1. Craig says

    Always an idiot willing to make a tragedy worse for his own self aggrandizement. What a worthless excuse for a human being.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Absolutely, Craig. Hypocrite religious loons like him really never give a damn about anybody’s life but their own–not even the lives of the female and male prostitutes they covort with.

  3. Jon Mitchell says

    The President’s comments were heartfelt and are meant to lead our nation in our grief for this tragedy. If he said nothing, then people would complain that he was silent in the face of evil. The only idiot here is you Craig. Your comments show you for what you call other out to be. I’d be ashamed.

  4. HadenoughBS says

    Fischer, like the majority of the extreme rightwing nuts trolling the airwaves and blogosphere, are absolutely despicable people who’ll say anything – ANYTHING – to support their disgusting “Christan” beliefs and even make a buck or two to line their pockets. I’m sure this man makes millions of us sick to our stomachs with his inhumanity.

  5. J. Scott Coatsworth says

    This man (Fischer) is sickening and disgusting to make this horrible tragedy about his own personal beliefs. Just sickening.

  6. nick says

    Bryan-how much self-loathing do you possess.
    What a completely sick and deranged individual you are-
    What about your statement is helpful at this moment? Your views and opinions are irrelevant and divisive at best and offer further testament to your vile mind.

  7. Jon Mitchell says

    I apologize Craig. I was too moved after hearing the president speak to realize you were talking about this AFA person. I never listen to him – my heartfelt apologies to you.

  8. Rich says

    Andy, can you please stop posting anything at all about this Fisher guy? He’s always been a worthless scumbag, but this one is just too much. We as a community should no longer give him the respect of posting any more of his nonsense, even if just to keep track of him. He’s not worth our time.

  9. Jack M says

    This guy should shut his ignorant mouth. He shouldn’t dare to open it and profess to be a Christian. He doesn’t deserve to make that claim.

  10. Jack says

    I wonder if his Gentleman God is going to visit him in HELL. What a fucktard, as usual. The more he speaks, the better for our cause as far as I’m concerned.

  11. Steve Chapman says

    IF my God was not able to be in the middle of that tragedy today, Mr. Fischer I am pretty sure that I would stop believing in him. He seems like a very small being. The God I believe in provided rescue to the kids, teachers and others who escaped. The God I believe in is MOURNING the deaths. He does not need some asswipe to speak for him.

    I don’t know why God didn’t still the hand of the shooter or any of the other shooters that have happened but I do not believe that GOD is offended because we do not say a scripted prayer to him in the morning before school.

  12. danswon says

    Everything this man says is evil, but this is particularly disgusting. I’m glad he exists, as a kind of benchmark of just how vile and nasty a person can truly be.

  13. Mike says

    Apparently his god has a carry permit and enacts its wrath upon innocent children.

    And while lunatics like this can shoot off their mouths, the sane among us are told that now is not the time to talk about guns.

  14. says

    Ooo! Ooo! Me! Rene, ME! I wanna!!! Bryan Fischer is why real “gun control” is a tight, five-shot group – preferably right above those butt-ugly glasses.

  15. Rapscallion says

    Can’t we sue this as***le? I mean, he says things like this and things like what he said YESTERDAY, i.e…”epigenetics proves being gay is a birth defect”… There is an anti-defamation league right? Let’s just sue him back to the knuckle-dragging stone age! That’s where he really wants to be anyway…so maybe he’d be a happier person!!!

  16. Bill says

    Just out of curiosity, if someone shoots people at AFA headquarters, do we get to tell them that the shooting occurred because they had turned away from God? It’s the same argument that this Bryan idiot is making!

  17. Jay says

    Oh thank god! For the longest time, I thought Westboro was alone in saying and suggesting the mosts heinous things in the name of their magic sky baby and his daddy. Fisher was always off his nut but its just nice to see that he’s not only stone-cold idiotic but has finally decided its the appropriate time to tell the world that his invisible gentleman protector is protecting him from all evil while said gentleman is holding 5 year olds accountable for percieved sins of the parents.

    If only he was just slightly willing to be gay, he and Fred Phelps can hold hands at the next funeral.

