1. says

    These guys always grope for analogies, and always miss the mark. Punching someone in the nose hurts the other person. Committing adultery breaks a promise, and also hurts another person. This douchenozzle has not demonstrated how gay marriage hurts another person.

  2. StillMarriedinCA says

    And yet he doesn’t seem to be able to resist the urge to eat one more donut. Or to grow a ridiculous strip of facial hair in an attempt to give the impression that he actually has a chin. He wants to dictate which urges are good to act on and which aren’t…. and so far I don’t trust his judgement.

  3. shane says

    And who died and made you God, Rick Warren? Who said you’re the arbiter of ‘what’s good’ in which case? So then, you want to sleep with another woman besides your wife, what’s it my business? Live your life. You and your false equivalencies, Rick. They are crumbling, and we all know it.

  4. Francis says

    I don’t love Piers, but I give him credit. He’s done a decent job (some mistakes, but still) of exposing these homophobes for who they are and challenging them on their bigotry. The truth is, most people do not think being gay is a choice and of those who don’t think sexuality is a choice, most do not believe people should be discriminated against for who we naturally are. The only way this hateful crap is going to break down is by highlighting it and destroying it. That’s what this is all about.

  5. Wilberforce says

    CNN is still using us as a distraction from political and financial corruption. It’s standard for Morgan to let these bigots ramble on without challenge. Gay leadership needs to respond to this immediately, and on air. But they won’t.

  6. EchtKultig says

    Oh please big sky, daddy, please! Help me avoid the taste of this delicious arsenic! Send me to hell if I misbehave! I don’t think that jock is beautiful, I don’t think that jock is beautiful!

    -the 15 year old brain of Rick Warren

  7. jamal49 says

    Gee, Rick, my natural homosexual urges have me wanting to punch you in the face, up side your head, back side of your head, bash your teeth down your throat, just generally rearrange that porcine, bovine face of yours. Plus, I think such urges would be good for me.

  8. EchtKultig says

    If these damn queers are accepted, how is my grandson going to follow me into the ministry and also make tens of millions of dollars?

    -the 60 year old brain of Rick Warren

  9. shane says

    Piers Morgan is hardly much better; CNN has become a waste of a network indeed. You really need to ‘convince yourself’ that being gay is an inborn characteristic to feel better about gay people? Stop trying so hard. WILBERFORCE and BRIAN are correct.

  10. Seattle Mike says

    They just keep shifting the goalposts, don’t they? For the longest time, being gay was condemned as being unnatural. Now all of a sudden it doesn’t matter whether it’s natural or not. It just goes to prove that you’ll never be able to use logic to argue someone out of a position they didn’t reach through logic in the first place.

    BTW, the actual joke is “Hemlock is natural,” not arsenic, you moron.

  11. anon says

    Again, the debate is framed the wrong way. On what basis should Rick Warren’s POV prevail? Behaviors should be allowed by default unless there is a basis to ban them. Rick makes the case that on the basis of his interpretation of the Bible, perhaps shared by many others, but no doubt only a singular POV among many others, gay behavior should be verboten. This to me doesn’t seem remotely sufficient to create a public policy. You shouldn’t cede too much ground by accepting the initial premise that the Bible is the basis of public policy decisions. It should be established first by Warren and others why this should be so and only if they meet that hurdle should any interpretation of theirs might have any merit.

  12. Jay says

    Oddly…I see this as an amazing ADVANCEMENT! He is ADMITTING homosexuality is natural. They think their god is equivical to nature…and they think homosexuality is natural.

    Now that we have this admission, we have to move them to the understanding that…

    What is natural and good for the heterosexual and what is natural and bad for the heterosexual…

    Is not the same as what is natural and good for the homosexual and what is natural and bad for the homosexual.

    Granted, I don’t give a $hit about what they think…but I still think this is significant in that you can physically see the shift in their thinking.

  13. Fenrox says

    I like this one. It shows Rick for the dummy he is. It’s actually not that offensive, like a back-handed compliment, he thinks gays are natural! I wonder if he will get the Obama nod again, hopefully this crap will punt him out.

  14. says

    “Here’s what we know about life……”

    Anyone who commences a speech with that arrogance should not be given any credence. I certainly will never be told by a fat self-satisfied smug God-interpreter professional con artist what we know about life. I’d learn more from a barn yard Rhode Island Red.

