1. Butch says

    “Shame?” Then what’s with the big smile? I think the vote turned out exactly like Cantor wanted because it gives him leverage to oust Boehner and become speaker himself.

  2. jamal49 says

    America, meet your next Speaker of The House.

    Then, kiss this country goodbye.

    Cantor will drive the final stake in the heart of American democracy.

  3. strange bedfellows says

    Boehner’s only hope now is to get some of his Repubs plus the Democrats in his House to vote for something that backs us away from the cliff.

    The Tea Party has effectively become a third party hidden within the Republican Party. If the moderate Repubs are smart enough they should align themselves with the Dems to marginalize the Tea Party. Only the voters can arrange a long term solution to this mess, too bad it takes so long.

  4. Jersey says

    I don’t understand republican infighting at all. I guess its like whatever goes on in pond scum fights for dominance.

    Oh and the “H***” thing is pretty disgusting pal. Who are you- the pope?

  5. Moz's says


    Cantor will never be speaker because he is Jewish and one need only look at Texas repubs to see how the crazies view Republican Jews

    They screamed and hollered that a non xtian was going to be state house repub speaker.

    The deep south repubs will never ever accept a Jew in this lifetime as fed house repub speaker