Frank Mugisha Says ‘I Would Be Sentenced To Death’ If Uganda Bill Passes

MugishaRadio host Michelangelo Signorile got a chance to speak with Ugandan gay activist Frank Mugisha about the on-going debate about the “kill the gays” bill there.

Despite rumors that the death penalty for gay people has been removed from the bill, Mugisha insists that’s logistically impossible: “The committee said they have completed their report, and the committee cannot change the legislation. What they can do is, they can only make recommendations in their report. So right now we are talking about legislation that has the death penalty.” And if that bill passes, Mugisha says he’s as good as dead: “The fact that I’ve already said in Uganda that I’m gay, and that I’m an advocate for LGBT rights, that means I’m promoting homosexuality in Uganda, according to this bill. This legislation, if passed into law, it would automatically make me a serial offender and I would be sentenced to death.”

According to Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade, however, a dispute over another, unrelated bill has stopped Parliamentary progress, meaning that the session may end for the season before the kill the gays bill can be passed. That would buy some time to fight it, but without a huge cultural shift, particularly one encouraged by Western donors, the bill will probably return down the road.

You can listen to audio of Signorile and Mugisha’s chat at HuffPo.


  1. Ryan says

    This :kill the gays” thing is the anti-gay Christians who are the new Nazis trying to kill people using the Africans to do their dirty work. If Africans kill each other off who gets their land? The white anti-gay Christians also known as the KKK will take over.

  2. says

    Anglican Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi/Uganda excommunnicated Bishop Christopher Ssenyanjo/Uganda/retired (without monthly retirement check he had earned after 50 years of service as an Anglican priest) because Bishop Christopher was ministering/counseling, in his retirement, suicidal LGBT outcasts in Kampala. Bishop Christopher has received great support and some financial support from ¨Westerners¨ who now want to help him survive and thrive in his ministry…Orombi is jealous and pridful and despises LGBT Ugandans (even wouldn’t send a full-fledged priest to officiate at the funeral of Anglican David Kato, a Gay man, who had been murdered). Orombi is also the ¨spiritual counselor¨ of MP David Bahati who is the AUTHOR of the ¨Kill the Gays Bill¨ that is the very same that is pending now at the Parliament of Uganda. YOU FIGURE IT OUT! Thugs, bigots and thieves at Anglican/other Church are the REAL criminals in Uganda…there are very few Muslims in Uganda…mostly dangerous Christian zealots who are $$$ FED/LED by dangerous Americans such as the ¨C¨ Street crowd.

  3. Randy says

    Also pressure Queen Elizabeth’s Commonwealth (chairperson: famous Australia bigot Julia Gillard) and its liberal member states like Canada, the UK, and South Africa. The Commonwealth pays lip service to human rights and equality. Let’s see it take action, or let’s see these states quit the Commonwealth (yes, the UK should quit the Commonwealth, for much the same reasons as the Church of England should quit the Anglican Communion).

  4. says

    Men like Mugisha have a courage and strength that is absolutely astounding.

    remind me again what grown-adult men in north america are continuing to give as their excuses for leading Closeted Lives?

    oh, is it…is it *hard*? is it, sugar.

    stop telling yourselves that and look at Frank Mugisha.

    inspire change. invisibility hurts us all. even our brothers and sisters overseas.

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    If the Commonwealth did not kick out Uganda under Idi Amin, they won’t now.

    At least the Archbishop of Canterbury has condemned the bill. Unfortunately, unlike the Pope, ++Rowan Williams does not have any legal authority over the Anglican Church of Uganda. The Pope has condemned the bill because of the death penalty, but the RC church in Uganda is giving the Pope the finger. It’s intriguing that it’s the Religious Right that has riled up the entire Christian population:(

    Apparently, Uganda allows ex post facto legislation.

  6. Ryan says

    I appreciate his courage, but I hope he seriously considers getting out of the country. No one should have to die because batshit crazy politicians are planning to kill all the gays.

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