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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1269

ICE COLD: Boiling water instantly freezes in Siberia's -41C weather.

REALLY?: NOM is claiming victory in their war on marriage equality.

'IT'S A GIRL': This nativity-themed commercial for snack cakes apparently only aired three times.

SELLING VIOLENCE: As the nation debates whether or not video games make our society more violent, here's a commercial from 1964.

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News: Olivia Culpo, Sentient Kitchen, Jake Tapper, Log Cabin

1NewsIcon Dan Stevens and Jessica Chastain look dashing and gorgeous on Broadway.

Bachmann21NewsIcon Federal prosecutors are charging New Jersey man Ronnie McMillian with two counts of "transmitting threats to injure another through interstate commerce" after he allegedly made threatening calls to Rep. Michele Bachmann and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, whom he reportedly singled-out for their anti-gay politics: "Prosecutors allege McMillian regularly called the offices of public officials and used vulgar language to attack the person's position on gay rights."

1NewsIcon Outgoing Rep. Barney Frank doesn't just think Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a homophobe; the Democrat thinks Scalia is "an unreconstructed bigot."

1NewsIcon In light of Brazil's São Paulo State legalizing marriage equality, Rex Wockner has an updated list of where same-sex couples can tie the knot.

1NewsIcon Religious universities debate how to cope with same-sex marriage: "For religious colleges, that can mean making another decision about who can and who can’t wed in their chapels -- and, in states that do not permit same-sex marriage, whether those couples can hold another ceremony to honor their bond. Many colleges already restrict chapel weddings to students, graduates and employees. But as denominations shift their positions on homosexuality, colleges may find themselves navigating more controversial issues within the church."

Shemar_moore1NewsIcon One Direction and a shirtless Shemar Moore were at the same tattoo parlor in Los Angeles last night.

1NewsIcon Late Sen. Dan Inouye was celebrated as a "quintessential American" during a memorial service in DC today. "While this may be a quiet ceremony for a quiet man, it will endure long after the respects are paid," Republican House Speaker John Boehner said of the Democrat. "For when this rotunda returns to life and the tour guides give their pitch, they will always speak of Daniel Inouye, the gentleman from Hawaii and one of freedom's most gallant champions."

1NewsIcon Kitties love a sentient kitchen.

1NewsIcon ABC's ever-reliable White House correspondent Jake Tapper is leaving the network to join CNN as an anchor and also as a White House correspondent.

1NewsIcon Trans-friendly beauty queen Miss USA Olivia Culpo is now Miss Universe, still as a trans-friendly beauty queen.

1NewsIcon Have yourself a merry quaint holiday.

1NewsIcon New York City's Fire Department is being criticized for confiscating apartment building lobby's live Christmas trees. "It's like 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas,' and not just Christmas, but all holidays that are celebrated," said one dispirited citizen.

1NewsIcon Texas State Rep-elect Kyle Kacal on gun control: "I've heard of people being killed playing ping-pong—ping-pongs are more dangerous than guns. Flat-screen TVs are injuring more kids today than anything."

Victorian1NewsIcon Everything old is new again: "A quantum version of a Victorian counting machine could be just what quantum computers need to race ahead of the pack."

1NewsIcon The Voice introduces us to two up-and-comers, Shakira and Usher.

1NewsIcon Oy. From Christian Post: "Porn Use Linked to Gay Marriage Support..."

1NewsIcon Does Mat Staver from the anti-gay Liberty Counsel really think marriage equality is going to spark a civil war? "This would be the thing that revolutions are made of. This could split the country right in two. This could cause another civil war." Right.

1NewsIcon The Log Cabin Republicans are happy to hear Newt Gingrich is facing the reality of marriage equality. "Gingrich speaks for many Republicans who are concerned about our party's future," Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper said in a statement. "It is particularly important and welcome to hear that Gingrich now understands the difference between church ceremonies and a civil marriage license, and that equality is no threat to religious freedom."

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LGBT Groups And Neo-Cons Both Angry Over Potential Hagel Nomination


This doesn't happen very often: progressive LGBT groups and neo-conservatives actually agree on something, namely that former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel should not be President Obama's pick for Defense Secretary. Though they have decidedly different reasons.

For equality-minded activists, Hagel's objectionable for his anti-gay voting record and, more to the point, comments he made in 1998, when openly gay James Hormel was being considered as ambassador to Luxembourg.

