1. Caliban says

    Bingo. This is why Bill O’Reilly can get away with his “the gay agenda is behind the War On Christmas” bullsh*t, when there IS no “War On Christmas” and even is there were it has very little to do with gays, many of whom ARE Christian.

    O’Reilly and other pundits act as if there is a Christian hive-mind, only ONE opinion for any given topic, the Christian Right’s opinion.

    I’m not a believer, and while intellectually I know there are good Christians out there the constant lies and homophobia from the Christian Right make it hard to keep that in mind. I’ve become reflexively hostile toward religion because experience tells me that when someone brings it up some homophobic horses*it is almost sure to follow because those are the voices most often heard.

  2. Lars says

    As a progressive, confirmed, practicing Episcopalian, I think he’s on to something. Specifically: we need our own spokespersons on the order of Perkins and his ilk. The Media are lazy and like controversy, so we need to make ourselves easily available and show ourselves willing to present a united progressive voice that stands in sharp contrast to the FRC, FOTF, etc folks.

  3. Jack M says

    Sorry Anita, you’re wrong. IMO, the liberal Catholics in the state of Maryland just an excellent job of helping to get Marriage Equality passed in the state, and I’m sure a lot of non-Catholic Christians helped as well. They work quietly from the inside, and are patient and persistent. One day, liberal Christians will triumph all across this country.

  4. luke says

    Im a gay Christian. And I know many others. The truth is there are plenty of resources for people like us. You can go online and find a gay affirming church near you, I attend one. And there are also a lot of Christian organizations moving to progress lgbt rights…like believe out loud, would Jesus discriminate, gay Christian network. The doctrine of hate they speak is not the gospel. Jesus said himself the most important commandments is to love god, and love your neighbor as self. The left wings have forgotten “do not judge, for least you be judge. The the measure of which you judge will be measured to you.” personally I found so much liberation, love, and freedom in the body of Christ. :p have a good day everybody! (p.s, did you know Jesus said some are born gay? And he affirmed and healed a gay Romans soldier male lover? Do the reaserch your self!)

  5. jlavoy says

    As a gay, left, Christian pastor let me suggest that “Christian Left” is similar to the “Left” in that neither is particularly well organized as the hegemony of the “Right”. Yes, we should be better organized, but it’s somewhat anti-lefty values to insist in a singular “right way” as it is, somehow, for the conservatives.

    Likewise, for many left Christians, compromise and finding common ground are important values in the political process, where, as we see on the right, obstruction is the value.

    Meanwhile, I’m of the firm belief – and I reiterate it wherever I can – that alienating and hurting LGBT people is never, ever acceptable, and is in fact, a tremendous sin.

  6. Frank says

    I’m a gay Christian. Joe Biden and Barack Obama are Christian Left. When the right brings Christianity into politics we respond with separation of Church and State. Now Dan is asking the left to unite church and state. The majority of gay people do not associate Christianity with homophobia. Only the political commentators trying to create an issue attempt to stereotype and entire group with one singular characteristic.

  7. ger says

    Most on the Christian Left take the separation of church and state pretty seriously so it’s not possible to organize in the same way as the Christian Right. I’d like the left to keep this value, please.

  8. Caliban says

    “The majority of gay people do not associate Christianity with homophobia.”

    Are you sure about that? I’d love to see poll results on it because the VAST majority of both social and political anti-gay bias is based in religion.

  9. says

    i want them to get louder, too.

    ditto with the “republicans who aren’t anti-gay”

    your opinions mean nothing in a vacuum.

    the voice of hate will always be loud and in your face.

    the voices of love and equality cannot afford to be whispers.

  10. Icebloo says

    People who are LEFT wing have been proven in many independent studies to be more educated. They ALWAYS know more about politics and issues than people who vote for the right wing.

    Educated people do not follow brainwashing religions so more educated people are non religious. Only weak, brain washed sheep follow organized religion (their weakness also makes them prime targets for the Republicans control). So that’s why there are far fewer left wingers who identify as “Christian”.

  11. John says

    Dan Savage, you’re the one who perpetuates the notion that Christians are homophobic. You and the rest of the media. By ignoring the numerous activities of pro-LGBT Christian groups, you deny them the very voice that you demand they use. Issuing a press release or having a spokesperson means nothing if you and your media cohorts ignore press releases and don’t talk to spokespersons.

    The media thrives on contentious issues. The media makes money on false issues. Just look at Fox News’ “War on Christmas.” They run it every year because it brings in money. Likewise it’s better for pundits to pretend that gay and Christian are mutually exclusive so they can paint the issue as gay versus Christian. Nuance doesn’t sell. Generalizations do.

    So don’t try to shame the Christian Left for making Christians seem homophobic. They are too busy doing the actual groundwork. It’s your job as a journalist to write about it. They are the voice, but you, Mr. Savage, are the megaphone. So get off your high horse and do your part.

