1. anon says

    The WBC would never dare, I think, to attempt to preach outside of the US. Particularly, say, in Saudi Arabia. That’s about all you need to know about their faith and credibility. However, perhaps someone should ask them if it’s only “God Hates Fags” but also “I hate Fags”. Is this flip-side of their message?

  2. Craig says

    “Anon” – not sure why you picked Saudi Arabia. Of course they can’t go there. It is illegal to be gay in Saudi Arabia but it is also illegal to bring a Bible into the country, let alone preach on the street the way WBC does.

  3. Robert says

    I love Betty Bowers, I think it’s one of the best comedy teams out there. Devon Green is perfect, flawless in her acting.

    Anon: They tried to protest in the UK but they were barred from entering the country.

  4. Tina says

    Why do you think the Christian terrorist group Anonymous are trying to teach WBC how to be better covert Christians and hide how they really feel and act? After all Anonymous are good Christians except for that terrorist thing they got going on.

  5. jjose712 says

    Tina: Anonymous good crhistians? Wich are your sources? because i never heard them claim they are christians. If they are (i doubt it) they are very pro gay ones

  6. anon says

    Oh, I dunno, they aren’t exactly the warriors of the Lord they claim to be if they aren’t brave enough to take their act overseas, don’t you think? Why are they obsessed with only the USA? Probably because the first amendment protects their activities. Shouldn’t they be concerned with the whole of humanity? Just a thought.

    The flip side of this is Lyndon LaRouche. Remember him? He used to go around protest Queen Elizabeth II, claiming she was a drug dealer. But he’d do it here in the US, where no one cared.

  7. Acronym Jim says


    Watch the video again. The WBC is not the target of the criticism, they are the vehicle.