1. ivan says

    hypocrisy!!! she asked same thing in Mexico but there was people selling cigarettes at the concert and she didn’t complain about it, because it was part of the profits in the concert

  2. keating says

    Yes, her tour grossed the most this year (and good for her!) but Springsteen’s sold more tickets. And Gaga’s did better per capita than Madge’s, because her ticket prices are much lower, reflecting that fact she has more young fans than Madge, and those young fans can’t sacrifice a year’s tuition to buy a good ticket to see Madge.

  3. excy says

    Oh please…..they are outside in the rain. And besides she smokes, at least in one of her latest videos. Her daughter smokes. Let’s face it, she was just in a bitchy mood and wanted to be all high and mighty. Poor attitude.

  4. Gigi says

    Friends of mine saw her in Toronto and she was an hour late! Her show was shorter because of her tardiness and then it was over. Not encores. Done. Guess it was past her bedtime.

  5. says


    I hope you are not as foolish as your comments. If Springsteen and Gaga could charge as much as Madonna and get away with it — they would. Concerts are about making money from whoever will give it to you!

    Madonna began her career with nothing. She has earned every single penny she has. Stop being so bitter!

  6. topher says

    People here are skewering her and demanding refunds. It was raining and cold, and she started the concert a full two and a half hours after it was scheduled, and it lasted only an hour and a half. And talking down to us? wtf is up with that?

  7. borut says

    “If you love me then don’t smoke.” Hilarious!

    Well, she smokes in the video for Girl Gone Wild. Her PR people said it was because smoking looks glamorous. Can’t her fans look glamorous?

  8. Mike says

    GiGi – her tours always start late, any fan knows that and she never does encores and does not shorten shows. Good for her, smokers suck.

  9. dms says

    Wow, she’s such a see you next tuesday. There are various ways to deal with the smoking thing. That’s not one of them. Who knows the personal context, but she certainly seems like an unpleasant person from this clip.

  10. Old Pig says

    I don’t know why anyone likes this hypocritical cvnt. She’s got nerve considering she smokes in one of her latest videos and considering her daughter smokes. And they’re outside for crying out loud. What a whiney old hag! And since those people paid hundreds of dollars for a ticket, they have every right to smoke a ciggarette if they damn well please.

    Keep up the diva behaviour Vadge and watch how your record sales flop more than they already are.

  11. Gigi says

    @MIKE My friends are all die-hard fans. Admittedly, I’m not. They said the concert was shorter than others. They were not impressed. I’m just relaying information. Personally, I don’t care. I would never pay to see her perform.

  12. andrew says

    Thats how an “Ugly American” acts in a foreign country. Just another example of the overpaid pampered American celebs.

  13. SayTheTruth says

    She is so used to be treated like a rich b1tch, she can’t stand the thought of people near her not trembling in fear once she demands a royal order. Maybe she has a point, smoking affects those close to you, but her ways are of a nasty b1tch.

  14. MArk says

    She gets paid for SINGING!!!! in this economy !!! she’s not doing a favor to anyone, it’s her job, she should be a LOT more thankfull

  15. david says

    she is god. love her. she is what a true rock star should be. bitchy, crazy, annoying, fun, exciting, pissing people off, making great music, putting on spectacles… everything about Madonna is iconic. 100 years from now she’ll be loved even more than she is today and that must drive the people who hate her up the wall. the more people who hate… the more I love her. Long live the queen… a true pop star in a time of boring conformists.

  16. Mike says

    Well said David… no one ever pays attention to a pansy. Long live The Queen! And GiGi, you have no idea what you are missing. I went w/ two str8 frinds who love 70’s style rock and have been to many shows but said that her show was the best one that they have been to. I gave Gaga a chance on HBO but was totally underwhelmed and was rooting for her, btw.

  17. andrew says

    She is not a pansy. A pansy is a beautiful flower. She is just another pampered over paid show biz celeb who think that they are far above ordinary folks and have the right to be rude.

  18. Turn Up says

    lol at the Gaga looney who said her Flop This Way Tour grossed more per capita..MDNA Tour still attended by more even though she charges a leg! Ha!

  19. Lady HaHa says

    Oh, please, please, please, Madonna GO AWAY !!!
    You’re done…

    “The show is over, say goodbye”