Gay Man’s Truck Vandalized Twice In One Week: PHOTO


Jonathan Pearce faced anti-gay hate twice last week.

First, the Canadian man posted on Facebook that he was headed to Memorial University's Grenfell Campus and, after completing his work, found his pick-up truck had been egged in the parking lot. Then, on Thursday, someone spray-painted "#1 faggot" on the passenger side and back of the car, CBC reports.

"I didn't think that anybody would ever follow me anywhere to do something like that," Pearce said of the initial incident. "I just passed it off as as random act."

He now thinks differently, but has no idea who would harass him. Nor do police: they have no leads in the case.


  1. danswon says

    Whoever did this is such a coward. It’s stupid how gay men are often stereotyped as wimpy or “unmanly” when we stick up for ourselves against the multitude of cowardly homophobes.

  2. Rick says

    But….but…..this sort of thing just does not happen in “enlightened” Canada…just ask some of the resident self-righteous Canadians who are always telling us so and chiding us Americans for our homophobic “backwardsness”….

    Tell us it isn’t so!!!!

  3. GainSomePerspective says

    When you think of all that is going on in the world this just seems like a ridiculous post.

    Maybe the newsworthy aspect here is impoliteness among Canadians.

    It is probably someone he knows.

    Weekend on Towleroad.

  4. daws says

    Canadians are regarded as a pleasant and welcoming breed. This act of vandalism and harassment was clearly done by an American that crossed the border just to hate.

  5. Tony says

    Every time there is a crime against LGBT people everybody knows that there are anti-gay Christians behind these crimes, yet the police act like they don’t know who did it, when anti-gay Christian police fail to follow up who did it knowing that in may cases it is anti-gay Christians and some of them are police officers as well.

  6. Jerry says

    Possibly one advantage in trying to solve this crime is that most everywhere is public places, like parking lots, there is video surveillance 24/7. In some crimes, evidence was obtained form sources simply by accident. So very possibly this Hate was caught on video.

    In the United States, Police don’t make points on solving Hate Crimes. They get merit points for arresting DUIs. That is why they make so many DUI and possession arrests. It is good for the business of Law Enforcement in getting grant money. Yes,Law enforcement, much like the US Prison systems, is a businesses.

  7. ratbastard says

    Impoliteness among Canadians? Please…that Canadians are somehow super polite or more polite than say the average American or anyone else is nothing more than a urban myth. It’s an especially popular myth among Canadians and others [including some Americans, especially ‘progressive’ Americans] when attempting to denigrate the U.S. and Americans in general. Now I come form a part Canadian background and have close Canadian relatives, so I’m not being anti-Canadian.

    I agree with the other poster, his license plate # should be blurred.

  8. ratbastard says


    Blame the federalization [and federal politics at the executive and legislative level] of our municipal and state law enforcement agencies for that. All those federal grants come with many attached strings.

    Another fine example is ADA or Americans With Disabilities Act; my city is now renovating a single subway station at the tune of 80 million dollars, closing it down for 2 years, and this exceptionally high cost and length of time to renovate is primarily due to the requirement to make make the station compatible with the ADA. 80 million taxpayer $, 2 years to renovate a single station [all the while complaining they have no $ for other pressing needs], all because of this ridiculous boondoggle federal requirement and so maybe a half dozen people out of a hundred can use the station with their wheelchair.

  9. gooniesguy says

    I’m not sure why it annoys me when I read something I don’t agree with. I know it’s basically just somebody expressing themselves and there isn’t really anything wrong with that.
    With that said the snide remarks about “Tell us it isn’t so” and “Maybe the newsworthy aspect here is impoliteness among Canadians”, did make me angry. Not just because I don’t agree with them, but it feels like they are belittling the fact that a potential hate crime was committed. Do you think it’s funny? Would you prefer that it was something much worse to report about?
    I for one would prefer we didn’t have to report any of this, but given how bad things were and could be with things like the Ugandan bill that is too backward to think about,I am glad Towleroad takes the time to realize that every crime counts and has an impact.
    I just hope people can take a second to think about what they post.

