Dan Savage And Terry Miller Are Now Married In Washington: PHOTO


The moment has arrived: a decade after tying the knot in Canada, a marriage legally meaningless here in the States, author and activist Dan Savage wed Terry Miller in Washington State. And Twitter user kateleroux was there to capture the moment.

So, what now? According to Savage’s Twitter, “It’s time to consumate this thing.” Right on.


  1. Bob says

    Since you (particularly Dan) are Nationally known figures, I hope your wedding photo is in every paper and every TV news show.
    And I am sure your son is very proud.

  2. Randal Oulton says

    >> a marriage legally meaningless here in the States

    The Canadian marriage meant something in the states that already recognized marriage equality; it was only meaningless in the states that didn’t. In fact, their Washington State re-marriage is still meaningless in those states that don’t, technically speaking.

  3. daftpunkydavid says

    @ shawnthesheep “Why does anyone care if it was legally meaningless if it meant something to them?”

    ?? seriously? they obviously care, and i’d hope you care too! lol that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing in that state and in many others, after all: to have something that means a lot to us also mean something legally.

  4. Ron says

    Congratulations Dan and Terry, you are true leaders of the LGBT fight for freedom and Civil Rights, keep up the good work, may you live long happy lives together.

  5. says

    @ MURDOCH :

    You raise an interesting subject;
    the recognition by any State of the Union, or by the Federal Government, of valid foreign marriages.

    Isn’t it about time the USA treated foreign
    legal decisions with respect ?

  6. Mary says

    Ron, I don’t know about Santorum, but I’ve always found Dan Savage adorable and occasionally fantasize about gettng a little “Savage love” from him myself. (just a fantasy – I’d never go after any married person – gay or straight.) But considering my history of past homophobia the only kind of “Savage love” Dan might want to give to me would probably be a litte too “savage”, if you know what I mean!

    At any rate, Congrats to Dan and Terry. If they’ve lasted 10 years and raised a child together they are a credit to the institution of marriage.

  7. Joseph Singer says

    I wish Dan and Terry every happiness in the world. However, is everyone going to decide that marriages performed elsewhere that it’s legal requires that they chase marriage wherever it’s “legal” and get married over and over? If they move to Oregon (where gay marriages don’t exist) will they feel they have to get married again if at a future time Oregon approves same sex marriage? If they were married in Canada their marriage is completely kosher in the great state of Washington. There was no need for another marriage. Some of this looks like publicity and pandering to the media. I hope that’s not Dan’s goal though with Dan now being a “celebrigay” I wonder sometimes.

  8. MODULAR says

    Oh look, they are all dressed up! For those whining with their faux outrage that “oh, the humanity” because Dan was wearing a hoodie to pick up his marriage license the other day…get a life!

    Congrats to them and here is to a long and happy life together!

  9. Rhea says

    I don’t get this. If they were legally married in Canada, why would any state in the US that recognises same-sex marriage NOT recognise their Canadian marriage?

  10. says

    Terry, I am so proud of you for getting Daniel out of that damned T-shirt! See? I told you you could do it! Frankly, now that I see it with my own two eyes, you should make him do it more often – Dan looks damned handsome in a suit – mrow! mrow! Now go home and consummate yourselves silly.

  11. ajam says

    Congratulations to Terry and Dan. I saw Dan Savage on the last segment of “Up” this morning. So articulate and spot-on about LGBT issues. Thanks, Dan, for speaking out so capably for all of us.

  12. G.I. Joe says

    Where is their son? It’s funy because I read both of Savage’s autobiographical books, and during his first Canadian wedding, their kid had gotten into his head (thanks to school I think) that two men couldn’t legally “marry” (but of course his parents should stay together “forever”).

    I’d like to know, 10 years later (he must be a teenager now) what he feels like. Much differently I’m sure.

  13. K in VA says

    They remarried in Washington state because they wanted to remarry in their home state. But they would have been regarded as married had they not chosen to remarry.

    Canadian marriages (or Dutch marriages, or Spanish marriages, or South African marriages, or marriages from the other countries where we can wed) are legal in the states where we can marry. Those foreign marriages are just as legal as marriages performed in those states (and just as ignored in hostile states).

    Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed to see the old jingoistic “USA! USA!” sentiment emerging in marriage-equality circles. A wedding in your home state might have some special meaning to you, but it has no higher legal status than a marriage by two Washingtonians in New York, or in Massachusetts, or in Ontario, or in British Columbia.

  14. Paul says

    The Windsor case, that SCOTUS just agreed to hear, rests on the validity of a Canadian marriage — which was recognized by New York at the time of her wife’s death. No different than if the marriage had been performed in Massachusetts.

    In California, if someone wants to go the extra mile, all they need to do is take their Canadian marriage documents to the local County Clerk, fill out some paperwork, and their marriage is then registered in the US.

    This remains the case, provided the marriage was performed prior to the day that Prop 8 passed. Once SCOTUS invalidates Prop 8, this date constraint will vanish.

  15. Gary A says

    Why are so many people poo-pooing Dan Savage’s marriage by saying they were already married in Canada, so why get re-married???? What’s wrong with you people?? Are you a paid group of trolls who follow Savage around everywhere online just to criticize everything he does? It’s a beautiful thing that he was FINALLY able to get married in his home state. Why wouldn’t he want to celebrate by marrying his partner there. Good for him! Very happy for him and his partner! If you’re naysaying this, you’re a troll or a sad, bitter queen.

  16. anon says

    The legal issue is whether a Canadian marriage in the past applies to the new law in Wash. state. There are possibly clauses in the state marriage laws that deal with this, though probably no one thought of a precedent like this, so maybe not. A gay Canadian marriage would not be in force in a state that does not recognize gay marriage, just like polygamous marriages would not be recognized, but that’s not like they suddenly get divorced. It’s meaningless for Savage and hubby now, as they are legally married in their own state, which supersedes their Canadian marriage rights and which is more contemporaneous. Should they move to Oregon, they would not suddenly be “divorced”, but their marriage status would depend on legal precedent.

  17. Buster says

    What Gary A said.

    PLUS – I can’t understand people who think there’s something wrong with getting married more than once.

    First of all, why not? Who does it hurt? It’s fun and makes a better hobby than trolling around and making bitter comments on a blog.

    Second, the law is complicated. Given the vagaries of equal marriage in the United States right now and the fact that the Supreme Court is going to be wading in to this topic in the next 6 or 7 months, I would tell people to get married/partnered everywhere you reasonably can. Until equal marriage is legal everywhere, it can’t hurt to pile up the evidence. Who knows in five years whether it’s your Canadian marriage or your Washington marriage or your Illinois civil union or your Tasmanian registered domestic partnership that’s going to be the one that is helpful when you need it? If you go someplace that lets you pay $25 and stand in front of a government official and say that you’re together, do it!

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