1. Rick says

    Towleroad: this article does not answer ‘Where?’ or ‘When?’ Seems like those would be relevant.

  2. greg says

    I’ve seen this before. He impresses me actually. Still voting for Obama and scared in many ways if Romney gets elected, but I found this video reassuring that Mitt can separate his religious beliefs from how he should govern.

  3. Wayne says

    I know you are not a news organization and this is more of a personal blog. Have you ever run anything critical of Obama or Biden during this election?

  4. joe says

    I think this is more helpful to Romney than it hurts. The Missouri gibberish notwithstanding, this makes him look like a human being, not the robot he normally is in public.

  5. says

    For phuck’s sake !
    This BS makes “Darby O’Gill and The Little People” seem plausible.

    Splitting mountains, Missouri “reigning” with Jerusalem…ha ha ha.

    @ JOE :Yeah, it makes him look like a human being alright; a dangerous deluded religion obsessed one.

  6. says

    This is just as plausible as a guy living in a whale’s stomach for three days, a talking snake, a zombie Messiah, and all of the other garbage people routinely kill each other over.

  7. says

    found it: Aug 2, 2007.

    Weird, though, because this interviewer Mikelson is rabidly anti-gay and is now pushing the get-rid-of-Iowa-judges campaign. So he’s not exactly hostile.

  8. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Lordy, here come the desperate trolls”.

    No kidding. It’s like they called each other up and said, “Meet me at Towleroad, stat!”.

    Tetchiness does not make Romney look good, it doesn’t make him look presidential, and his desire to impose “Mitt Romney’s own personal anti-choice position” on society instead of the “official Mormon Church’s anti-choice position” does not make Romney “look good”.

  9. Will says

    He isn’t running as a mormon??? WTF.

    What is his position on abortion? He is not clear. If he believes life begins at conception, then it is his responsibility to honestly say it, but he has had 5 different points of view.

    Crazy , lying and unethical. If he can’t be honest he should be disqualified from running. Period.

  10. RHR IN TN says

    @ Greg, I don’t agree with this proving that Romney can separate his religious beliefs from how he should govern. If this proved that, then the 14th Ammendment would overshadow any of his personal beliefs on equality, and he would be running on the platform of equality for everyone in SPITE OF his beliefs. Romney is far from being the only politicialn guilty of this on any side of the aisle, but this clip doesn’t show how he can govern separately from his beliefs at all.

  11. says

    and yet, Mitt has yet to ever say on record that his church was wrong for all those years it actively preached racial intolerance and exclusivity.

  12. db says

    He always gets pissy when he’s questioned. He gets superior and argumentative like a high school debater.

  13. says

    that’s not fair, DB. high school debaters are much more clear, direct and non-evasive.

    Obama gets criticized for the most tenuous of religious connections and Mitt gets a free pass from those same folks, eh?

    i guess it just goes to show – if you’re White then your religious affiliations are acceptable, no questions asked.

  14. Mo Ho. says

    Mormonism is a false religion among false religions. If Romney will lie about his beliefs, what WON’T he lie about?

  15. Tim says

    It’s mostly scary in that he is so impassioned about a fairy tale. “No!! santa really IS real! My Mom said so!” is about the equivalent of this diatribe.

  16. antb says

    MO HO, lying about his beliefs is an accepted part of Mormon culture, it’s called “lying for the lord” and basically means you get a pass if you lie about Mormonism in order to confuse the gentiles (everybody else). It comes down to, the ends justify the means. He’ll say anything to get elected and he thinks that it’s not unethical to do so.

  17. PAUL B. says

    I forced myself to sit through this garbage and my only thought is…how can we still be having a conversation about this? Missouri???
    Magic rocks & underwear? Your own planet when you die…and all the wives on that planet?
    And…just for the record…I have three mormon business associates…they lie compulsively and think nothing of it. That’s my only personal experience with them and coupled with this interview I would say that I’m not interested in knowing any more.

  18. My Name says

    I think you’re confusing ‘anger’ with passion and frustration. Ignorance oozes from so many of the comments to this post. Do your research people! Stop with the stereotypes and flat out lies. Find the truth! Most of the lamestream media is not the place to find truth.

  19. Wilberforce1 says

    If it’s true that a Mormon rule is to lie for the lord, that explains so much.
    Romney is a superb liar. He spits them nonstop, contradicts himself in the same breath and without a bit of shame.
    You don’t get that ‘good’ at something without a lot of practice.

  20. The Polar Beast says

    This is the most backbone I have seen Romney exhibit in two years of campaigning!!!!

  21. EdA says

    So Mr. Etch-A-Sketch states explicitly that he is even more opposed to a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body than his church requires.

    It’s too bad that this interview, by someone who himself seems something of a jerk, was not done earlier so that it could have been widely circulated. And if any deluded person might still think that Mitt Romney would NOT attempt to get Roe v. Wade overturned, ….

  22. Diogenes Arktos says

    “As it turns out, someone did ask Romney about the [racist] policy, in 2008. On Meet The Press, the late Tim Russert pressed Gov. Romney on the church’s policy, and while Romney said he was not going to distance himself from his church, he said he was ‘anxious’ for the policy to change, and ‘wept’ when he heard about it. He also refused to say that his church was wrong to have excluded black men from the priesthood.” – Tommy Christopher

    @Reality: The most devout LDS wear theirs essentially 24/7. Some will go to great lengths to make sure that some portion of the garment is on their body. This includes taking a bath rather than showering. On the other hand, someone like QB Steve Young would take his off in the locker room before training/etc and put it back on only after he showered.

  23. gregory brown says

    Why NOT Missouri? The climate’s certainly better than Palestine, much better than Arabia.

  24. Chuck says

    Attacking the man for his religion is no better than what you claim to despise about the right. It’s cheap and beneath us. It’s no more ludicrous than the giant book of fairy tales that everyone worships and uses to denigrate gay people worldwide. Be careful of your arguments hypocrites

  25. chuck says

    So he’s just a robot doing whatever the Elders demand. And Jesus in Missouri? Have you seen Missouri? I suppose the Mount of Olives, Missouri edition, would be fitting in Branson, Jesus’s favorite Ozark playground.

  26. Andrew K says

    he did a good job of explaining his church’s position, which is preferable to the current Vatican position which is trying to enforce its own prohibition on everyone else that isn’t a catholic.

  27. andrew says

    I didn’t see an explosion or anger in the video. I saw a guy getting frustrated in trying to explain his silly religion. Your headlines are worthy of the New York Post or Fox Noise.

  28. Markt says

    @Wayne – It’s a gay news blog from a gay perspective. If you want to hear the other side go to NOM or Fox News or even CNN.
    @Chuck – It is appropriate to point out when a candidate is involved in cult or religious affiliation that is radical. Both terms have been applied to Mormonism. If a candidate cannot separate their religious affiliation from public policy then everyone who believes differently has a problem. Therefore it would be wise to point out the nature of Scientology if a candidate is a Scientologist; the same goes for a believer in Sharia Law; a Jehovah’s Witness; Christian Scientist (if you want to keep modern medicine) and Mormonism.