Gay Libyans Speak Out About Anti-Gay Militia Attacks


The post-Gaddafi climate in Libya is no better for the gays than when the dictator was in power. In fact, some say it’s gotten worse.

London’s The Times this weekend ran a lengthy story in which gay Libyans told of how the capital city Tripoli’s largest militia, the Nawasi brigade, has been harassing and attacking them with impunity.

Since The Times is subscription-based, Pink News UK offers a summation of the situation:

The city’s largest and most powerful brigade officially work under
the authority of the Ministry of Interior, and, according to witnesses,
were taking people away just for being gay.

Ahmad said he was witness to recent events during which the Nawasi
drove past a birthday party, saw a man dressed in a wig and dress, and
beat him until he admitted he was gay, at which point he was taken away.

After the men were taken away, a picture of detainees from the party appeared on the Nawasi brigade’s Facebook page, in which they had their hands above their heads, and their heads against a wall, with their backs to the camera. Text accompanying the image read “flog them hard”, “ride them like camels” and “let’s see the bullets fly”.

The bridge admits to taking the men away, but says it did so more because of noise-complaints and alcohol consumption.

“These guys are not straight, but that’s not the main reason we arrested them,” said one militia member. “The main thing was the big noise they were making to the neighbours, as well as the large amounts of alcohol and hashish we found.”


  1. Ryan says

    They have the CIA to thank for disrupting their country making it worse for gays. But then again the CIA have some anti-gay Christians who want to kill LGBT people.

  2. MaddM@ says

    I think it’s safe to say that pretty much any time there is political instability the gays and the jews ought to peace out at first availability….unless we’re talking israel

    Many cultures are lumping homosexuality with westernization and our culture since we are a little bit more advanced in that regard are not as hung up on where our peoples’ dicks are or are not going. And yes, I am exhibiting some moral superiority because I think we’re a little further along the human development path in that regard, though some subsets like europe do it better.

    Uganda is most assuredly doing something similar, lumping together tolerance of homosexuality and white culture to create a huge katamari of other-ness with which they can frighten their people into doing things that are entirely irrational and in violation of basic human rights

  3. SayTheTruth says

    If a country –or what is left of it after a civil war- is not secure for the general population at large, it would be ingenuous to presume the gays will fare better, specially a MUSLIM one. Islam and democracy don’t get along.

  4. andrew says

    Tolerant Muslims, if they exist, should be shouting from the rooftops condemning the violent and hate filled Muslims who seem to reflect the true soul of Islam. A friend told me that liberal Muslims are those who behead their opponents with a sharpened sword!

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    I’m afraid that liberal Muslims are like liberal Christians – too many want to believe that if they ignore their problematic coreligionists, they will go away. It never works.

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