voting machines leave any paper trail at all, including giving you a receipt.

    Two recommendations to the US, so we can get our act together:

    1) Switch to mail-in voting for everyone, just like Washington state. If you’re homeless you can vote in person.

    2) At a minimum, stop all paid political advertising three months before the election, like they do in France. Instead, just like in France, all candidates get equal, free air time on television to make their case.

  12. Jonathan says

    If this is the way the Romney Campaign plans to swing this election they are not only going to be defeated but they will completely destroy the GOP in the process. There is no way that the Republican Party will have any credibility left once this is all brought to light. And with this being the most highly anticipated election in recent history, with cameras, media, lawyers, researchers, technology/polling experts, on-site, literally, everywhere, there is simply no way that they will not be caught. If true, the Romney Campaign and the Republican Party has made yet another huge mistake, reckless and politically fatal.

  13. MarkUs says

    Drudge is doing a nice job of chronicling Democrat mischief. From Obama posters in polling places to Obama caps on election workers to Black Panthers patrolling in Philly. Keep crying, guys. What doesn’t kill us (and so far they haven’t beaten anyone, yet) only makes us madder.

  14. Icebloo says

    Nothing will change. Nothing will be done about it. The FBI, the CIA, the Republicans and the KKK are all the SAME PEOPLE. They control everything.
    The same problems happened during the last two elections and NOTHING was done about it.

    America has not been a democracy for many decades. We sat back and let the right wingers take over and control everything. It’s our own fault.

    This is why we don’t have gay rights, we have the lowest pay of all the industrialized nations, we have the smallest amount of paid vacation days, we have almost no paid sick time, we have almost no paid maternity time, we have the most people (55 million and increasing) who have no access to health care etc etc.

    WE are to blame. We let this happen to us. We have let these right wing crazies ruin our country so they can get richer.

  15. ratbastard says

    There is fraud ON BOTH SIDES.

    *There should be independent observers running the polling stations, representatives of both main political parties. There of course should be NO politically oriented or partisan signage inside polling stations.

    *Why is politicking INSIDE some polling stations being tolerated when it’s against the law? Why are New Black Panther goons allowed to hang out at polling stations in order to intimidate people [which of course is what they’re there for]? Where are the local police to kick their a**es out?

    *Voters should [IMO] be required to show proper, legal I.D. to cast a vote. That they aren’t is enough to cause considerable fraud, and everybody knows it. Any adult who can’t manage to obtain a proper, legal ID IMHO should be the last people to be allowed to vote. It shows a high degree of irresponsibility.

  16. endo says

    It’s hilarious that Drudge and Fox News are pushing this New Black Panther story. If you find black men standing in front of a polling place to be “intimidating” that says more about you than it does those men.

  17. BETTY says

    (Posted this elsewhere)

    OMG the FOX News website today is literally 90% stories about alleged Democratic voter irregularities (none from the Repubs of course – they are angelic-nothing about this story), and that all the media bias is against Romney, etc. It was one thing when they leaned GOP, but now it is just so silly that they have their tongues so far up the Repub butt.

    They are obviously setting up the conspiracy theories that will start tomorrow if Romeny loses. That wil be the talking points Markus starts spewing, so wait for it.

    FOX News lead stories on their website as of right now:

    Judge Orders Philly Polling Site to Cover Obama Mural

    New Black Panthers Return to Scene of ’08 Polling Station Confrontation

    Super PACs Flood Campaigns With Millions, but Impact Undecided

    NC Poll Worker Allegedly Tells People to Vote Dem

    Poll Watcher Threatened with Gun, Voter Punched in Detroit

    Unions Under Fire for Voter Roll Allegations

    Democrats = bad Republicans = good

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