1. Icebloo says

    I’m a Democrat. I find it very hypocritical of Barney to be so talkative now about gay issues when he was in the closet for DECADES and even just a few months before “Don’t ask Don’t Tell” was repealed Barney was telling gays not to push for gay rights such as the repeal of DADT and gay marriage because he said the “time is not right”. Barney has held us back ! He has been SO weak for all those years when he should have been pushing for our rights. Instead he was content to sit back and take a fat pay check for doing nothing.

    We have Nancy Pelosi to thank for the most gay rights progress in recent years. She was the one who would not let the repeal of DADT disappear even when the Democrats including Barney and President Obama were happy to let the subject drop.

    I am not sad to see Barney retire. He is part of the old generation of talk much but do nothing. ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. Barney was always weak and self absorbed.

  2. says

    Icebloo, hindsight finds Barney’s strategy as follows: Survive political office first before going into battle with an issue. What good is your honesty and good intentions if you can’t hold on to the very weapon you need to win that battle? This is the very nature of politics, and Barney worked it and came out with flying colors.

  3. andrew says

    Barney Frank is considered by many who cover Washington to be the brightest guy in Congress. He has been an active and accomplished member of the House for a few decades. Congratulations for a job well done, Mr Frank!

  4. UFFDA says

    What MANNY said. Many baby posters here act as if they don’t understand how the world works. Often you have to stay in the closet of all kinds of things until you get to the top in order to work any progressive agenda. Politics!

    When you’re wooing someone you don’t tell them you snore…for heaven’s sake.

  5. Dave says

    I dont understand why barney is held up as some kind of hero for comibg out. He did not come out by choice. He was dragged out by a sex scsnfal when a trick he had living in his
    House was busted for prostitution. Isnt that how he really came out? Barney did some good things but the last decade or so he came off as a blustering blowhard more often than not. Full of himself. The time was not right to fight for our rights cause barney said so? I hope he enjoys his retirement. He earned it but it is time for a new generation of leaders to step up. It’s a sad day when a man dies too young, It’s sadder still when he outlives his usefulness.

  6. Arthur says

    I have been a gay activist for 40+ years. The idea that all of our out politicians need to be “above suspicion,” or perfect is absurd. The baby boomer generation of out LGBT people were the first to come out in large numbers. This group of hero’s and pioneers created a new generation of LGBT people who were emotionally whole and who were determined to have the same opportunities as other people. The successes that we achieved enabled and empowered the generations that have followed. I suggest the appropriate responses be thankfulness and appreciation instead of bile and contempt.

  7. ratbastard says

    OMFG I despise this man. I really do. And if I hear one more time about how smart and bright he is, I’m gonna projectile vomit. He’s a very flawed human being and doesn’t walk on water. And his intelligence is consistently over-rated.

    Someone should ask him about his time as chief of staff to a very corrupt Boston mayor.

  8. ty says

    Ratbastard,do you realize that Dodd-Frank is in place to keep credit card companies from screwing you blind? You must be a masochist, among other things…

  9. andrew says

    Hey Ratbastard: I don’t give a flying f*ck who you despise. Most of the people who cover the U. S. Congress say Barney Frank is the smartest guy in Congress. NOW GO PUKE!

  10. Brooks says

    Considering Barney Frank’s long history of opposing a trans-inclusive EDNA, I’m disturbed by his comments that gay politicians shouldn’t meet with gay rights activists. His whole message here seems rather hypocritical because he tells politicians to come out and not worry about what others think of you but then he says you should worry about others think of you by pressing so much on gay rights.