"They are representing America," Hagel said of ambassadors. "They are representing our lifestyle, our values, our standards. And I think it is an inhibiting factor to be gay - openly aggressively gay like Mr. Hormel - to do an effective job." Hormel did eventually get the job.

HRC called Hagel's comments "unacceptable," according to BuzzFeed, while Victory Fund's Denis Dison quipped, "Today openly LGBT Americans serve throughout the three branches of the federal government, and at very high levels; those who are still openly, aggressively anti-gay in 2012 probably won't be able to function very well in Washington."

Meanwhile, over on the right, the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol is trying to portray Hagel as "anti-Israel." "Anti-Israel propagandists are thrilled," Kristol wrote. "Hagel certainly does have anti-Israel, pro-appeasement-of-Iran bona fides. While still a senator, Hagel said that 'a military strike against Iran, a military option, is not a viable, feasible, responsible option.'"

Writing on the right's attacks on Hagel, Robert Wright at the Atlantic notes, "[The magazine] is employing what you might call a two-tiered strategy: the low road and the lower road."

For its part, and its concerns about Hagel's past anti-gay comments, HRC says hope the former senator explains himself. "We look forward to hearing from Senator Hagel on these issues should he be nominated," said spokesperson Michael Cole-Schwartz.

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VCU Investigation Says Coach Not Fired For Being Gay

6a00d8341c730253ef017d3e47d2ef970c-800wiOfficials at Virginia Commonwealth University say that an "exhaustive" investigation found former women's volleyball coach James Finley's claims was not fired for being gay, as he believes; the claims were "unfounded," they said.

"The Office of Institutional Equity’s exhaustive investigation confirmed that the employment decision was made in accordance with VCU policies and not as the result of any discriminatory action by our athletic director," said University President Michael Rao in a statement. "I continue to have confidence in the process that produced the report and in Ed McLaughlin as VCU’s athletic director."

He went on to say that the school works "vigorously" to be as inclusive as possible. "I have a personal, passionate commitment to advancing diversity in all of its forms and expect the same of my senior leadership team.

Athletic Diretor McLaughlin made similar remarks, "Diversity and inclusiveness are core values for me, too, and VCU’s diverse environment was one of the reasons my family and I chose to come here."

Finley, whose women's volleyball team just had its best season, said in November he was particularly suspicious of the circumstances around his "non-renewal" because a lesbian athletic official was demoted soon after his firing, again for no apparent reason.

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Madonna Will Not Tolerate Smoking During Her Sound Check: VIDEO


Madonna, oh she who loathes hydrangeas, gave Chilean fans a piece of her mind yesterday when they were smoking during her sound check, something the singer simply will not stand for. She'll even call off the show!

On another note, Madonna's MDNA tour grossed $248 million in 2012, making it the most lucrative tour of the year.

Watch Madonna go after smokers, complete with not-for-work language, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Andrew Dice Clay Stands By 'Fag' Onstage: 'It's Funny'

AndrewDiceClayDavid Haglund sat down with Andrew Dice Clay to discuss the comedian's upcoming Showtime special, his first in 17 years, and the use of the term "fag" therein.

From their conversation published at Slate:

Slate: You start the new special with your sons opening up for you, so we see Andrew Dice Clay the family man right away. But then in one of your very first riffs once you’re on stage, you give one of the guys in the front rows a hard time by saying he’s going to "catch gay."

Clay: You’re going to "catch fag." I don’t say gay.

Slate: Because gay is too nice a word?

Clay: I get asked about that. And I say, “Why would I say gay? That’s politically correct.” But the other reason I say fag—number one, let’s just talk about the word fag. Fag is a funny word. To gays, it was insulting years ago, and I understand that because I have gay friends. But as a word onstage, for what I do as a comic, you don’t say, “You’re going to catch gay.” It’s not funny. “You’re going to catch fag” is funny.

Clay isn't homophobic, he says, he simply wants to highlight the contradiction between right-wing arguments against equality and reality. "The reason I did the bit, honestly, is that during the presidential race, when Romney was saying that when he’s president there will be no gay marriages, I’m thinking, 'Is this guy just a f*cking idiot?'" he said.

Clay went on, "The way it is today with this recession, people can’t afford to keep their homes anymore, everybody’s losing everything, and this guy is worried about who’s going to marry who? Whether you’re gay, straight, you can’t tell anybody who to love and who to marry. It’s unconstitutional and it’s morally wrong."

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