1. johnny says

    I’ve never understood why someone can’t climb the ladder, earn some fame, earn millions and then simply go retire and enjoy it. Why do they then keep trying to make themselves a “star” all over again like some attention-starved fame whore?

    I guess she’s gotta pay for all the new crap she wants somehow, eh?

  2. luke says

    I get they were going for something…but I swear this just needs some energy, the song to me just does not work as something that you sing in a laid back and smooth way.

    The video has a nice concept, I liked the escalator parts.

  3. says

    Absolute Trash. This is further proof of what’s wrong with (what’s become) club music. I rue for the days when I could enjoy a night at a club, and NOT have to hear pop music. Some of those skillfully remixed bootlegs do get a pass, though… but that’s rare.

    If I were to “hear this in a club”, I’d be walking out the door.

  4. MArk says

    I think she is insulting us in klingon, plus Dolly Parton call and wants her wig back, and why is that tranny burping infront of a fan with a fluorescent tube infront of her face ???

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