1. Seattle Mike says

    I like that SOOOOOO much more than I thought I was going to after I saw the preview clip a couple of weeks ago. There’s no other word for it – Cheyenne Jackson is just dreamy!

  2. iban4yesu says

    Apparently, the presence of Nick Adams, who starred the racist B:way Priscilla crap, means that there is a subtext that cops r pigs.:-P

    No, dear, not that kind of pigs!
    Just the kind of pigs that frequently are brutal henchmen of the corrupt and oppressive powers that be.

  3. Gary A says

    Love! and Swoon! But seriously, as someone posted above, who in their right mind would turn Cheyenne Jackson away? He smiled at me in passing at the gym here in LA and I nearly walked into the wall as it happened. True story.

  4. Mark says

    I have to say this video is very sweet without being sappy. I also wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do…based on the preview I saw last week. But, It’s incredibly well done and nice to see something Gay themed that’s produced at this level. The cinematography is beautiful. The whole thing is wonderfully filmed, edited, and directed.

  5. Jim says

    It was fun, and nice to see a gay performer being out there, hot dancers etc. – it’s just the song is generic and boring. Not sure what Jackson is hoping to accomplish with it. Hard to believe that a gay pop singer doing a gay pop song with a gay video is still a relatively new thing.

  6. Brendan says

    He is truly one of the handsomest men in public life. He also has the talent to back it up. Wish someone would give him A+ material to work with. Other than his voice/looks, this was a crap product.

  7. Dan Cobb says

    A little amateurish, but MUCH more professional and slick than I had ever imagined. Very impressed. Must have been fairly expensive! Nice song too, good voice. The guy has some chops. I wonder if MTV would ever play a video like this!?

  8. db says

    Yes iban4yesu and SAD, this is obviously a racist video that would be welcome at any Klan rally.

    Seriously boys, don’t you have anything better to do with your time. Like, maybe you could produce your own song and video and only put men of color in it. BTW Sad, did you watch the video?

  9. DanielM says

    Dan Cobb–amateurish? In what world? The dancing was tight and excellent. Also, SAD, I’m just going by looks but the mailman, for one, looked Latino. I’m guessing that they put out a call and put any dancer who answered in the vid.

  10. iban4yesu says

    @ db

    What in the world R U talking about?
    Um, db stands for dumb b$tch? (Just kidding’…LOL)

    No, doll beautiful, the reference* was something else, dear, having nothing to do the ‘color scheme’ of the video per se…
    (BTW, I thought there was a MOC or two in the video!
    Oooh, now I have to have an ordeal of again sitting through 3+ minutes of the impossibly sexy C. prancing around! LOL)


    Yes, dear, 1M+ of pingpong balls at the Picadilly Square for the West End plug clenched the deal! Ewwwww!!

  11. Rob says

    Cheyenne Jackson entertained on an Atlantis cruise I was on- OUT freakin’ standing entertainer. His version of Cee Lo Green’s Forget You brought the house down. I’d do him.

  12. Seattle Mike says

    Did anyone else hear that the reason Ryan Murphy didn’t give Cheyenne Jackson any songs on Glee was because CJ wouldn’t sleep with him? It’s the only thing that makes sense.

    P.S. CJ is SUCH a dreamy man.

  13. Stephen W. says

    Well, he is a caucasian purebreed actor with an entertainment-enhanced biography, so if he shows all caucasians in his video then that’s how it is. It’s his choice. If he were American or part, he would show Americans. That’s business. It’s sad he has to masquerade as an American, but caucasians do that in show-business. That’s how it’s done.

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