1. FilmTurtle says

    Agreed, had no idea Pelley was so jacked. He’s strutting around pumped and sweaty in a skintight shirt to keep up with Jackman, and you have to wonder if anyone will call him out for such silliness the way Barbara Walters used to get dinged for dancing, or similar goofiness, with her interview subjects.

  2. jawole says

    Don’t know why we fall over ourselves for guys “jacked” like that. It’s purely cosmetic and is tantamount to pushing Barbies on young girls. Many young gays are taught to worship big butch guys and anyone who speaks out against this is accused of being a ugly old queen. Most guys who look like Jackman use unhealthy means to get that big … that’s fact.

  3. ty says

    Jackman is fantastic! I can’t wait for Christmas day. BTW John Thomas- we are all bottoms. There are very few total tops out there, everyone gets an itch darling.

  4. tawny says

    @MATT@ Jackman is “family oriented” only in a family where mom is willing to orient herself to the fact she’s never getting laid by dad & lies about it for him for money.

    Towleroad should not push this closet case’s obvious agenda in doing disgustingly gratuitous interview.

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