  18. Rich F. says

    If there *were* a god, it would have a hall of a lot to answer for. Also, if there *were* a god, Fischer would be dead and not those school children.

  19. vanndean says

    Mr. Fisher, if your God is not able to protect innocent children without being issued an invitation, he is not much of a just god, an omnipresent protector, or a god worthy of being worshiped.
    If you are willing to add to the suffering of the parents and friends of these dead children and their traumatized friends by ignorant, rude, pseudo-christian rhetoric then you are……there are not enough nasty words in the English language to describe your despicable self.

  20. Karen Wolf says

    WTF! Who in their right minds listens, hears, supports a psycho like this. God has to really look into these crazies and send them a message. Lightening strike, flood, vermin? Someone needs to get these guys into a padded cell and toss the key.

    Please God shut them up!

  21. says

    Oh Fisher, listen to your own hate filled bile.
    You should try to acquire a morsel of self knowledge……
    But self-knowledge would expose the corruption in your soul….are you ready to see that ?……all that self loathing, that bigotry, that self appointed arrogance.

  22. Ret says

    Here’s a listing of American Family Radio stations, which carry Bryan Fischer:

    They are overwhelmingly in small communities. But if you happen to live in or near one of those communities, consider a PEACEFUL protest outside the radio station office. Alert larger media. Explain why. I think there, by now, is an iron-clad case for finally getting this consistently and inexcusably super-vile man off of the air. He shouldn’t have the privilege of a radio show for the same reason no one is giving Fred Phelps a radio show.

    Also, peacefully boycott the hell out of anyone who dares to advertises at any time on stations that carry Fischer, even if it’s Bob’s Tire Shop in downtown Podunk.

    (I might guess, though, that the stations are actually funded mostly through donations to AFA rather than advertising. Same for Fischer’s salary.)

  23. Bernie says

    I cannot image the insensitivy and stupidity of this man at a time when 20 parents and families lost their child in a senseless shooting…..this continues to confirm that Mr. Fisher is NOT really interested in family values or families, but his own religiousity and idiotolgy..he is a pathetic representative of someone who preaches about god, the bible and religion

  24. BETTY says

    How does this windbag know about the religious background of the families of these children? On CNN they were talking to a pastor of the church where many of the children that were killed attended. So these families actually did “embrace” God…but what good did it do them today Bryan?

    This guy is an absolute disgrace.

  25. says

    J***s F***king C****t, now he’s saying these kids deserved to die because they didn’t worship God (or worship God in a way that is acceptable to him)?

    Would someone please put a bullet in the head of that troll already?

  26. Brian says

    I think this may be his Westboro Baptist moment. Nobody really cared about all the god hates fags garbage until they started picketing soldier funerals. Then they became toxic. Likewise nobody cares about the garbage this guy spews against the gays. But he’s gone off the reservation and basically blamed the victims of a school tragedy for not praying enough. If this gets enough coverage, he may finally be gone from the airwaves.

  27. reason-based says

    Per Brian’s comment above, anybody have any ideas on how to assure this story gets much more coverage?

  28. Bill says

    The reason this young man killed these children was because he was either seeing a psychotherapist or taking psychotropic drugs. That has been one of the main reasons these gun men go and kill like this. Even the people who make the drugs say they can kill.

  29. Dearcomrade says

    I posted the link to the Right Wing Watch article on my Facebook page. If you have Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or whatever please pass on what this monster said.

  30. Mary says

    Someone ought to tell Bryan Fischer to STFU (pardon my “French”) and stop embarassing social consevativism. I was part of the original Christian Right in the 1980’s (as a New York City girl, mainly through reading the direct mail and literature and contributing financially – we didn’t have CR groups in NYC.) Back then people on the Right didn’t speak like this. We dealt with issues, not constant obsessing about why God allowed A,B, or C to happen. In the early 1980’s, people who spoke like this would have been shown the door by Christian Right groups. I have written here many times about gay rights groups needlessly alienating people they need to win over. Here is a classic example that such behavior is also found on the Right.

