1. Gabe R L says

    Very smart, very cute, and very stylish. I will be watching his potential grow into actuality in the future

  2. kipp says

    Driven, implicitly closeted and already developing the young, gay precursor to horrendous politician hair.

    I tend to be suspicious of *anyone* (esp at 21) who wants to be a politician – but being openly gay in politics is hard. It is also, by itself, a social good quite apart from whatever governing he takes part in.

  3. Anne says


    So now you are doing stereotypical “ghetto speak”? You are a white male and also, apparently, a racist.

  4. Gabe R L says

    Anne, it was an attempt at humor, I think: I’m not going to speak for him, just offer my opinion. Stop being so dour; you might enjoy life more. And let go of your misandry, i.e, use the word or term ‘man’ instead of ‘male.’