1. DLRnATL says

    OMG, bwana…I was thinking the same thing…where is the next internet meme with cheap wigs and “Where in the World: Jan Brewer”?

  2. Rob says

    Oh how great and original, a gay man whining about Drag. Grow up and learn to have some fun for once in your life.

  3. Yupp says

    Niles, I think he’s supposed to be doing an impersonation of the actress Chloe Sevigny (?) Does the actress really talk like that, though? Don’t know if I’ve seen her.

  4. Kent Poteete says

    WAS IT A SLOW NEWS DAY? On the 13th Day of Christmas, her boyfriend walked around with a paper bag over his and prayed to God that he didn’t run into anyone he knew.

  5. MT says

    OMG! I new Chloe video!! Drew Droge is screamingly funny. I still can’t get over Chloe’s love of ‘goldenrod Havaianas!’ It has become the ultimate inside joke with everyone I know.

  6. Diogenes Arktos says

    I have long hated the original carol. After listening to Chloe, however, I have a new-found appreciation for it.