    This buffoon is peddling the “Love the sinner, hate the sin” hypocricy we have heard from all these hate filled extremists, American Family Association etc. And I can see these fascists shaping up for a battle if ever a genetic component is found to sexual orientation…, then the war will really commence !

    Now if we could only find Rikers and his luggage-handler for a comment.

  15. says

    His words are more deadly than arsenic – God made each and everyone of us to strive for perfection in ourselves and I was made to be a Loving Gay man perfectly! I am called to be a Good pastor who happens to live and love openly as a gay man – Perfectly – and those who have chosen to teach intolerance and hatred in God’s name I have called to call out and tell them they are missing the mark..Perfectly Missing the mark.

    God bless!

  16. shane says

    JACKFKNWTWIST is right. We need to get our talking points (‘agenda’ if you will) ahead of theirs. No more discussing whether we’re ‘born that way’ or ‘chose a lifestyle’. No more getting our own underwear in a twist over such trifles. What does it matter if homosexuality is genetic or learned? For a cure? For reparative therapy? We as gays need to stop obsessing over that language. The tent will widen, to allow heterosexual allies and (gasp!) bisexual people and even the soon-to-emerge generation of hetero-flexibles and homo-flexibles, to broaden our base of support and rights’ advancement.

  17. thom says

    ….aahhh. Rev Rick?…I certainly hope that one of “bad things or temptations” is acted upon by you……it is the one that starts with Ars…uncharitable of me? Sure. You know, it’s funny how these “speakers for god” are seriously overweight. I think even a first timer at Weightwatchers can get their head around why one overeats..They keep cramming that food into their gluttonous mouths and telling us that we are ruining society and breaking natural laws. Betcha Jesus weighed in at a trim 155 lbs. Get over Rick. You are a fossil. Shoo!

  18. Yeek says

    He can have whatever attitude towards homosexuality he wants to have. I happen to think HIS life sounds horrendous – but he’s welcome to it and a basic civil acknowledgment of the relationship that’s important him. He just can’t bring himself to return the favor.

  19. Stefan says

    Whether it’s natural or unnatural, good for you or not good for you, etc. does not matter. When the U.S. and its states discriminate against a group of people for their identity (LGBT) or their activities related to that identity (“gay” sex or “gay” marriage) then it’s only okay under our constitution if it’s done to prevent a harm to the health or welfare of society. And there is no evidence of any harm from being gay or having gay sex or gay marriage, no more than we can say being straight or having straight sex or straight marriage is harmful. It’s illogical and silly and un-American.

    And, as much as I appreciate putting guys like Warren on display for all the world to see the stupidity, ultimately a greater harm is done by giving them the credibility of being on the news as a voice of reason about moral and sexual issue. They need to be marginalized.

  20. says

    One of the main and sinister aims of these oafs and their counterpart organizations, lay and religious, is to push forward a wall of moral and religious shrill hostility which will make it more difficult and shameful and excruciating for young people to come out of the closet.

    And the louder they are in shouting down our sexuality as being anything from “abnormal”, to “unnatural”, “abominable”,”sinful”,
    “against God”…….etc. the more they think they can at least keep the fragile, insecure,isolated young gays under their closet-control.

    I believe that their preaching and teaching is all about their fear of being unable to stop the tide of young people who now see the vivid hypocricy of the priest child molesters, the rigid anti-women Catholic Church, the vicious discriminatory practices of organizations from the Salvation Army to the Boy Scouts to the Military ( up to last year)…….

    They still have their iceberg 90% of bigots available to them under the water, exercising discrimination everywhere,but if we keep pushing and attacking these clowns we will utterly expose them to the judgment of history……just as Margaret Thatcher with her anti-gay Clause 28 against gay teachers has been exposed….

    And we need, for the sake of those young ones fearful of what lies outside the closet, to be loud in our portrayal of our regular professional social lives. It’s almost a kind of reassurance for them.

    But Piers Morgan was a fellow traveller of Thatcher’s; how the USA ever allowed that piece of hypocritical dung ever to feign impartiality is beyond me.

  21. Francis says

    What needs to happen is, if CNN is going to continue to allow the Rick Warren’s and Tony Perkins’ of the world on their shows, there needs to be a pro-gay individual to counter the lies. One problem is, as Shane put, we have allowed the bigots take control of the debate by arguing on the basis of choice vs inborn, which ultimately is irrelevant. Being gay is OK either way.

