LGBT Leaders Call on John Boehner to Stop Spending Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Defending DOMA

Leaders from Human Rights Campaign, Outserve-SLDN, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund, National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, Center for American Progress, Immigration Equality Action Fund, CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality, and FORGE, Inc have signed on to a letter calling on House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy  to stop defending DOMA.

BoehnerSays the letter, in part:

Americans have sent a clear message that they want lawmakers to focus on strengthening our economy, creating jobs, and securing a bright future for generations to come. Spending $2 million and counting on harming LGBT people and wasting precious time and resources that should be spent on more important issues is not the way to best serve the interests of the American people. We strongly urge you to take aleadership role on this critical issue and stop pouring taxpayer dollars into a law that discriminates against Americans.

Our country is facing major challenges that we will only solve by standing united. It’s time for us to collectively focus on how we can make our great nation even stronger, and leave behind the archaic lawsthat exist simply to divide us. To that end, we encourage you to end your taxpayer-funded contract foroutside legal services defending discrimination.

Read the full letter bellow:

DOMA Sign-On Letter


  1. says

    wait…isn’t this something that those alleged “republicans who aren’t anti-gay” should be doing, instead?

    you know, pressing the people you voted for to focus on the economy, which will not benefit from spending money to deny Equality to LGBT people?

    you know, there’d be no need for those so-called “activist liberals” if it werent’ for the fact that “non-bigoted republicans” seem to possess the courage and integrity of a bowl of mashed potatoes.

  2. Bingo says

    I’d like to hear what Ari has to say about this. If no one defends DOMA, no court ever has a chance to rule on its constitutionality and the administration isn’t going to walk away from enforcing it without a serious court say-so.

    This is not unrelated to the “standing” issue now before SCOTUS. Absent someone willing to defend the statute, could/should a court find someone to intervene? Who might that be? Paul Clement?

  3. says

    Alas, putting one’s comment in ALL CAPS doesn’t guarantee that it will make any sense whatsoever.

    The “small government” Republicans have no problem using taxpayer money to interfere with our liberties. It’s the Boehner way.

  4. Onnyjay says

    Big surprise: Boner and Cantor always play to the cheap seats, most of which are currently occupied by Teavangelicals, who have vowed to defend DUMMA to the bitter — very very bitter — end.

  5. Rick says

    He and the anti-gay Christian Right Wing nuts need to be voted out for wasting our tax money on trying to stop love and marriage of people who are going to have sex even if they are not married. They need to use that tax money making jobs for Americans.

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