Couple’s Gay Nativity Scene Stirs Social Media Furor in Colombia


Andrés Vásquez and Felipe Cárdenas, a gay couple in Colombia, have reportedly stirred up a furor on social media after a photo of their nativity scene featuring two Josephs made its way on to the web, the NY Daily News reports:

Political analyst Vásquez and entrepreneur Felipe have been together for four years and were united by a civil union, the closest thing to marriage for homosexuals in Colombia, three months ago. The gay rights activists told the Diario Veloz website that they set up the scene, a picture of which was then posted on Facebook, in the hope that it would help in bringing about reform in the country's gay marriage laws.

A bill to legalize gay marriage is currently being looked at by the country's politicians and has passed the first of four debates. But it has been dubbed as “unconstitutional” by the nation's conservative lawmakers.

Vásquez told the website: 'We did it because we believe in Colombia. We have lived in different cities in the world and we prefer to return to our country.

 “We are beginning to build [a better country] through our new union,” he said.


  1. William says

    They did it because they thought it would help?!?!? Seriously? Why make it a religious issue, when it isn’t? Why poke the catholic fundies in Colombia or anywhere? I really can;t tell if these people are stupid, naive or arrogant.

  2. Betocreativo says

    This issue is one year old.And even then there was not a batting eyelid. Some news outlet here took it in their hands and reposted it adn “refried” it but with a twist, almost identical to the title of this post. In fact the couple who made this are abroad since october so the stir is about something that isn’t existent in the couple’s home at this very moment.

  3. ratbastard says

    HA! Only in Latin America…a cat-fight over a nativity scene!

    Now seriously, can anyone reading imagine this causing the same stir in the U.S.? If anything, ‘Progressives’ would pressure them to remove it for being religious.

  4. Diogenes Arktos says

    As someone who has grown bored with the typical overblown nativity scene, I’m glad for something to provoke Christian thinking about Christmas. (Of course, those who need to would protest against it for blasphemy.)

  5. niles says

    If they were serious about making social progress in this predominantly Catholic country, they would not stage a provocative scene meant to enrage sensibilities at a time of delicate negotiations. Obviously, they have their own agenda here.

  6. andrew says

    The whole birth narrative of Jesus is a myth found in two contradictory stories, one in Matthew and the other in Luke. They are just adding their twist to the myth.

  7. Icebloo says

    Very funny. Oh how easy it is to shock people – even in 2012. People are so stupid.

    Incidentally the mythical baby Jesus COULD have been born to two men or two women because, allegedly, it was an immaculate conception.

  8. andrew says

    @Icebloo: The Immaculate Conception has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. It is a teaching of the Catholic church that Mary was conceived without sin. She was unstained by the sin of Adam & Eve. You gotta keep these myths straight.

  9. FIERCE says

    The Three Gay Men were wise to let Joseph and Joseph take the heat for raising an orphan together.

  10. Robert says

    Interesting to note that 1) The ORIGINAL article (in spanish, btw) was published a year ago ( and that it seems that a news agency in Columbia was the culprit of this social media “outrage” (which, btw, no one can point to where the supposed “outrage” is coming from. Here is an article by Blabbeando about the “outrage” (I keep laughing to myself whenever I type that, btw). Read and educate yourself

  11. Sterling Ericsson says

    This news story is actually based around a lie. There is no controversy and there is no social media uproar. It’s all a lie that was started by, picked up by a few Colombian outlets, and then the American media picked it up and ran with it.

    But Andrés Vásquez and Felipe Cárdenas have stated that there is no controversy and never was a controversy. All you media outlets are just making it all up. Seriously, Towleroad, I expected better from you. Check your facts rather than just quoting other news outlets.

    Here’s a story debunking all of this: