Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Blasts Pope’s Anti-Gay Politics

PopebenfingerFrans Timmermans is not amused by Pope Benedict’s repeated attacks on gay people.

Speaking with RTL News, the Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister wondered how the Pope and his pals at the Vatican claim to respect everyone’s uniqueness while simultaneously trying to squash sexual diversity.

“If every person is unique… then why should that unique person not have the right to
stand up for their own sexual orientation?” said Timmermans. “Why can Romeo marry Julia but not Julius? Marriage between two people of the same sex is having respect for the
uniqueness of the individual.”

Of course, in the Vatican’s eyes, sex is not so much about the individuals (married male and females, naturally) involved as it is about the individual is could – and they say should – create.


  1. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Keep in mind that the population in the southern part of the Netherlands is of Catholic background (whether or not they go to church). It’s time to call the Pope and cardinals liars when they say that criticism of their bigotry is “anti-Catholic.” Pope Ratzinger has crossed the line repeatedly, not just a moral line, but a line of plain old good manners and decorum in public discourse. It’s time for people of conscience everywhere to call him on it.

  2. NaomiClareNL says

    Catholics could be found in quantity elsewhere in the Netherlands too. Most, like their protestant christian counterparts, have voted with their feet and are firmly outside the church.

  3. Lifesart says

    How can the church, which ‘practices’ abstinence, and thus would ensure the dying out of the human race, then turn around and say that marriage must be about procreation? (Gee, nothing else about religion is contradictory or self-aggrandizing.) Religion = Endless pyramid scheme

  4. jjose712 says

    Well, in spain most people are catholic, and most people really doesn’t care what he said.
    I remember 7 years ago he visited Spain after gay marriage was aproved, and the reporter want to know the opinion of people who attended the event, he chose three old ladies, and to his surprises all were totally supportive of gay marriage.

    A lot of people here say they are catholic, apostolic but not roman

  5. Tracy says

    Thank God somebody is standing up to the this insane religious dictator, the Pope. Anybody who keeps hiding pedophile Catholic priest while children suffer from being raped and abused are criminals and should be arrested and put in prison for crimes not only against children but humanity.

  6. bambinoitaliano says

    The pope just like the repugnant parties of the US and fox news…there are in the business to hate for profit. As long as someone is paying their bills to continue the hate, they will always be hating. Who says negativity doesnt pay?

  7. simon says

    Netherlands had same sex marriage long time ago. Mr. Ratzinger’s concern may be the other countries.
    Britain and France will have it in 2013. Soon the tide will sweep to Italy, right at his doorstep. He is just fighting a losing battle of his choice. Then he will have to find something else to rave about.

  8. Bill says

    @George D: I heard the same thing about the pope, from two independent sources, curiously both in the same week. Both knew someone who either knew something or knew someone who knew something, if the claims are true.

    Posted the details as a comment on a different article, so there is no point in repeating it.

    BTW, the first syllable of his name, “Rat”, means “advice”, although Ratz means “rat”. He probably pronounces the ‘a’ as a long ‘a’ so it won’t sound like “rat” to Germans (the ‘a’ in Ratz is a short ‘a’). Too bad the advice he gives is so wrong.

  9. Gio says

    The only productive thing LGBT can do is challenge religion and those who believe the myths told in them. THEY ARE CRAZY, OUTLANDISH STORIES…THAT CONTRADICT ONE ANOTHER…I proudly and very freely challenge religious minded individuals. You want to believe what you believe, and most of you want it to be the law of the land…you better start mustering up some factual evidence of your religion. “I believe” or “I have faith” isn’t enough for me and the rapidly growing non believer crowd.

  10. says

    For far too long religion has been sacred. We didn’t question it or dare speak ill…..

    Those days are over. I think what we need is more people questioning religious ideology and the great harms it’s done in various societies. And it has. That doesn’t get spoken of nearly enough.

  11. 2 Dads says

    Why does religion hold so much power in law, rules, and culture is the bigger question.

    100 years ago? sure.

    Today? it’s a question worth asking. Why IS religion so influential on laws?

    Why can’t a book like “The Little Mermaid” be just as influential on regulating and creating laws? It’s got many moral points made in it. Is a story. And has about as much proven evidence of existing as the stories in The Bible. So why does a religion get to dictate lives? That’s a dialogue we need to be having.

  12. Homer says

    “..how the Pope and his pals at the Vatican claim to respect everyone’s uniqueness while simultaneously trying to squash sexual diversity.”

    How? It’s easy – by being hypocrites.

  13. Diogenes Arktos says

    As a follow on to GoodCarver… RC believes the Pope is “Christ’s vicar on earth”. (I grant you most RC I know disavow that belief.) The Mormons have a similar belief in their head person. (I only know ex-Mormons.) They are sufficiently different that both cannot claim ultimate truth for themselves. I think a secondary aspect is one of mandatory retirement age. It’s been raised about Scalia.

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