  12. anon says

    Left wing or progressive Christian churches are a hairs-breath removed from atheism as it is. Any more doubts would probably push them over the edge. I’m not surprised this makes them very reluctant culture warriors.

  13. Diogenes Arktos says

    I am a proud NALT. I am a proud Episcopalian. There is enough nonsense on this page that I don’t know where to start…

    I totally agree with Savage that liberal Christians need to make our voices better heard. Yes, we are *very* serious about the separation of church and state. Unlike the Religious Right, we believe in justifying our religious viewpoints in secular logic, not religious, because that is what is necessary in the public arena. Since we usually do not *also* use religious language in its appropriate context, we sacrifice trying to reach more conservative Christians.

    OTOH, Mr Savage, we have made clear to the Religious Right what our views are. As your cartoon indicates, however, they categorically refuse to believe we are Christians. For example, The Episcopal Church has explicitly been condemned as a Church of Satan. Therefore, anything TEC says about anything is summarily rejected:(

  14. FunMe says

    Perhaps the Christian Left hasn’t been out there vocal and being all political because they are busy feeding the poor, helping the downtrodden, housing the elderly, etc. You know the things a true Christian who follows Christ do.

  15. Steve Chapman says

    John, you are correct in the fact that there are some tremendously positive LGBT Christian organizations out there. They do not have the presence that the right has though. There is a need for the other part of the story to be told.

    Those of us who are Christian, gay and on the left side of the political spectrum need to be PROUD enough to say that. Many of our LGBT brothers and sisters have been damaged by religious organizations that claim the banner of Christ.

    Our job as fellow travelers is to present a clear message with the megaphone that being Christian and left is very much in keeping with the teachings of the One we are called to follow.

    That to me is Dan’s message and it should be proclaimed from every left-leaning Christian. There is acceptance, grace and love found in the body.

  16. Caliban says

    @Steve Chapman, actually what would be better is for STRAIGHT Christian “left” voices to make themselves heard. Frankly when gay Christians speak up a lot of the response they’re going to get is, “We’ll of course YOU think that, you’re gay!”

    I assume that the LGBT accepting denominations and congregations have reasons for being that way. Either they’ve looked deeper into the context of those passages used so often by the Christian Right, or issues of translation, so they have a theological basis for that. Or maybe they’ve put them in perspective since so much of what is written in the Bible regarding slavery, the role of women, adultery, etc. has been discarded in the past. But they need to be as vocal about their reasoning for disregarding them as the Christian Right has been in using them for condemnation.

    It shouldn’t be just (for instance) Gene Robinson speaking out, but also others who SUPPORT him explaining why they do.

    Someone else had a good point too, that the Christian “left” does speak out but, because our media thrives on conflict, it isn’t trumpeted the same way more strident voices are.

  17. jdb says

    Mr Savage, did you at all pay attention to what happened in Minnesota? We won BECAUSE progressive Christians found our collective voice and spoke out. Two progressive Christian housewives blanketed their suburban neighborhood in rainbow flags and kept running out of them. Thousands of progressive Catholics volunteered to defeat the anti-gay amendment. Hundreds of clergy showed up (multiple times!) To press conferences and trainings, some of which I myself helped organize while I worked for MN United. My boss, a Lutheran pastor, was quoted almost every week by major in-state media outlets. The campaign had over a half dozen full-time staff positions dedicated to organizing people of faith, and we had more interest and support from progressive Christian congregations and groups than we could ever have expected.

    The reclaiming of Christianity as welcoming of all is occurring here in Minnesota. So why haven’t you noticed when CNN has?

  18. Reed says

    Hey. DANNY-BOY! John Shore, Kathy Verbiest Baldock, Roger Wolsey, and THOUSANDS of others over at “The Christian Left” HAVE BEEN SPEAKING UP AND CONFRONTING THESE BIGOTS FOR YEARS BEFORE YOUR “DINNER WITH BROWN” STUNT. And I, for one, am SICK of getting it from both sides (“the anti-gays” and the “anti-theists”) without you tossing your little wrench into the works.

    If you want to make sure that “It Gets Better,” STOP SHOOTING YOUR ALLIES.

    Congratulations on your WA state marriage (to add to your Canadian one). Now pull your head out of your “only rebel” cocoon and ENGAGE

  19. Daniel English says

    The Christian Left is loud. Yet, the Christian Left also gets beaten down by everyone else in the left and by those who are right wing. Don’t expect people to be running out to defend you when you essentially try to walk all over their faith either. I am gay and Christian. I have seen Christians attacked repeatedly no matter if they were gay or straight who do defend LGBT rights. Sadly by those very compatriots in the fight for equal rights. All because they apply the term “Christian” to their walk of faith.

  20. Truth Hurts says

    I say that anyone who goes against what the bible clearly teaches is not a Christian at all. For example homosexual activity. As a Christian it is wrong however we as Christians love the individual. That doesn’t mean we condone the WRONGFUL BEHAVIOR!!!

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