  10. GainSomePerspective says

    I think we just need to sit back for a moment and think of the children.

    As that character on the Simpsons says:

    “Won’t someone please think of the children?”

  11. pienado says

    I think it is more important that it happened at all rather than WHERE it happened. HATE has no borders.

  12. ReductoAdAbsurdem says

    There is a group organizing to bus protesters into Newfoundland to bring an end to this hate. (Please pack a lunch as the bus will not stop.)

    Another group is organizing to fly into British Columbia where a high school boy was told “you suck” by a group of high school bullies. (Please make your own signs.)

  13. Steve says

    There was the lesbian who had an HRC bumper sticker on her VW Beetle and someone spray painted “Fag” on the car. She left the graffiti on the car and traveled the country visiting college campuses to raise awareness. There’s the documentary Fagbug, and it’s available on Netflix. The time may be ripe for a Canadian version. Maybe Fagbug, eh?

    If this happened to me, I’d feel violated. If a photo of my truck with this graffiti and my license plate number were broadcast all over the internet I’d feel especially violated – not blurring the plate number invites worse harassment and crime.

  14. Sad says

    Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me. Contrary to popular belief, Canada is a very anti-gay country. Yes, they have gay marriage, but homophobia is a huge problem there. I know several gay Canadians who have said that stuff like this happens all the time unfortunately.

  15. Francis says

    Security cameras. If you’re living in a more conservative area especially and you’re out as gay (Newfoundland and Labrador is not a particularly liberal and thus knocking the entire country of Canada is ridiculous), you need security cameras. Even getting a dog if possible would be a smart thing. Sad, but that’s what needs to be done to protect your personal stuff. In this case, hopefully there was surveillance that caught the bigot in the act. If not, then that’s something that should be implemented, simply out of common sense more than anything else. There should be some form of surveillance video on every street.

  16. canalien says

    @Rick: Like most Americans not ALL Canadians are “enlightened”! The difference is here we have Marriage Equality & we can’t get fired for being gay – anywhere/everywhere in Canada. That doesn’t mean that we are free of bigots, it just means we have the protection of the law in case of discrimination (like what happened to this fellow if they ever catch who did it) unlike some states in America but hopefully things will change for ALL gay people in ALL states in the US. That wont mean your country will be rid of people/groups like AFA but they’ll have the law to protect them if needed be.

  17. kolorphul says

    Canadians are regarded as a pleasant and welcoming breed. This act of vandalism and harassment was clearly done by an American that crossed the border just to hate.

    Posted by: daws | Dec 8, 2012 11:38:21 AM

    – Stupid things racists say!

  18. kolorphul says

    “Canada is a very anti-gay” – Sad

    No worse than America & far less than say…Uganda.

  19. Caliban says

    In case you haven’t figured it out, several commenters are more interested in sniping at Little Kiwi by criticizing Canada than they are in this man and the hate directed toward him via vandalism.

    Someone has targeted him, based on the 2 attacks in 2 locations. I hope they find who it is.

    I wouldn’t know how to trace someone by their license plate, but it was the CBC who put it online, not Towleroad.

  20. Mighty says

    Logitec has a fairly decent home camera system that has night vision ability and microphones. I recommend people get it and use it. I have it for my business and it has served me well. I got it because I was once robbed. I was shocked at just how good the night vision works. Oh and you can see it directly from your Iphone via an app.

  21. billmiller says

    Stupid, ignorant, heartless, uneducated people exist in all societies, and in all countries!

  22. Joseph says

    @Bill Miller: I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Hopefully commenters will keep that in mind the next time Towleroad posts a story about an incident that occurs in a southern or midwestern state and abstain from condemning an entire state for the actions of individuals.

  23. Neil says

    It is entirely possible that the average Canadian is in some ways more polite than the average American, but that doesn’t mean that all Canadians are equally polite or that all Americans are equally polite. To assert that would be ridiculous.

  24. DOPA says

    I wonder how people would react if I started vandalizing the words “straight, original, and hetero” everywhere.