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British PM David Cameron: Gays Should not Be Excluded from 'Great Institution' of Marriage - VIDEO


"I am in favor of gay marriage because I'm a massive supporter of marriage and I don't want gay people to be excluded from a great institution," British Prime Minister David Cameron told Channel 4 News, adding that religious institutions would in no way be forced to perform same-sex marriages should that be against their beliefs.


The Evening Standard adds that Cameron's push begins next week:

Organisations that reject gay marriage, such as the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church, will have legal protection from being forced to host ceremonies against their wishes, the Prime Minister will pledge.

Tory MPs will have a free vote on a Bill next year, while Labour MPs will be whipped in favour.

It means all three party leaders now support a historic equality reform that would once have seemed incredible — that homosexual partners can have the same civil marriage rights as heterosexual couples and even get married in a religious setting. But some Conservatives said there would be “outrage” and warned that the Tories would haemorrhage members.


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  1. Now the lawmakers have made the concession for Churche's exemption, it is time to tell the Churches either to put up or shut up.

    Posted by: simon | Dec 7, 2012 1:54:25 PM

  2. Let the Tories hemorrhage members...Those lost members can establish their own Taliban-style Theocratic party.

    Posted by: trees | Dec 7, 2012 2:48:25 PM

  3. David Cameron has it right -- you can't be for the institution of marriage and what it stands for if you are against the right of two people of the same sex to be married and in favor the government prohibiting such marriages. It's actually a conservative argument, a liberal argument, and a libertarian argument.

    Posted by: MiddleoftheRoader | Dec 7, 2012 3:04:32 PM

  4. Gee, a strong, clear, unambiguous message from a politician. No nonsense about faith; no crap about "leaving it to the states." How miraculous! Oh, wait--he isn't American. Will we ever see a political leader that brave in this country? I'm not holding my breath.

    Posted by: jomicur | Dec 7, 2012 3:22:55 PM

  5. No politician in the US will tell the Church to shove it. They keep on kowtowing to the religious nuts. Even Obama sounded conciliatory when the Catholic Church opposed the contraceptive requirement in ObamaCare. It looks more like a Christian nation than a secular Republics. It took the French socialists to remind the Church that they have no business in state affairs.

    Posted by: simon | Dec 7, 2012 7:26:18 PM

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