1. jawole says

    LOL, I love how between the blogs and the guys themselves, there is so little mention that this is actually supposed to be a charity event. Seems more like an excuse to be vain…

  2. rjp3 says

    Being from Boston I know this event was founded by heterosexual men on a lark – and a good majority of the participants are heterosexual – in fact the majority ….. the prior comments are hate based – sadly most likely self hate based. If you do not know the new generation of heterosexual straight men very much do act and look like this — tuck yourself in grandpa and get off the internet. (AND yes many gay men also participate.)

  3. Beef and Fur says

    Amazing….up in arms a few days ago over the new lipstick wielding sassy gay friend stereotype on General Hospital, but it’s OK to throw in a post that reinforces the stereotype that gay men are hound dogs over bouncing balls in speedos (with a bit of sizeism and socially acceptable male body types thrown in as well.

    Oy indeed.

  4. norseman says

    Forgive me for saying it/thinking it, but I took one look at the studly hunk in the lead photo for this posting and thought “Wouldn’t it be crying shame if the dude is straight !” Whatever. Dude is gorgeous. I’m from the Boston area and everyone seems to enjoy this annual charity lark. Long may it wave….

  5. jawole says


    Did you read my comment? “between the blogs and the guys themselves”

    I don’t care about the video. This blog post makes no mention of the charity. The source link ( doesn’t mention the charity. The majority of guys posting their photos on facebook don’t mention the charity.

    We’re not that naive to think that this is about charity. Please, get real.

  6. Darren says

    Never fails..
    Bitter unhappy readers always find something to complain about wether it’s a good cause or not.
    Gay..too gay..all about vanity..seriously lighten up
    I can’t imagine how some if these people manage to get thru a day

  7. MoMo says


    So to follow your logic (and complaint), you are also bitter, unhappy and barely getting through your day?

    People have opinions. They are different than yours. Deal.

  8. ratbastard says

    I have zero problem with the run and it’s for charity. But that photo of the dude I posted the link to was not something I needed to see before breakfast.

    And how does anyone really know what the majority of these dude’s sexual orientation is?

    Just saying.

  9. Goodcarver says

    Hooray for the charity run. Good job, folks. Curious to know….the videos used to have the option to make them full screen, but that function seems to have dissapeared. Does anyone know why?

  10. Mary says

    Uffda, next time you should be part of this event. I’d like to see how you look in a Speedo. And also, Kiwi won’t be able to complain anymore that you aren’t revealing your face on the internet. Although I’m not sure it’s your face that would be drawing the attention…..!

  11. millerbeach says

    Mr. Big & Studly in the first pic had me sold. He’s all I want for Christmas…YUM! Thanks for the eye candy. This is exactly what I like to see at the breakfast table, and keep it comin’! :)

  12. jamal49 says

    My, my. The annual charity Santa’s Speedo Run in Boston. A plethora of negative comments from some seriously humourless, very cranky, tiresome, tacky TW queens.

    Must be Tuesday.

  13. Jeff In Boston says

    As a Bostonian, I wanted to reiterate one more time: this is not a gay event, never has been a gay event, and it’s produced by straight people. Stop projecting your own self-hatred and seething hatred of other gay people onto a harmless thing such as the Santa run. One more thing: even if it were run by gay men, it would STILL be for a good cause.

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