  31. says

    Prayer in public and, of all things, at sporting events is real protection from people who have the means and are bent on taking lives? The only thing he’s right about is we don’t need guns, but forcing teachers to indoctrinate kids to live in blissful ignorance is a step too far.

    When did the First Amendment become forcing a singular faith and mindset on everyone, just because the few think that it is adequate defense against a gun? I mean, it’s not like there isn’t a giant Constitution right behind him. Of all the craven BS. We can hope this is the last straw for his audience and for this utterly vile person.

  32. Caliban says

    And now Mike Huckabee has said something similar.

    “We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we have systematically removed God from our schools,” Huckabee said on Fox News, discussing the murder spree that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, CT that morning. “Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage?”

    I suppose it’s too much to hope for that FINALLY they’ve gone too far, said something so terrible and offensive that even their regular listeners can’t ignore it. The bodies of these children and teachers weren’t even cold before they started trying to exploit this for their political/religious agenda.

  33. snowfun says

    Homo/lesbian sexual behaviors are comparable to drug junkyism and if it’s proven it’s a birth defect-then aborting homos is a good idea :) They should make it a crime to do sex changes.

  34. KC says

    What is nearly as horrific as this event is this idiot, and now Huckabee chiming in with him, just hours after the tragedy. And neither one showing any apparent sadness or other emotion about innocent children (and caring adults) being killed in cold blood. Absolutely despicable, beyond words.

  35. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Bill: I heartily agree: there was a shooting at FRC headquarters. They blamed hate speech from gay organizations.

  36. Mitch says

    So God is a gentlemen and does not go where he is not wanted? With your disgusting comments, you’ve interjected yourself where you are not wanted. By your own definition, you are no gentleman.

    It’s shameful that you would use this tragedy to gain airtime to advance your own warped agenda.

  37. ray says

    What a moron. He doesn’t realized that little by little humans are getting smarter and its a matter of time before the get rid of religion. This is a pure example of a religious lunatic showing how much they care for his religion and how little he cares for this tragedy. Show some remorse or some kind a human feelings toward the people that lost their kids.

  38. Dramaticartchild says

    Let me check for understanding. To be clear, this being, God, the creator of the universe, of all that is , was, and will be, beyond time and space, remote yet somehow intimate, somehow can’t stand that a few of his creations call him/her/it by the wrong name, or sometimes forget he exists, or something, and for some reason we are to believe this pisses him off royally.
    So, because he is royally pissed off about not being prayed to enough, or not being told how wonderful and all powerful he is (even though, being God, he must surely know this), he decides to punish the things he created (whose sole purpose of existence is to tell him how wonderful and all powerful he is all the time) by murdering 18 of their youngest members so that the parents will see the error of their ways.

    Is that correct, Mr. Fischer?

    I see. So, what you’re basically saying is that you’re worshipping a gigantic , cosmic psychopath in the sky. I’m sorry, but isn’t this the plot of a Stephen King novel?

  39. Dramaticartchild says

    Let me check for understanding. To be clear, this being, God, the creator of the universe, of all that is , was, and will be, beyond time and space, remote yet somehow intimate, somehow can’t stand that a few of his creations call him/her/it by the wrong name, or sometimes forget he exists, or something, and for some reason we are to believe this pisses him off royally.
    So, because he is royally pissed off about not being prayed to enough, or not being told how wonderful and all powerful he is (even though, being God, he must surely know this), he decides to punish the things he created (whose sole purpose of existence is to tell him how wonderful and all powerful he is all the time) by murdering 18 of their youngest members so that the parents will see the error of their ways.

    Is that correct, Mr. Fischer?

    I see. So, what you’re basically saying is that you’re worshipping a gigantic , cosmic psychopath in the sky. I’m sorry, but isn’t this the plot of a Stephen King novel?

  40. Mike B. says

    I think it would be just wonderful if someone from the Newtown community would read and respond to this douchetard.

  41. andrew says

    The difference between good and evil has never been so clear. Look at the responses of President Obama and Bryan Fischer to the murders at the elememtary school in Conn. In the President you see the face of a loving father who understands the pain of the parents who have lost a child. In the other, Fischer, you see the hateful old testament bible believer whose god Yahweh always loved killing innocent children for the sins of their parents.