    But the biggest problem is that religious bigotry keeps being given a free pass on the basis of “God”. God believes this, God believes that, God says this, God thinks this and that is wrong. The media continues to allow these bigots get away with it. People continue being fooled by it. What needs to be made clear is that Rick Warren’s beliefs are his, and his only, he’s not a spokesperson for any “God”, he’s not a martyr, and that religion isn’t an excuse to be anti-gay.

  22. Francis says

    Jack, you’re totally on the money. It’s all about control. This is the end game for them. They know if they lose on this, that their influence is flushed down the toilet. Notice how these bigots are now focusing 100% of their hate on our community and how the attacks against us are ratcheting up even more than previous, before the marriage wins. Everything else is on the backburner.

    People like Rick Warren feed off of control and power, telling people what to believe and do and they following in lockstep. Young people are the most at-risk because they are the ones who Rick Warren types see as the new-age them. The ones to follow in their footsteps.

    But………all of this can be easy stilted. Bigots like Warren can easily be defeated. Don’t let them control the debate, and don’t let them use God to justify their beliefs. Make them back up their hate with FACTS. That’s a five-letter word they hate.

  23. Dan Cobb says

    Pastor Warren’s revelations confirm that believers like him must necessarily support a theocracy governed by his religion’s beliefs.
    If it is important for you to seek to control others by the laws of YOUR religion, then you must necessarily seek theocracy.

  24. andrew says

    Warren seems to believe that a persons sexual orientation is just like fleeting urges. It is in fact the most permanent and most important aspect of every human being. His brain is unfortunately trapped in that primitive collection of writings called the bible so he cannot be expected to think clearly.

  25. Bart says

    Just like the beatings nuns used to give, priests pedophilia,religious groups brainwashing followers…not everything religious is good for you either.

    Rick Warren, I’ll leave you to God and far away from my life. What this man has to say means nothing. He doesn’t speak for any God except the God of money.

  26. says

    there we have it – love is bad, if you’re gay.

    so, gay folks, stay alone and miserable and repress yourself. because lord knows there are not sociological studies worth their weight in gold that can point out how detrimentally unhealthy THAT can be.

    incidentally….has anyone else noticed that ‘the gay lifestyle” is pretty much what every young single straight twenty-to-late-thirtysomething is doing? work, buy stuff, get a nice apartment, date, hook up, keep a little black book, don’t get married, don’t have kids, travel. have fun.

    yes, ladies and gentlemen. i was taught about The Gay Lifestyle, from SAM MALONE ON CHEERS.

  27. Don says

    Why do they always ask the wrong questions? How about this….Do you believe in the freedom of religion? How would you like it if the government took away all the benefits you are extended for being married? If you believe in the freedom of religion then how can you deny a person the full expression of their religious right to marry when their church fully supports marriage equality? How can you deny federal benefits based on your religious beliefs when our Constitution specifically forbids the government from supporting one religious doctrine over another?

    Stop allowing these people to use analogies that really do not pertain. Jesus commanded us to do unto others as we would have others do unto us. We don’t punch our neighbor because it would cause harm. We don’t cheat on our spouses because it causes harm. We don’t eat arsenic because it causes harm. All three examples are direct actions against Jesus’ commandment. Marriage equality does none of the above. If anything it supports the whole idea of the sanctity of marriage and the worthiness of forming committed life-bonded relationships.

  28. Matt says

    I’ll take that analogy, because it’s basically an admission that we really ARE natural, and not “unnatural” as other loonies scream, though I’m sure the other loonies will have his head for it. It also follows this narcissistic mindset that if I can’t use it, it’s useless. Selfish, greedy prick. So egotistical. There is so much we can’t use, but that doesn’t make it useless, and it sure as hell doesn’t mean it’s going away.

    In either case, I truly wish I were like arsenic; especially towards jerks like Warren.

  29. Diogenes Arktos says

    Why do news outlets talk to him anyway? Yes, there’s that over-hyped bestseller of his:( But really, he tried to host a debate between Obama and Romney and neither group wanted any part of it.

  30. says

    I have a really, REALLY STRONG natural urge to run Rick Warren over with an M1A1 Abrams… must… resist… can’t… hold…it…much…long…. NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! GIMMETHETANKGIMMETHETANK! GODDAMMITGIMMETHEFUCKINTANK!!!!!

  31. Anonymous says

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