  42. Diogenes Arktos says

    Fischer is *not* blaming anything the students and their parents have done. The fault is that the school does not have mandatory school prayer. The fault then goes back to the “godless” SCOTUS who ruled against it in 1962. (In spite of strong public opposition!)

    Fischer’s hate-speech rubs salt into the wound. It’s sad that he has no clue – neither do his followers. They just believe they are all doing Jesus’s will:(

  43. andrew says

    If you want to see and hear the difference between Good and Evil look and listen to how President Obama and bryan fischer responded to the murders at the elementary school in Conn. bryan fischer is pure evil and he tries to drag us down into his hate filled view of reality. Mr Obama tries to raise us up.

  44. hornlongjohn says

    You are a monster. Your vile hatred is despicable and you are not worthy of being considered a human.

  45. thom says

    …This piece of Sh** needs NO MORE AIRTIME. Let his insane ramblings be in print and distributed to those who follow him…He should be imprisoned, not allowed to roam free among us. If one of his children was murdered by a madman in any place, would he be so cavalier?
    He is a grifter, snake-oil salesman and a fraud. He is not worthy of anything. If anything he should be terrified that a semi-automatic weapon is so easily obtained. Case in point …when will they learn? When?
    Oh that’s right…never!

  46. kimsland says

    I actually thought Bryan Fischer’s words were very funny.

    But in respect to the families and loved ones left grieving, I feel he could have said his jokes at a much later date.

    The ten commandments not taught in school? I mean no can take that seriously, is he also after crucifixions and burning witches?

    Jokes like this should really be censored.
    Off with his head – Oh wrong era, that came years after their religious myths!

    We live in the SPACE AGE, praying doesn’t help reality.

  47. ratbastard says

    What is the point of this thread, other than to rile people up? Yes kids, there are CRAZY people of all kinds in our world. Unless we kill them all [and even then that won’t work, they’ll be more to take their place] you just have to deal with it. This ahole has his right to speak his moronic mind.

  48. Michael says

    Ignorance is never an excuse. And, Fischer and the AFA is ignorant. Let me suggest that their constant preaching because of their personal doubts (They only preach because they are not convinced themselves.) has done much to create disturbed individuals who act out on their ignorant views. The are the antithesis of what they preach.

  49. Rev. Dr. Verdon Coleman says

    “God is not going to go where he is not wanted.”

    This is how I know Mr. Fischer does not read his bible. Psalm 139:8 states “If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.”

    So, Mr. Fischer, answer that charge, would you sir?

  50. anon says

    He needs to fight it out with Mike Huckabee. There’s a bit of a theological dispute going on here. Huckabee (and no doubt the Phelps clan) would argue that God is actively punishing these kids for their faithless way (well, everyone’s faithless ways), while Fischer is arguing that God has abandoned these kids for their faithless ways (at least non-demonstrative), allowing their slaughter. Well, which is it? And, what careful demonstrations of faith would be enough to stop such tragedies?

  51. Nitin Dalal says

    Sir, I shall pray everyday for you. I shall pray that God decides its time for you to join him. I pray that day will be soon. On that day, you can rejoice that you’ve left us and are now able to stand judgement for your despicable thoughts, views, utterances and existence.
    God Bless You!
    Nitin Dalal

  52. Ken says

    I am a Catholic priest, and this is not only ludicrous, but clearly misquotes Jewish and Christian Scriptures! What an insult to rational people. God embraces and loves all, the FIRST person to cry that tragic day was God.

  53. Mikey says

    This hateful excuse for a human is just one more of the hate-filled Christian ministers like Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, even Billy, and others who preach that God allows murder and mayhem because people are not observers of Xtianity…like the hate mongers who blamed AIDS,, swine flu, earthquakes (China, Turkey, etc, tsunamis, floods, fires) on God’s anger. God does not dispense hate and punishment.

  54. Guy says

    Fischer has a very dim view of God. Even kind human beings would help strangers, but his God seems awfully selfish.

    I’d consider his take on God to be heretical among Christians.

  55. DC Arnold says

    I’m a believer and this man will be judged solely on his misinterpretation of the higher power, a studio (no condo)in hell…

  56. andrew says

    bryan fischer is a religious shock jock. He says vile and hateful things to appeal to the American underbelly and keep his ratings up.

  57. Nuh Uhhhhhh says

    Here we go again with God as the cosmic thug, demanding protection money or else he’ll kill your children. And Christians wonder why they’re not taken seriously….

  58. snowfun says

    People for the American Way are a bunch of toilet homos who do toilet homosexual & lesbian behaviors. I don’t always agree with Mr. Bryan Jonathan Fischer, but Mr. Bryan Jonathan Fischer has a right to speak in favor of school prayer & it’s truth that gay/lesbian sexual behaviors are comparable to drug junkyism.

  59. Timothy Gilmore says

    We, the undersigned, urge the Justice Department to negate the greatest danger to the American political system to arise since the inception of our nation. We demand the seizure of all Republican politicians’ assets, capital and properties, nationally and internationally, the removal of their American citizenship status and voting rights, and the encouragement of their voluntary emigration. We demand the full taxation of all goods produced overseas, imported for sale. We demand a tax of 95% of profits on sales made by American corporations who have transferred jobs to foreign countries since 1945. We demand the closure of all tax loopholes and special benefits now accrued to corporations, locally and nationally. We demand a complete review of every Governmental contract now in effect to assess profit margins, competence in fulfilling such contracts and fairness in acquiring said contracts. We demand objective investigations into politicians’ reasons for voting to determine corruption, and to eradicate it from the American political arenas. We demand the full repeal of the Patriot Act and the end of all such unAmerican activities by Democrats, and the legalization of hemp, marijuana, & same-sex marriages.
    These demands are predicated on the following attributes of Republican politicians:
    By their actions and statements they are sociopathic and psychopathic fascists;
    They have attempted to foment societal fear and hatred of minorities, gays, unions, workers, women and educators for political gain;
    They wish to emulate Nazi Germany’s barbed wire concentration camps for law-abiding, patriotic homosexuals, protesters, union members and/or destitute Americans;
    They wish to impose mandatory instruction in Christianity for all Americans, at gunpoint, and the suppression of religious freedom and expression of other faiths;
    They wish to corrupt public education in America by insinuating Christianity and a Biblical presence in all schools, and denying empirical scientific teachings;
    They actively engage in voter suppression, intimidation, fraud and misinformation;
    They wish to replace the Constitution with the Bible, and to repeal all laws dealing with civil rights and corporate, financial and political accountability;
    They deny representation to citizens by gerrymandering political districts in their favor;
    They engage in racist political obstructionism, resulting in loss of jobs and incomes;
    They engage in egregious deceit and character assassination in order to keep citizens from making intelligent political choices affecting them and the nation;
    They are pro-war, pro-torture and anti-veterans’ benefits and services;
    They favor fascist governments such as China, North Korea, Uganda and Israel;
    They favor defunding all social services benefiting the unemployed and poor;
    They deny health care to all uninsured persons, and those with pre-existing conditions;
    They oppose public safety by deregulating assault weapons and defunding public services such as firefighters, infrastructure repair and construction, EMT agencies, teachers, schools, police and by refusing disaster relief to communities;
    Economically, they favor the wealthiest citizens over the less fortunate, demand Constitutional personhood for inanimate objects such as corporations, and are opposed to a living minimum wage, hoping to create national financial chaos;
    They favor rape and violence against women legislatively, are anti-reproductive rights and encourage the murder of those who provide such services;
    They are pro-environmental destruction by pandering to energy companies & others;
    They favor international policies based on fictional “prophesies” in the Christian Bible.
    For these reasons and others, we demand the Republican Party be nullified in America.

  60. saunakarhu says

    I would like to see him try and give this speech to the families of those who were killed in Newtown. I doubt he would be so full of himself. It seems that he does not realize that God may have left him because God does not need idiots like him telling the world what God has planned. I informed the Newtown Police Dept about what I read here about Westboro Baptist. Anyone want to report this fool to them?